Sunday, March 31, 2024

A Little Easter post...

 So, I went all out yesterday and dyed six eggs for Easter. My little dish of colored eggs looked out of place on the table so I carried them outside and placed them in the violets and green grass, (and weeds)...

Oh, I think of Mama this time of the year, when the grass is green and the violets are in bloom.  Seeing a patch of tall green grass mama would say, "wouldn't you love to hide Easter eggs in that pretty green grass"?

and a little pink for my Easter post...

sorry about the weeds and leaves. The yard will look better after the first mowing of the season. 

and there are Easter bunnies hopping here...Willow and Wandall Wabbit...

sharing a bite of fresh hay. You know, I should have named Randall Wandall Wabbit because that is what I have called him since day one. He answers to Wandall. :)

Miss Willow has gained some weight. Here on Henny Penny Lane we don't skimp on the food, that's for sure...just ask Poppy. 

Got a sweet Eli story...

Remember back in November when he was very sick...had a large mass touching his right kidney, plus he had gastroenteritis? Well he has been well and gaining weight again but had to go in last Monday for x-rays.

Probably remembering all he went through, Eli looked awfully worried on his way to see the vet Monday morning...

Poor baby. We convinced him everything would be fine...

and told him all the girls would be waiting to see him...

I love how his look of distress eased up. Dr. Gerry and the girls in the vet's office really do love Eli, and Ellie...and best of all the x-rays showed no signs of the mass coming back. What a relief!

Well, I do wish you all a Happy Easter. We aren't doing anything special. I miss the days of grandchildren coming for a big Easter dinner and the fun of hiding eggs for them to find, miss too, seeing them climbing the big Mimosa tree on the hill by the pond. The days go too fast.

Happy Easter, dear friends!

Love, Henny

Leave you with pictures of the yellow Carolina Jasmin beginning to bloom along the path...


  1. Happy Easter Henny! Love your beautiful pictures and I'm so glad things are going well for sweet Eli!

  2. Happy Easter! Relieved to hear that Eli is well.
    No Easter Egg Hunt here, either - one day they are young and all is excitement and chocolate as they run around Owl Wood. Then they grow up but we still want to play!

  3. Happy Easter Henny! Your pooches have such personality. We only color a handful of eggs, one grown son participates and one couldn't be bothered....oh well. We all have happy memories of them when they were small and we did fun things with them.

  4. Happy Easter and thank you for the happy post! Nice to hear Eli is doing fine and to see the wabbits.

  5. Such a sweet little post Jenny. Wishing you a happy Easter. Hugs Jo

  6. Henny, I had to laugh at your mention of colored eggs and high grass. I love that too. Here we let the bright green grass grow in the back yard and put large plastic colored eggs out there for the ferals. They love to hide in the tall grass and all we can see are their ears sticking up. And either the cats or the raccoons play with the plastic eggs as they move all over the back yard. Willow and Wandall Wabbit are adorable. And yes, Eli did seem to perk up after you told him he would be OK (they do understand more than people give them credit for). Happy Easter!

  7. Lovely seeing the bunnies eating and being nice to
    each other, and l hope Miss Willow's weight gain is
    just that, and nothing to serious, after all she a single
    lady, and not married yet...HeHe! Bless!x

    And so pleased Eli's results were o,k, and he's back
    to his old self again, poor fella, he must have been
    a bit worried...Bless him..! :)x

    Lovely seeing the coloured eggs...l have'nt done any
    mowing just yet either, it's still all a bit wet, see what
    it's like later in the week, though rain is forecast for
    the rest of the week....Grrrrrrr! hate the rain...! :(

    Best get on...I'm having a quiet Easter Sunday, my
    daughter will be down tomorrow, though not staying
    with me, they got a place, further and nearer the coast/sea,
    so they can take the new puppy~dog to see the sea,
    she has'nt seen it yet, so lt'll be a new experience for her...! :).

    And yes! A Very Happy Easter to one and all....God bless...! :O).
    🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰

  8. Your eggs look so pretty out there!
    Our granddaughters are coming soon and we have eggs to hide, but it's supposed to rain, so for now we are waiting to see if they can be outside.
    So glad Eli got a good report!

  9. Happy Easter, have a nice time. Good month for April which starts tomorrow!! Very nice photos, I loved the pastel colors on the eggs🥚🌼🌷🧡🐇🐑!

  10. A Blessed Easter to you all, Henny.
    Your yard looks wonderful compared to mine! I have thistles at least two feet tall in some places. :)
    You all be safe and God bless.

  11. Oh that is such great news. It was fun to see Eli's expressions.
    A Blessed Easter to you and your family.
    He is Risen.

  12. Happy Easter to you and Poppy! You dyed 6 eggs and that's 6 more than I did. You're so right about things changing from when grandchildren hunted eggs ( chocolate ones). Your bunnies look happy and does Eli. I'm glad he's okay. Happy April 💛💚💙💜 !!

