Friday, March 15, 2013

A Spider in my Cap

A few days ago I posted about the days when Poppy and I first bought our 5 acres of land.  Lynn read the post and said,  "you need to tell about the spider in your hat".

It was one of those weekends Poppy and I were camping.  We unloaded the truck, set up the tent, and got a fire going.  We cleaned up dead trees, cut down a few trees, and cut them into firewood.   I pulled away brush and limbs to throw onto the fire.  We worked and laughed and had fun.

Late afternoon we cooked supper over an open fire, and sat by the fire to eat.  This particular Saturday I had worn a ball cap all day.  Before crawling into the tent that night to sleep, I hung my cap on a tree limb.  The next morning I twisted my hair up and put the cap on again.  Again, we spent the day on the land, but it was Sunday so we had to pack up and go home early.  Ready for a hot relaxing bath I took off my cap and folks, there in my cap was a  Black Widow Spider!!  A black widow!!  I had worn this thing on my head all day!  She had made her home there, web and all, right there in the top of my cap!!  I cringe to think what would have happened, had I disturbed her!  And when did she go into my cap, while it was on my head??  While it was hanging on the tree??  Black Widows like dark, damp places.  I suppose my dark hair, my head sweating, covered with a nice dome roof!!!   It took a while to get over feeling like there was a spider in my hair!!!

Love,  Henny Penny


  1. That must have been a real scary experience, and ever-after you have probably checked your hats before you put one on! I bet it came from the tree. Growing up with scorpions in Arizona, we always checked our shoes first thing!

    1. Hey Pam, I was thinking about you this morning. Actually, I was thinking about little Daphne in the bonnet. That picture would be so cute on my blog. Only if you would want me to use it though. I cannot imagine seeing a scorpion!!! That would be worse than a spider! Good to hear from you!

  2. Oh my! That was certainly more excitement than hoped for! Good thing you've a nice bunch of hair or things could've ended very differently. :0
    Once when my husband and I and some friends were hiking across the continental divide in WY, we were camped a way up high. We had taken horses in, then had to kayak across Ross Lake and set up camp. Our outfitter told stories of fish cats and how we were to tie our things up etc. before resting for the night. We were sleeping the delicious perfect of sleep of exhaustion combined with mountain air. All of a sudden I had to use the was so dark and quiet. I didn't want to stir! Meanwhile one of the fellas near our tent had the same inclincation and had gotten he walked by our tent, he took a stick and scratched a back silhouetted and protruding out of the tent, which happened to be mine. It was a quiet night no longer!! I screamed a curdling scream, woke several up and he said, "FISH CAT!!" To this day every time we camp, someone will mention the fish cat stunt. As Dean Martin would say, "...Memories are made of this...". *smile* happy times.
    What are some of your favorite camp suppers to make?
    Your friend,

    1. Jen, that is so funny!! Is there really something called a fish cat? Or was the outfitter having fun telling you that? We don't camp anymore. Really, I don't think I could sleep on the ground anymore! We used to love camping. I loved reading your story. Thank you.

  3. It just makes me cringe, mama Henny Penny, to think of that!!!! Yikes!! I am so glad you are okay.

    Your gur.


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