Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!!!  Around here it was like any other day.  We didn't grill out, or have friends or family over, we didn't go to the beach or cut a big watermelon, we didn't watch a parade, or even go watch the fireworks!!  Later in the evening we did hear the distant boom of some fireworks.  I walked out on the porch but couldn't see anything.  Late afternoon Poppy said, "this doesn't seem like the 4th of July".  Well, course not, out here in the woods!!  We need to put forth a little effort to feel the 4th!!  He did ask if I wanted to go somewhere to see fireworks and I said,"not really", I enjoy watching the celebration on PBS.  Well, it just so happened that Neil Diamond was singing when Poppy turned on PBS...his response, "I'm not  sitting here listening to Neil Diamond all night"!!!   What's wrong with Neil Diamond??  Now if had been ZZ Top, Mick Jagger, or Bob Segar...oh well!!!  I do love July 4th, I love this country, and all things patriotic!!!  When my son-in-law was stationed at Seymore-Johnson AFB, we were invited to come on base for a July 4th celebration and fireworks...oh about feeling patriotic...I loved every minute!!!  Okay, didn't mean to get carried away.

Little Fiona Ling Ling (I know you're smiling) is still with us and hanging with the other ducks.  She tries so hard!!  It is cute to watch her run, keeping a few steps ahead of the big ducks.  She doesn't completely trust them yet and keeps her distance.  She likes my bucket of feed so she is trusting me more.  That makes me happy.

After all my complaining about the garden, (the squash bugs, wet ground, etc.) we are getting some really good tomatoes.  Not only are these tomatoes big, these are sweet and delicious.  Last year our tomatoes were very tart.

On the menu for tonight...Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches...

Better get busy.  At 7:45 this morning I had finished what needed to be done inside, and was headed outside with my work basket.  All the recent rainy days put me behind.  The  yard has been a mess with sticks, limbs, overgrown mint, and flowers beaten down by the rain.  This has been my fun break for the day.

Thank you, if you managed to stay this long... :)  Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny


  1. Hi! Your tomatoes are beautiful! I only have one, and a slug claimed it so I took it off the vine and put it on the ground, hopefully as a decoy so my green tomatoes will be left alone.
    I could eat tomatoes every day in the summer, and in the winter I miss them fresh!

    I can see how when you visited your son on his base, you experienced true patriotism! Anything with the military is so uplifting.
    What brave sons (and daughters, although I'd prefer my daughters not going this way, and they haven't) protect our country and I feel so bad for those who give the ultimate sacrifice.

    Ha..I like the name of that duck! I saw a poor little bunny on the road when I was driving. I hope it survived.

    I bet your woods is very peaceful!

    1. Hey Andrea, I can't believe a slug got your first tomato! Good idea using it as a decoy. What do these bugs live on before we get something to growing??

      Like you, I love and appreciate our military. My daughter served 4 years in the Air Force. Her husband, an F15 Fighter Pilot retired from the Air Force last May.

      Thank you for looking at my blog.

    2. Oh, your son-in-law, I reread that! (I can't imagine flying a Fighter jet!) That is neat your daughter served also. Very admirable!

  2. Dear Henny,
    I grinned when I saw that you choose Fiona Ling Ling for the duck's name. Perfect! It has that certain something about it. ( Thinking of Lynn just now....she'd know how to spell the French phrase that means, 'that certain something'.) Ah well, you know what I mean!
    Your homegrown tomatoes are looking scrumptious. I would drive several miles for a box of tomatoes like those. Ha! That is what would have to happen too, because there aren't any like that for miles around!!
    When I visited Alaska in the summer several years ago, we were camping in Glacier National Forest over the Fourth. Of course no fireworks were allowed. It was the first Fourth of my life that I hadn't seen fireworks or heard them, or anything. Someone had a boom box (that shows how long ago it was!) and played Lee Greenwood's famous song, "Proud To Be An American". I have to tell you, it made me cry. It was very moving out there in that majestic setting with all the other hoopla stripped away, and just the essence of the day wrapped in a song.
    Poppy not wanting to listen to Neil Diamond. Funny. My DH would have felt the same.


    1. Dear Jen,

      I knew you would be grinning at "Fiona Ling Ling". :) Just saying it makes me smile. You have camped in some great places!!! I can imagine the feeling when you heard "Proud To Be An American"!! That song makes me cry anyway. It would do most Americans good to have to listen to that song once a day!!! I am always glad to hear from you!


  3. Dear Mrs. Henny Penny,

    I am working my way backward, trying to understand who the name Fiona Ling Ling got attached to little duckling! I love it! The tomatoes are awesome!! Wish I had some like that. You are a farmer, you are!

    I love being your girl,


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