  13. Happy Easter dear Henny Penny. Your eggs look so pretty there in the grass & the violets. Dear sweet Eli ... what a beautiful face he has. I am so pleased to read the x-rays all showed up good. Wishing you a wonderful week dear Henny. x0x

  14. Happy Easter to you and those you love. It was wonderful to hear that sweet Eli is doing well, may it continue to be so.
    Take Care,

  15. Thank you for this lovely Easter post. We too are without children around for Easter now. Even our big kids have gone off to other adventures. Change happens. We'll embrace it.

  16. Thank you for all the beautiful flower pictures Henny. Spring always looks splendid at your place! Love your Easter eggs out on the grass pretty. And your wabbits are looking so nice and healthy. Poor Eli, sure looks scared in a couple of those pictures. So glad everything went well for him at the Vet's. Happy Easter to you and Poppy. God bless you both. Take good care. Love you.

  17. Oh, look your two very own rabbits to delight in this Easter time. You must be relieved Eli is fine. Such a sweet face he has. How pretty are those violets against the green grass. Violets truly do have the sweetest fragrance. Happy Easter to you, Henny Penny.

  18. Melba, I do love it that we live fairly close to each other, and your weather is my weather, and your blooms are mine also. The yellow jasmine is all in the roadside woods now. The azaleas are coming out. I took my last little bunch of daffodils to church yesterday! What a lovely Easter it was. Such GOOD news about Eli! So thankful! Now he can be back home enjoying life. Wandall Wabbit -- perfect!

  19. You reminded me to keep an eye on our wild violets. I make a jelly that is delicious. Happy Easter.

  20. So lovely to see another post up from you for Easter! The eggs look great against the green grass and little Violets. And I loved the Eli cute!

  21. What gorgeous pictures dear one. Just perfect for an Easter post. I too think of my mama this time of the year. Often we would celebrate her birthday around Easter. I always made her a Lemon Meringue Pie instead of a cake. Haven't made one since she went home to Jesus. Maybe I will again some day. So wonderful Eli is alright. I know what it is like to love those angels on four paws. We just want them to live forever and be well. Have a great start to April. Hugs!

  22. I love that you call him Wandall! I miss doing eggs, too. I saw Lorelei yesterday, but she is a teenager not interested in coloring or hunting eggs.

  23. I miss those Easter egg hunts here, as well...It's the time passing us by.
    Love the rabbits!

  24. I know how you love your pets and am thankful that Eli is doing so much better. He is a very pretty dog... And just look at the rabbits...they are growing in size. Beautiful pictures of the pink and yellow bushes that have burst out this Spring. Your dyed eggs brought back a lot of sweet memories for me. Those days of dying the eggs were so special and now my kiddos just want the plastic eggs...Time does pass by ....I am now getting to enjoy my great grandkids.

  25. The BEST news of all with Eli. He is just so sweet. Wendall and Willow look very happy and content. I hope your Easter was a wonderful one. Ours sure was. Lots of time at church and then relaxing with our baby Zoey.

  26. Danielle,
    Très bel article, les photos de vos petits protégés sont magnifiques , contente de savoir Eli en bonne santé et de voir que Wendall et Willow font bon ménage !!! Les violettes me rappellent maman, au printemps nous allions toujours cueillir ces petites fleurs le long des chemins dans notre campagne....Première tonte , la semaine passée effectué par l équipe des jardiniers a domicile (trop âgés "76 et 85 ans " pour 1 hectare de terrain , alors nous nous faisons aider pour les gros travaux ) mais je continue l'entretien des massifs ; les semis de fleurs ; pour avoir toujours près de la maison un joli coin fleuri l'été. De toute façon si je n'ais pas les mains dans la terre je me sens mal !!!!
    La météo ( pluie et vents violents ) était tellement mauvaise pour le week-end Pascal , que nos enfants ont renoncés a prendre la route....1ère fois tout seul a Pâques...ainsi va la vie !!
    Prenez bien soin de vous et de toute votre progéniture.
    A bientôt Henny.

  27. Happy belated Easter! I love your bun buns. They are the sweetest rabbits. I'm glad Eli is ok! Oh-I'm also not really sure what 'bots' are either, except it's something that is not a human, and it raises the visit count on a blog by hundreds, sometimes thousands. It's very annoying, but from what I've read, it's not a security problem.

  28. Dearest Henny! Happy Belated Easter! I am so happy about Eli's better health report and wishing you all continued good health. You're right he did look less anxious as time went by. Wow, Willow has gained weight! Randall looks excited to have a friend finally. Love your beautiful blog pictures and that is the first time I have seen Carolina Jasmine, have heard of it though. Sending you a whole bunch of love! Terry

  29. The eggs look so beautiful in the grass with the violets, and the pink flowers are so bright and beautiful! Your poor dog, at least he's doing better now! Hope you have an amazing Spring!

    xoxo, Midori

  30. What a great post and especially about Eli. All of your animal babies are wonderful and so sweet you dyed your eggs anyhow to remind you of blessings and memories. Happy Spring. The pink is really nice.

  31. Such wonderful news about Eli! Your rabbits are just darling! I miss raising rabbits! I did not dye any eggs this year for Easter.....yours are so cheery! Our children used to love Easter egg hunts when they were small. We still have a nice Easter dinner and good visit, but children just seem to make the holidays more fun. Such a lovely pink flowering bush and pretty jasmin


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