Friday, May 17, 2024

Thought I would take five minutes...

and start a new blog post. This was at 7:30 a.m. It is now after 8:00. I got wrapped up reading other blogs. 

Anyhow, remember my little, "Old Motor Grader Road", museum? Well, even though the dirt path has been fixed and gravel spread...we still occasionally find old rusty farm pieces.

It's kind of like looking for arrowheads after a big rain. Bits and pieces keep coming to the surface. 

Know what this is? Hope someone does...

Look how rusty! It has a loop on one end and is sharp on the other. Poppy spotted this sticking out of the dirt along the ditch. 

You know what's funny about this new piece is that one evening on the Western, "Gunsmoke", Poppy saw a piece just like it hanging in an old barn. Mostly what I find are old rusty nails. :(

Oh and look at this...

It's barb wire. Very old, barb wire!

Here's a better look...

I can't even imagine how this must have looked at one time. Poppy says the wire must have been put up using a cedar tree as a post. The tree grew over the years, covering the wire, bringing it into the tree. Eventually the tree died and rotted away leaving just pieces like this. Can you imagine how many years that would have taken. 

We both laughed and laughed...Poppy said, "when was barb wire invented"? "Have no idea", I said, "Google it and find out". Poppy asked, how do you spell bob wire anyway? Is it just like it sounds?  b.o.b. w.i.r.e. ?  Hey, I was at least 50 before someone corrected me. :)

Got the neatest gift from Andee and Todd for Mother's Day...

a cast iron pie pan! There are lots of wild blackberries growing along Henny Penny Lane this year. Can't you just picture it? :)

Caught Poppy loading trash on the truck...

and as he went out, told Smokey he needed to go outside for a while...

That's okay Mokey, I'm coming to let you back in. :)

Guess I had better get busy. Need to feed the bunnies. We have storms predicted for late afternoon. yuk! Be back soon.

Love, Henny



  1. Barbed wire was invented in 1867. The sharp spikes on the wire are barbs, hence the name.
    I think that new find might be a tine off of a hay rake.
    Yes, I was raised on a farm.

    1. Thank you, Linda. Bet that's what it is. I remember seeing an old hay rake at my Aunt Vastie's.

  2. Barbed wire certainly lasts a long time, even with rust and all. I do like your treasure trove, Henny.

  3. A cast iron pie pan...I had no idea that such existed.
    Knowing how you hate storms I hope this one misses you.

  4. I love barbed wire too Henny Penny . I used to get lengths of it from the stuff lying round at the farm & twist it into heart shapes & put a gingham bow on to tie it up & hang it up around my section. When I was running my craft cottage people used to want to buy these hearts all the time. I cannot help you with that hook thing ... I am not sure what it is. Love the piece that the tree had grown into. xx

  5. I love all your road finds and I think barb wire is cool too.
    That cast iron pie pan is such a great gift!

  6. My gosh Henny, You're back again so soon. How awesome is that! Your old motor grader road museum is filled with interesting things...especially that "new" old item you found. I love your new pie pan! And isn't Mokey the sweetest peeking in that door? Hope your storm isn't too violet! Take good care, friend. Love you.

  7. That top piece looks like it might have been part of something called a "bull rake", drawn by horses for hay. According to what I could search on google, anyway. :) The barb wire pieces are indeed interesting. And Smokey looks as if he is saying "Did you see what he did?"
    I pray the weather treats you all well. Be safe and God bless.

  8. Poor Smokey. He's counting the seconds until he can come back in, lol. The cast iron pie pan is great! And the barbed wire in the wood is fascinating. Once when Dan was cutting down an old oak tree, his chain saw hit something which turned out to be a huge rock of cement. Heaven only knows how it got in there. Ruined the chain on his saw!

  9. Just goes to show, and prove, that stuff made
    years ago, lasts...unlike stuff to~day...l've so
    much stuff around my home, that was made/built
    way back, and mostly around my age, and still
    being used...!
    My Ronson 2000 is fifty~one..(51)..years old, and
    still being used, used it this morning to dry my hair..!
    Up until a couple years ago, it was used at least 3/4
    days a week....!

    And yes...The top pic...LindaG is quite right...It's part
    of a Bull Rake...
    Here's a link for it....

    Ah! Smokey! Bless! With a face and eyes like yours who
    could resist look lovely....! :O). Take Care...!x

  10. Well I'm thinking that the long Rusty hoop was actually off of a horse pulled hay rake heaven knows how many hundred of years ago. They wouldn't have had many times on a horse pulled rake back then I wouldn't think. No matter what it is I think it's funny you keep finding such items when you take a walk after all these years. Tell Smokey we send him a purr. And we are glad to see you came back so quick from your other post.

  11. How neat that you got a cast iron pie pan as a gift. I miss having barn cats here. I just haven't looked into it, as strays usually just find us.

  12. Too funny about the barb wire! Look at pretty Smokey! Interesting about all the things you find along that road!

  13. Love that pic of Smokey. I have so many pics of the ferals looking in the window.... now even the kittens are peeking in. Would love more pics of the bunnies, Henny.

  14. The barb wire phootos are interesting, as are all of the other museum pieces. Sweet Smokey. He wants inside with his Mom. I have no idea what that piece of metal is. It reminds me of a piece in my uncles barn when I was a kid. I think it was used for hay somehow.

  15. I had Adam look at your newest rusty acquisition. He thinks perhaps it functioned as some sort of spring (a very large one, perhaps on an old hay machine).

  16. Oh, love the shape of that "whatever it is thing"! Wish I had something like that to hang on my fence.

  17. The old stuff in your museum is beautiful!
    Certainly the old ones lasted many many years we live in the age of consumption.
    The kitten is patiently waiting to enter the house.
    I hope the storm calms down.

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  19. Hahaa...the look on Smokie's face...precious.
    That's some old, barbed wire!
    Love the pie pan...

  20. Melba, it is so good to see that you are posting more often again! I love your posts! I'm so thankful to the Lord that He protected you from injury when you were hit. And I love the cast iron pie pan from Andee. I didn't know they made such a thing. I hope you will make a pie and share how it worked. xx

  21. I remember climbing under rusty barbed wire fences as a kid and scratching the top of my head! I'm lucky I made it through childhood! And I want that cast iron pie plate!

  22. Sounds like my childhood! It's a wonder any of us survived. :)

  23. I love your museum. I have a 'wreath' I made out of very old barbed wire that I found along a forgotten dirt road. I think it's beautiful. I hope you are well.

  24. Oh wow your museum is super! What a great way to decorate a shed. Amazing how the barb wire grew into that tree. Hope you and Poppy have a lovely Memorial Day. P.S. The blackberries are really blooming strong here...looks like it will be a record year again. Lots of fun picking but more fun eating :)! Hugs

  25. Tine from a hay rake, you find some cool stuff!


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