Tuesday, May 14, 2024

My dearest and best friends...

 Don't know why I've had such a hard time putting a post together lately. 

Anyhow, I was in the teeny tiny garden today and thought to myself...

"Hey, you could at least stop in and say hello and tell the best friends you've ever had how much you appreciate their friendship over the years".

So, here I am! "Thank you friends so very much"! I miss you and think about you just about every day.

Oh, there has been lots I've wanted to post this beautiful spring. These few pictures were taken very early spring...

when the leaves were tiny on the trees, and everything seemed to be turning green, and I was going absolutely crazy...

Even in the back yard and around the...

Why, I think every yellow water iris was in bloom this spring...

and now those wild bushes that smell so very sweet are in full bloom all along Henny Penny Lane...

the black dot back in the driveway is Smokey, waiting for me to get my senses back and come home. Oh, the sweetness!

While I'm on a roll with spring yard pictures, here's the playhouse...

Oops, here's the playhouse! That's Smokey on top, again waiting for me. :)

For a little real news, Sunday before last I was on my way to Food Lion for a few groceries...I turned off the boulevard onto the little street that goes into the store parking. About half way down a truck came from a side street, failed to stop at the stop sign and crashed into the side of my car. Thankfully, I was not hurt, but my little SUV was badly damaged...

Lucky it hit the front quarter instead of my door which probably would have hurt me. My car can be repaired, and his insurance will pay. Yay for that!

Got to tell you about our mowing! What a job! Poppy with the riding mower and me with the push mower we finally, finally, got all the mowing done. 
Down near the pond I mowed with the push mower. When Miss Duck refused to move so I could finish the last spot, Poppy came along, picked her up, I mowed the grass under her and Poppy sat her back down.

Like everything (and everyone) around here, she is getting old. :)

Maybe I should stop here. This has been a busy stressful day and bedtime is getting close. Hope to be back soon.

Love, Henny


  1. What a wonderful, homey, lovely post! I have missed you and missed other blogging friends. I have been away from blogging for quite a bit. Life, like you, has kept me busy. I am a full time caretaker for hubby at this point so that doesn't leave a lot of ME time anymore. Such is life, right?! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. I LOVE your sweet place/home. xo Diana

  2. PS_ I forgot to say-- I am so sorry about the accident and so glad you weren't injured. Cars can be fixed-people can't always be fixed after an accident. Hope everything goes well there.

  3. Oh Melba, so good to see you back again. Your pictures are always so beautiful of your place. It sure looks like Spring there! Lucky you with all the beautiful flowers and wonderful floral smells too. Smokey is such a sweetie. Love seeing your playhouse! So sorry to hear about your accident...thank God you weren't hurt! Take good care and do come back soon! Love to you. Stay well.

    1. Thank you Diane. I've been meaning to email you. Still love my beautiful mug! Thank you! I miss blogging and want to get back into it.

    2. Every time that picture of your mug pops up on my computer screen, I whisper a prayer for you!


  5. Glad to have you back but even "gladder" that you were not hurt!!

  6. I have missed you too. I wish that truck had missed you, but I am very glad you are not hurt.
    Spring is so beautiful, there and here too.

  7. Oh, it's good to hear from you. I don't know about there but here everything seems to have come up all at once. Everywhere I look there is something that needs to be taken care of. Actually after about a month I feel as if I am maybe getting a handle on things. Your place looks wonderful so neat and tidy! A great mowing job was done by all it would seem. Somebody was looking out for you so that the truck missed your door side. They must have taken their eyes off you for a sec there but caught you just in time. Glad to hear that you came out of it unscratched.

    1. Oh Victoria, it was the same here! Like all of a sudden, there was more to do than I could handle. We actually have figs and pears on the trees for the first time in three years. It's been a wonderful spring. Would love to see pictures of your amazing yard. Good to hear from you too!

  8. I am so glad to see a post from you!!---it's been awhile! These are some of the PRETTIEST PICTURES I've seen you post! Love all the bright spring pictures. Wow, such pretty trees and bushes all flowered out. And I hardly EVER SEE yellow iris.........those are so so beautiful!! Glad you are having a nice spring, except for your car being hit of course. So glad you werent hurt. Your home and your yard is just lovely. Take care!

  9. Spring? Spring? I think spring has finally arrived here
    in the UK...supported with loads of rain, rain every
    day, can't seem to get out in the garden to do anything..! :(
    Though, l'm keeping on top of my Virginia Creeper, that's
    the main thing...! :)

    HaHa! And when ever l see the word pond...Henny...l read
    'lake' cos that's what it would be over here....
    Ah! Poor old Miss Duck..Bless!x At least she knew she'd
    be quite safe...but..with a little more flattened grass under
    her....! :).

