Sunday, July 21, 2013


Chicken update...

Were you expecting to hear about those tiny pieces of colorful gum that we all used to love!!!  Actually, this is an update on the chickens, especially Jewel's chicks that were hatched in late February, and our six new Araucana chicks.  As it turns out, two of Jewel's chicks were roosters...the spitting image of their dad, "big boy"!!!  I  really hate that too because, well, you just can't keep that many roosters!!  We already have "big boy", "clyde", and little popeye".  I get so attached to these animals.  Knowing it had to be done, I began looking for a good home.  Since the three were inseparable, I decided all would go to a new home together.  An ad posted in our monthly "Agriculture Review" by a couple who run a "no kill" facility stated they would take all unwanted animals.  But, would they want roosters???  I called, and sure enough, they said "yes".  This is supposed to be a learning farm for children, teaching them how to care for animals, which is a good I let them go.  Even though these chicks were sent to the best place I could find, I still worry and feel sad, like I betrayed them.  Animals have feelings and need to be cared for...I did not want them killed by someone's dog, or turning up on somebody's table for Sunday dinner!!!

As for the Araucana chickens....they're healthy, happy, and growing.  Thankfully, all these are hens!!!  I'm excited about seeing the first colored eggs and will post pictures.    Araucana hens are supposed to be good layers!!!   Araucanas also are people friendly, and have great personalities.  Feeling safe and at home here now, I can let them out to free range with the other chickens.   It's funny, when  I open the chicken house door, these six actually fly out the door over the heads of the older chickens!!!  Just this morning the six of them were was chasing a squirrel!!!

The "baby goats" 4 year old baby goats are fine too...

My little chicken notes for today...That reminds me...When Poppy and I were dating, he and a friend were going out deep-sea fishing.  I fried some chicken for them to take along.  Inside the bag of fried chicken I also put a little note saying "I love you".. Poppy said around lunch time when he opened the bag, he pulled out the little folded piece of paper and his friend laughed and said, "what's that, a little chicken note"?  I didn't mean to embarrass him!!!

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny


  1. Dear Henny,
    Chicklets, indeed! Haha. I loved the bit about the note for Poppy in with the chicken. Memories are made of this.... (insert Dean Martin crooning)
    When my friends and I would travel to church camp or whatever, a fried chicken in a basket often accompanied us. What a labor of love. I didn't realize how much effort that was as a kid. Things like that stay in the heart, especially if there's a note involved. ;)


  2. Dear Jen,

    Thank you. And how could I have forgotten Dean Martin. I still have some of his old albums. I enjoy your comments!



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