Friday, May 27, 2022

Little treasures from Poppy

Dear friends, I sat here for about two hours last night putting together a post. Got it finished, hit publish, then thinking I was deleting a draft, deleted my newly published post. Grrrrr!!!

My post was titled "Little treasures from Poppy". Here's why...

Did you notice the painted box turtle on the table? Well, Poppy found the empty shell in the woods. It was old, so old in fact, the outer layer had peeled off leaving a solid white shell. I asked Poppy if he would paint it for me.

First, I Googled the Eastern Box Turtle and was surprised at their many color variations, then borrowed this picture from the Internet...

Funny, yesterday walking Eli and Ellie, we came upon this...

A young box turtle. Doesn't he look like the little one in the picture? I sat him on the rock and asked if I could take a picture...he disappeared into his shell. Sort of reminded me of myself. 

So after getting his picture I gently sat him back in the grass and headed him in the direction he was going in the first place. 

and another treasure...

Poppy found this old bird cage at the trash dump. Said he thought I might like it...and I do!

The little door still slides up and down. Think I will paint it Canary yellow :) and maybe hang it from a small chain somewhere at the playhouse. Maybe put a plant inside? Any suggestions?  I'm not good at decorating things like this. Wonder if people still keep Canaries in pretty bird cages ?

Anyhow, these are only two of my many treasures from the woods or trash dump...He has brought me tiles, old windows, old dishes to use in the greenhouse and garden, bird's nests...I could go on and on. 

Oh friends, the wild shrubberies are in bloom up and down the dirt road and their scent is heavenly. Heavenly!

My ex Mother-in-law called these, "wild shrubs". The sweet scent of these tiny white flowers takes me back to somewhere in my childhood maybe, or something like that. I just can't explain it. I could stand for hours under these blossoms and breath in their fragrance.

Well, what else? Oh, in my last post...a couple of you asked if I actually use the rocking chair in the playhouse. Well, I do. It's the perfect place to sit for a minute and wipe the sweat from my face after working in the garden. 

and Mari, I think you're right about the Iris being Siberian Iris. Thank you.

So in closing, if you don't mind, I will show you how the little garden has grown this week...

Thank you for looking in. Okay, I'm going to try and hit "publish" now and not "delete". :)

Love, Henny


  1. We love box turtles, Henny. And we have many that come into our yard - probably due to the creek out back. Some are very unafraid... and help themselves to the dry cat food in the cat dishes. They also like strawberries! I use to mark them with a tiny dot or 2 of red nail polish on the very top of their shell to see if the same were returning. But we are always happy to see them. Your garden looks like it's doing well. Mine has just started and will have a hard time in this heat. (Oh!! BTW, our daughter texted us last night to say that they now have BABY BUNNIES! Mr. Leo turned out to be a girl - with a boyfriend. They now call her Bun Bun)

    1. Oh Rian, how sweet! Baby bunnies! You know, my first bunny was named Bun Bun. You and your family just have a way with animals. First of all I've never heard of a tame rabbit taking up at someone's home. And, that you have box turtles that eat your cat's food. That is just too sweet. We were really surprised to see the little box turtle yesterday. Would love to have kept him. My heart keeps telling me to get another bunny, and I just may do that. Sometimes I think about asking Mr. Murphy if he would let me have Poco back, the bunny with the Indian markings. Guess that would not be the right thing to do. Thank you Rian!

  2. Sweet treasures from Poppy. He did a good job of painting that turtle shell and what a coincidence that you found a baby one soon after.
    Your playhouse is getting so decorated. It's great. I need to fix mine up better.
    I wish I knew the names of all the shrubs that are blooming at this time of the year. Or any time of the year. I bought a book that is supposed to identify them but it's quite hopeless.

  3. It's been so many years since I found even one box turtle that I can only imagine how much fun it was for the photographer to find such a gathering at one time! How appropriate you ran across a live one just lately to show off his handsome shell even if he was bashful. I think even your succulents would look good in the bird cage, or some kind of feathery fern.

  4. I think Poppy did a great job on the turtle
    shell Henny..Looks great! HeHe! Did'nt he
    have any 'pink'..! :)
    I love turtles l think there great, land and
    sea turtles look so calm and peaceful,
    seems like nothing bothers or upsets them!

    The bird cage looks nice to, l don't hold with
    birds in cages, aviaries are o.k. l suppose,
    but not cages..A plant would look nice and
    maybe Loberia hanging out the sides
    and bottom..! Something colourful anyway..!

    The little garden is looking good nice..
    and everything growing at the same time, the
    plants look as though there on parade..! :O).

    Well..must get back to bed, l'm watching Tony
    Bennett, a concert from 10yrs ago at the London
    Palladium..when he was 85..he's 95 now...Although
    l love my Soul music..I think Tony Bennett is great!
    ♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫ ♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫ ♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·

  5. Your garden is really coming along!
    Your playhouse is sweet. So many treasures. Poppy is a treasure himself for finding so many of them for you.

  6. I loved this post... all of those treasures! Your garden looks great! Can't wait to get mine planted. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow what a find in that old bird house. A new follower.

