Monday, July 15, 2013

Return to normalcy

"Normalcy"!!  That's right!  Poppy went back to work this morning and I fell back into my daily little "order of things to be done"!!!  Sorry I stayed away so long.

The purple coneflowers are blooming.   None of the blooms are as pretty as usual because of the heavy rains.  Doesn't seem to bother the butterflies!!

 Phlox are beginning to open too.  The full week of sun and no rain, we are supposed to get this week should help all the plants...

Little Fiona Ling Ling...taking a break from the big ducks.  Wish I knew where she came from.  How she got to our pond.  Some wild animal would surely kill a duckling wandering out alone.  No one close by has a pond or ducks...She could have arrived here the same way "big boy" did...Dropped off while no one was looking!!!

 Funny how flowers show up too...In the midst of all these "obedient plants" orange "gladiola" and pink "phlox"...

No reason at all for this next one..."big boy" leading one of his hens...:)

Not much of a post here!  Again, I am sorry I stayed away so long.  I've got to get back into the swing of things!!!  I'll let you know if I get sun burned this week...with all the rain gone!!!  Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny



  1. Hi! I always say my vacation is when my husband is at work...and my children were back at school! ha...

    nice pictures...your flowers, and your chickens look so pretty (colors). I love pink phlox! I only have white though.

  2. I do truly wonder where Ling Ling came from. It's a mystery that she survived getting there! I love your flowers. I wonder sometimes if my gardening days are forever behind me. Maybe. Maybe not. Life sure has a way of altering our plans, doesn't it!! Thanks for always being there.

    I Love You,


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