    And...That's quite a bump on the motor Henny...Goodness!
    Still, seems he's at fault, and will pay for it, teach him to stop
    at stop signs..!

    Well...Best get on..just had breakfast, another lemon tea,
    called for, with honey and lemon of course, it's quite dry
    at the moment, so l'll manage a bit of gardening before
    the rain at midday...
    Hope Smokey is'nt still at the playhouse door waiting to
    come in...HeHe! Bless him...! :O).x

  10. Oh Willie, so good to see a comment from you. No, Smokey was in the front yard with a mouse at daybreak this morning. I've told him to leave the little field mice alone...they don't bother anything! :) Hope your rain holds up so you can get out in the garden. It rained here most of the day yesterday. Take care!

  11. Oh my goodness!! SO glad you weren't hurt!! You had Angels flying with you!
    I love your yard...SO pretty!

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  13. Dear Henny so glad to see Spring has sprung for you. I feel a bit like Miss Duck some days and wish I could just sit and let someone else do the "heavy lifting", lol. So glad you did not get hurt in the wreck. As bad and inconvenient as it is, at least the pain is to the car and to his insurance company. My mini iris is orange and had over 50 blossoms that really lasted, due to the cold and wet and dark skies I think. Now I have a tall rootbeer color just opened and we are back to cool and dark and rain so they should last too. Your blooming bushes are beautiful and of course we say hi to Smokey. You all take care of yourselves.

  14. How nice to see a post from you! Oh, that's a shame about your car, but glad it can be fixed and you were not hurt!! I found it darling that the duck had to be picked up so you could mow. Things are green and blooming here, as well. Such a perfect time of year! -Jenn

  15. Beautiful pictures and the cat is so sweet waiting for you! Good to hear from you!

  16. What a lovely post and photos. Well, except your car. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt and that the other driver took responsibility as he should have. Sweet Smokey, waiting patiently for Mom in the photos. You have such a sweet home full of animals that love and trust you both, (the duck). It was wonderful to hear from you and we know how busy you are. Pop in when you can and we'll be thrilled to see you.
    Blessings and love,

  17. Spring in the south is a beautiful thing as evidenced by your lovely photos. Now, if we could figure out how to banish the pollen that comes along with that beauty. :)
    I totally understand about not posting often. I think it's nice to hear from you whenever you feel like popping in.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your car accident. So glad to know you weren't hurt. I think there are an awful lot of distracted drivers out there.

  18. Your land is beautiful! Sorry about your car accident! I bet it was a shock to get hit. And scary. A blessing that you didn't get hurt! andrea

  19. Oh, what a lovely place you have! So sorry about your accident, that must have been scary. I found you on Nana Diana's blog, don't you just love her? I do and everyone who follows her! x

  20. All your pictures around your home are just gorgeous. Love all of them.
    So sorry about the car accident. Glad you weren't hurt!!!

  21. It's so good to see you here again.
    It's beautiful around you! So glad you didn't get hurt in that accident.

  22. As you know I always love seeing pictures of your place. It just seems so homey and wonderful.
    I am so happy to hear that you weren't hurt in that accident. It must have been very scary. The good Lord was watching out for you, He truly loves us.

  23. Hello Henny! I always look for your post hoping there’s news from you. And always love hearing about the new happenings at Henny Penny Lane! As usual a beautiful post of blooming flowers😁 So very happy you were unharmed in your car accident. Cars can be fixed or replaced, but people not so easily. Life’s difficult here with my husband’s illness, so visiting you makes my day happier! Thank you from Darlene in California🥰

    1. Thank you Darlene. I appreciate that so much. I am so sorry that your husband is not well. That can sure make the days stressful. Thank you for looking for my silly blog. I'm going to try and do better at blogging.

  24. Your property is so beautiful.
    I always enjoy a visit there.
    I'm glad you were not injured in the accident. It's a good thing you didn't get hit on the door area.
    You would probably would have sustained injuries.
    God watching over you.
    How are the puppies?
    And your big bunny?

  25. Your Miss Duck sounds like our Bo Beau (Pomeranian). I'm often lifting him up these days. He's quite crotchety and his tongue hangs out.
    Your playhouse is just lovely! Such a sweet place.

  26. I am so thankful you were not hurt in the accident, you are a treasure to us all! Your homestead is lovely this spring, hang in there! Love Terry


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