Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Vacation

Poppy's vacation started yesterday...9 days off work!!!  We have been listing things we want get done around here, like finishing up the mess in the back yard.  There are still several downed trees to be cut into firewood and the limbs and brush hauled away.    We had also planned to paint the back porch floor (and the front porch floor, if there is enough paint), and all that trim  around the screened-in back porch.  So, we wake up this morning to a thunder storm and pouring rain!!!  The 7-day forecast...thunderstorms and rain,  every day!!!

This is Tuesday night already!!!  This post was started yesterday.  I'm sorry.   My schedule is up-side-down with Poppy here all day.  We had another thunderstorm with a hard rain.  It is too humid and hot to do all those big jobs on our list.  We did a little shopping today; picked up some chicken feed, etc....We probably don't make enough selling the few eggs that we sell to pay for the feed these big girls eat.  Must keep reminding myself of the fun I'm having!!

Feed! What feed??


Little Fiona Ling Ling is still here, and feeling more at home.  If she turns out to be a "he", we will have to drop the "Fiona" and use "Ling Ling"...don't you think?

Speaking of rain...does it seem to you like we have more hard, flooding rains now, than we used to??  Growing up, I remember rainy days.  Days that the rain was slow and steady.  Mama would let us go outside and walk in mud puddles and play in the rain.  Seems now there is more danger, in everything!!! 

A few months back a heavy downpour filled our pond to over flowing and covered our about 30 minutes. Now that is a hard rain!!!

Remember hurricane Fran that hit North Carolina in 1996?  Well that was the same year we built this pond, and in the same month, September!!  The pond was finished and we were told that it would probably take one year for it to fill, since there is no natural spring, and we were relying on rain water.  Poppy and I bought the materials and build the pier ourselves.  We completed the pier the day before "Fran" hit.  We didn't get any sleep the night of Fran!!!  We sat in the living room in the dark with a portable radio and no electricity.  We sat quietly listening to the crazy wild winds and beating rain.  Occasionally, we would hear the cracking of a tree falling.  Then there were bumps and cracks, sounds of sticks, limbs and green pine cones hitting the house.  It was a long, eerie night, listening and trying to imagine how everything would look when daylight came.  It was like Fran was traveling with the night and was gone when the sun came up.  Never will I forget that smell of chewed up green leaves, green limbs, and pine needles that totally covered the property....ankle deep.  And the pond!!!  The pond was full and running over the spillway with red muddy water.  Not one inch of our newly built pier was visible!  It was totally under water!  We were without electricity for several days and the weather was extremely hot and humid.  Fortunately, there was no damage to the house!!

Okay, here it is Wednesday!!!  I've been with Poppy again...getting dual exhaust put on his truck!!  Thank you for looking in.  Hope to return soon...a little more interesting!! :)

Henny Penny



  1. Hey Mama! You described Fran perfectly! What a long, scary night that was! I kept wondering if our tin roof would blow off, but it didn't! I love the pictures. But I love you more. Your girl.

  2. Hey Henny! I guess we are in a rain race, huh? I heard on the radio this morning that Buncombe County had already had 9 inches of rain in July (yes) and we are expecting 1 or 2 today. Don't even ask if we are mildewed. Maybe if it is going to rain all the time, you and Poppy can go visit Lynn and maybe thrift a little, or something relaxing. I am so glad that Fiona Ling Ling is hanging in there.

    I remember a Hurricane in 1992 or 1993, Andrew? a guy's name - tore our wiring out of the house and then Fran pulled a bunch of boards off. Always something...just the way of life. I am so happy you have this blog, it feels like home here. XO Terry

    1. Dear Terry,
      Mildew!!! Every time we do a little work outside we get a sinus headache. The leaves and ground are wet and mildewed. We are having a storm now, in fact it sounds like a little hail falling. I love hearing from you!!

  3. I guess almost everyone is getting too much rain! Let's hope you never get that much overflow or trees down again! Cleaning up trees is alot of work! We just cut down 2 pine trees and I know that smell...I felt as it were Christmas time when I walked in my back yard!

    I hope this doesn't mean a snowy winter!

  4. Hey Andrea,
    This unusual weather makes you wonder what kind of winter we're in for!! It is raining here now!!

  5. we have the threat of rain....I'd rather it rain then just sit around looking like it is going to rain..ha..
    My table/chairs were originally dark colored. Here is the link where I talked about painting them with my homemade chalk paint (after trying expensive chalk paint and realizing it can be made for cheap!)


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