Thursday, March 21, 2013

Help with the New Lot

Dear Friends,

Guess who came out, with level in hand, to check out the new lot???  That's right.  Dear, sweet Poppy!!

I did get a brief lecture about being sure this is where I want the lot!!! "Mel, you need to put some thought into these things...look at the time and work we put into building that other it's got to be torn down!!"  I said, "I know, and I promise not to do this again if you'll just help me get going here with these heavy boards!!!"  We got this much done!!

Not fancy, but it will work!

The next step is putting up new chicken wire.  Then Poppy said he would help me with the tin roof.

This dead tree was standing in our way.  We finally got it to fall...The chickens had a feast while we worked!!

Spring is right around the corner.  This Spirea (button bush), (a sprout from my sister's yard), is almost in full bloom!!  The temperature is supposed to drop into the low 20's tonight though, with another full week of cold weather predicted!!!

Love, Henny Penny


  1. Those are some fortunate chickens to have such care go into their housing.
    I'm sure Poppy was happy to help you realize your fate de coop. What's that they say....Happy wife, happy life! So true...


    1. Hey Jen,
      Poppy stopped on the way home from work and picked up the tin for the lot. He said to me, "I can't believe we're doing all this for 3 bantam chickens!" I hope to raise more bantams. Last time I was sending you a note, Poppy needed the computer and I didn't get to answer your question about cooking over a campfire. Our favorite was cooking a steak in a cast iron frying pan over the fire; and potatoes and onions too. Oh, and bacon and eggs, and being the southerners that we are, a pot of grits cooking on the side. Nothing really special. Sounds like you all do some REAL hiking and camping. What do you like to cook when you're camping. Coffee is always good made over a campfire! Thanks again. I enjoy your comments!

      Henny Penny

    2. Dear Henny,
      Regarding doing all that work for three chickens...remember that great baseball movie, 'Field of Dreams'? In it there was a quote..."If you build it, they will come!" Not that chickens will come out of the corn on their own (that's what the famous ball players did in that movie...would be quite frightening if it happened with chickens! I digress) At any rate, seeings how you've such fine fowl accomodations, should you decide to take on more fancy chickens, it would be a seamless transition.

      As far as camp cooking, I do as much prep beforehand as possible. If we're hiking, then a lot of dried stuff. I have a dehydrator and enjoy that type of thing. If camping around the fire, then the sky is the limit all the regular stuff and whatever strikes me at the time. :0
      It's about camping season again and I'm getting excited! DS said this morning, as we looked over the snow drifts in the yard, "It'd probably be too cold to go out over Easter break. Right?! It made me laugh. Well, yeah!
      Have a lovely weekend.


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