Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A New Place for the Bantams

Dear friends,

Looks like there will be a new lot for the Bantams!!!  I've had a bee in my bonnet about this long enough!  I think I've found the perfect spot.   
 Here, behind the chicken house.  Turn right at the at the far end of the house and it looks like this:
This is looking out of the (soon to be) Bantam lot into the chicken lot.  I've started on the door frame.  The new lot will be L-shaped, behind the chicken house, and I will be able to walk inside!  I'm so excited!!!

I have been saving string from chicken feed bags ever since we bought our first bag of feed.  Yesterday I opened a bag of laying mash and added another string to my collection.  I've GOT to show you this....

I kinda like my ball of string.  Like mama said one time, "you never know when you might need a piece of string"

Love,  Henny Penny


  1. I love your ball of string, Henny Penny. It's huge! That's right, you never know when you'll need some. Have fun building your new chicken lot. I enjoy reading your posts.
    Sheila in Illinois

  2. Sheila, thank you so much! Mama was in her late 80's when she said that about needing a piece of string. Can you imagine anybody needing to save little pieces of string in this day and time!!:) But I do!! I loved your comment. Hope to have some pictures of the new lot soon!
    Henny Penny

  3. Your ball of string represents a goal accomplished and is a visual reminder of that goal attained. That is an important ball of string! Whilest (love that word!) I don't advocate saving every little thing, I do think the principles of reduse and reuse are in everyone's best interest. That's something to cluck about. ;)



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