Thursday, May 23, 2024

Just in time...


The teeny tiny garden is growing and my grasshopper trap is woven and hanging on a post. :)

On our walk with Eli and Ellie I saw a patch of small leaf long stem Plantain. Just had to stop and pick a handful and bring them home.

Thinking of mama, I wove the long stems threw my fingers trying to remember just how she did it. Anyhow, this is how it turned out. I will be sure and let you know if it catches a grasshopper. :)

Baby chicks...

Not really babies any longer, these chicks have moved into the lot with the big chickens.

Cutie pie! All of them are cute, and so friendly. Poppy says, "because they think you are their mama".

but the cutest are the two black Marans with feathers on their legs. 

Speaking of the garden, so far, so good? The beans are up, and I've built the crooked little wattle fence, such as it is...

While up at the garden taking pictures only five minutes ago, would you look at this!

a guy from Duke Energy spraying weed killer under the power lines. The mist was blowing my way, I could smell it!

and here's his truck...

If my plants all die! Well, what can I do?? Always something!

Better get busy. Need to get the animals all fed and settled in early since they're calling for a chance of thunderstorms this evening. Oh, I feel so bad for all the people in Iowa where so many tornadoes hit. My heart goes out to them. I can't even imaging going through that. 

Hope to be back soon. 

Love, Henny

Been working on the old cupboard, with springtime dishes. Be back with pictures. (hopefully)

Shoot! I meant to show you the pretty lettuce growing in the garden. I usually can't grow lettuce!


  1. A grasshopper trap? That's a new one for me. I will be curious if it works, but it is a nice bit of weaving.
    We are just getting seeds into our garden.

  2. Neat grasshopper trap! Your gardens look so nice! I sure hope the weed killer didn't hurt them! Maybe it is a mild weed killer. Fingers crossed! andrea

  3. Henny, we see those chemical trucks spraying lawns in the neighborhood... and I give them the hex. I want our yard front and back to be 'chemical free'... with lizards and toads, etc. (and especially our box turtles that come up from the creek to eat the dry cat food). Love the chickens... and so glad your lettuce is doing well. Our kale, collard greens, and Romaine did well for a while... now the bugs have got it.

  4. I like the grasshopper trap you made. Hope you catch some.
    What a shame about the chemical sprayer!!!

  5. The lettuce looks great. I'm such an authority (only buying in the produce section) that I call it 'green leaf' and 'red leaf' lettuce. And I LOVE chickens with fuzzy feet.

  6. I've never heard of a grasshopper trap. Hope it works for you!
    Your garden looks so good!
    I like your chickens!

  7. I like your cute chickens!! Your lettuce is doing so well and when it gets all overgrown you can feed it to the chickens. I used to love bringing all kinds of composty stuff to my chickens. They loved it all..

  8. Your garden and chickens look wonderful!
    You all be safe and God bless.

  9. Wow your garden is really growing...everything looks so good. Sure hope that guy with the truck didn't hurt any of your beautiful plants! Looks like you've got a great crop of chicks there too Henny! Good luck catching a grasshopper! Take good care. Love ya.

    1. Thank you Dianne. I doubt very seriously that I will catch a grasshopper. :) Hardly ever see a grasshopper any more. Wish I knew where mama learned to make a grasshopper trap.

  10. I have not seen a grasshopper trap before dear Henny Penny. Your garden & the lettuces all look wonderful. Whats not so wonderful is that guy spraying. It would be okay if it was fertiliser but NOT weed killer ... I do hope you didn't get too much drift from the spray dear Henny. xx

  11. Your talents have no bounds Henny....
    I've heard of grasshopper traps, but never
    actually seen could use them
    indoors as decoration maybe...!

    The chickens look lovely to...lot's of room
    to run about in...but feathers on the legs....
    HeHe! The mind boggles...! :O).

    And the wattle fence is great...yes...l like that,
    very rustic, different and quite unique...
    Your garden area looks pretty much up together,
    Henny, all neat and tidy, the results go to prove it.

    We're into a bit of sunshine, and warmer weather
    over here, hopefully summer has finally arrived,
    though it chucked it down yesterday, and more
    rain forecast for midday to~day...! ;)
    The weather world wide is all over the place, but
    then the world is in a mess anyway...what with one
    thing and another...Oh! Well, best get on with it...! :O).

    1. Thank you Willie. I don't think grasshopper traps are for real, do you? Fun to make though. Glad you're getting a little sunshine and warm days. The world sure is in a mess! Hope things improve soon.

    2. Had a look on line....most are made from plastic
      bottle tops and bottoms....most traps are made this
      But...I did find this can put the cursor on
      the photo to make it move...

  12. When I have a salad tonight with store-bought lettuce I will think of yours and wish I had homegrown. I hope only the smell of the spray made it to you and not actually any of the Mist. The stink carries forever it seems. Glad the chickens are doing so well.

  13. Your garden is lovely! Good luck with the grasshopper trap, too. I'm sure your chickens make great grasshopper traps all by themselves.

  14. That's some lovely lettuce!! I understand about that spraying. We have crop dusters here, and when we had bee hives, they would cut their engines for a few seconds over our property, and then start spraying again :( Our bees did not survive that.
    A grasshopper trap! Never heard of that! Can't wait to hear if it works. So interesting!

  15. I love the grasshopper trap that you made! I'll be excited to see how it works. Your garden is beautiful, Melba! And the lettuce is gorgeous! Have a blessed and safe holiday weekend, my friend. xx

  16. Those chicks are so sweet and the grasshopper trap too! I've never heard of one before. I hope that spray didn't reach your garden. We've had tons of those storms. Last night was a doozy. The tornado warning sirens woke us up at 1:30 am. Over five tornado warning at one time over Omaha. We're getting mighty tired of this, that's for sure. It's why we moved to Washington 30-odd years ago.

  17. I had no idea you could make a grasshopper trap with green stems or with anything for that matter!

  18. Nice looking lettuce, hopefull you won't get overspray from the weed killer, take photos so you have a before and after just incase.

  19. I used to make the grasshopper traps and not sure I can remember how...but if I had the long stems maybe it would come to me! I hope your plants don't die...that would be terrible. Do you make wilted lettuce? I so love it, I have been making wilted lettuce and onions about once a week...

  20. Oh my you would love today's weather--------Not! Big thunderstorm moved through with heavy rain and a lot of wind this morning. I sat out on the screened in section of the porch with my coffee and enjoyed it. Partly cloudy until around 6:00 then some sunshine and now almost 10:00 here comes the second wave through, lightening out there right now. No thunder yet, just not quite close enough.

    Never heard of a grasshopper trap and really wondered what the dickens that was in your first picture. The grass looked like thin plastic rope! Happy trapping. What will you do with the grasshopper if you catch one? Make a little home for him there with the rest of your creatures? Sounds like a plan.

  21. I stared at your first photo trying to figure out what I was looking at. How interesting to learn about these grasshopper traps. Please get back with us when you catch your first victim.
    Your garden is looking so good and that lettuce is really pretty. Maybe our cooler spring makes for favorable growing conditions. I hate to see pesticides being sprayed anywhere near my edible plants.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  22. Your garden is lovely, when will they stop spraying chemicals to kill every living thing! I am fascinated by the plantain grasshopper catcher! Never heard of that, will be interesting to see if you catch anything. Your chickens are the cuties of the garden I bet! Maybe you will have a bumper crop, I always love to see what you have in the garden from year to year, its getting to be a few years since I started reading your blog. Love you! Terry


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