Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Fabric

The "chicken print" fabrics I ordered came in the mail yesterday.  These pieces are so cute!  I'm excited about making "Henny Penny" bonnets!

I finished this red one last night.

While I'm in the sewing room, let me show you this antique pin cushion a friend gave me.  The drawer under the seat holds bobbins.

"Dumper roo" likes to get right in the middle of my sewing and then gets his feelings hurt when I put him out of the sewing room. I get my pattern pinned to the fabric and start to cut and he lands in the middle of everything!!

By the way, his real name is "Dumpster".  He was just a kitten when Poppy found him wandering around at the trash dump.  Like all the other animals we've taken in around here, he is a sweetie pie!!

Love,  Henny Penny



  1. Hey Mama! I love that picture of Dumper. Poor little kittie-pie. He got a good home!

    Love you!!!
    Your gur

    PS -- I got that painting today!!! Already! I love it!

  2. I'm glad you got the painting. Dumper is a sweet kitty!


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