  8. Oh dear Henny ... that is SOoooo frustrating when you delete an entire post. It takes me ages to write them too so I know how frustrating that would be. I adore your new birdcage ... my neighbor has one planted & she has an ivy in hers as it trails out the cage & up & down. It looks wonderful. I would definately try something like an ivy or a fern of sorts as I think it needs to be able to grow up & out the cage. You are so lucky to find treasures in the woods ... I would be out there all day long hunting for treasures I think. Have a wonderful weekend dear Henny. xx

  9. Oh what a lovely post. Great treasures you have. Love those box turtles!

  10. Most people ignore some of the useful junk that is thrown away. You've made some good use of what Poppy found.

  11. Hello Friend! What a fun post! I love the treasures, and the creative painting on the box-turtle shell - and I'll add that I always help them cross the road when I can. But I am not artsy at all, so I appreciate and admire anyone who can take something discarded like the cage and make a treasure out of it. I've seen where people have used them as seasonal or holiday decorations with flower arrangements and (battery) candles and painted or not. I lean towards not, because if I painted it, I would mess it up. 😊

    And your garden really looks like it's off to a great start!!

  12. How frustrating to lose a whole post!
    Poppy did good! The cage would look great in yellow. I like the turtles. The garden is doing well!

  13. Maybe wait to find some artificial birds before you fill the cage? Your garden looks wonderful, Henny. I love your well mulched paths. You all be safe and have a blessed weekend.

  14. I wondered what happened to your post! I kept trying to find it last night. Poppy has brought many wonderful things to you. The turtle shell painting and the cage are wonderful. I would love to have a little bird of some sort but Hubby isn't fond of them. I love your playhouse. I would love to sit there with you and just talk and talk and talk with you. I could knit and watch you garden. Ha! Ha! Speaking of gardens, yours is looking wonderful. I just put green beans seeds and zucchini seeds in the ground on Monday. Tuesday and Wed. we got 2 inches of rain. I hope it didn't wash all of the seeds away.
    Take care my dear friend. Enjoy your wonderful little corner of the world.
    Blessings and love,

  15. Hey Aunt Henny Penny for some reason it will not let me post as my name for some reason but it is me anonymous (aka) Vicki. Love you and all of your treasures you share.

  16. Henny, your garden is growing beautifully......good job! I love all your blooming pretty. What neat gifts poppy has brought you! we used to have a round bird cage in our kitchen...we started out with a love bird, and eventually that became a macaw and then a giant cockatoo! A plant or a vine could look pretty on your birdcage! Speaking of great smelling flowers, this is the time of Year when I Love smelling peonies and lilies of the valley! I know what you mean when you mention loving the smell of certain flowers. Thanks for your always entertaining post, Henny! Always so fun to come here! Love ya!

  17. That's sweet that Poppy thinks of you when he is out and sweeter still that he knows just what kind of treasures you love! I have always loved your happy and magical playhouse and all those treasures you and Poppy find are part of what makes it so special. The bird cage is wonderful! I love to see a hanging bird cage with a pretty plant in it. Whatever you do with the bird cage it is sure to be a lovely addition to the playhouse!

  18. It worked! You published! haha :)
    That sweet bird cage -- how pretty! It's lovely as it is, but it will be adorable when you paint it and it's hanging. A plant would be nice. You could collect little dolls house items and set up a dolls house scene ... dolls on picnic? Sounds lovely. You have a thoughtful hubby.

  19. Think I finally figured out the commenting issue. Turtle shells and bird cages~ what fun finds you have. Love the shape of that bird house :-)

  20. Love your Poppy sweet and romantic. Perhaps you could construct a little flooring inside the birdgage...and make a little village of some kind..inclusive of a plant or two and other treasures you may find...and bet the painted turtle back would look nice inside, also. :0) .. I love the cage as is but am quite sure whatever you choose to do with it all will be very special. That so great that Poppy is a rescuer of things that should not have been discarded in the first place, but lucky for you and other treasure finders. :0) .........Love this uplifting post.Thank you. Was much needed as lifting up prayers for those who have given all, and for those who have been taken too soon by such sad and needless tragedies.

  21. I love "heavenly scents" of whatever is growing wild...truly heavenly. That bird cage is a neat find. I've seen them in antique stores for $100 or more. Andrea

    1. I added followers per your suggestion on my blog. (Thanks!) I know you do so much and I will have to read more and catch up on your blog as I haven't blogged for two years. Tell Lynn hi! (She might not remember me.) Andrea

  22. I always enjoy your posts my dear friend. Your garden is so sweet. I love that Poppy thought of you and he brought home special treasures. :-)

  23. What lovely treasures to add to your collection. And I love the term "wild shrubs" - it is like calling plants by their common/folk names instead of Latin names, so much more romantic :)

  24. Nice treasures Henny! ☺☺ I've pressed delete instead of publish lol...I can laugh now but you can imagine at the time, it wasn't funny at all! I love the cage and I think Canary Yellow would really pop!!! Your garden looks lovely! ☺☺

  25. So sorry about deleting the first post. I think we all have gone things like that. I'm delighted that it didn't stop you; you got right back on that horse and did it again, bravo!!! What a thoughtful husband you have, by Steve was like that, he would find a pretty rock, an odd shaped log or some old piece of rusty medal and bring it home. He knew the things I liked :) Once we were watching the old TV series "Wagon Train" and I mentioned how much I would like to have an old wagon wheel. That year about a week before my birthday he came home from work and said Oh, by the way I have a birthday present for you out in the truck, but I need help unloading it. There it was my wagon wheel, I treasure that wheel. It came with us from the old house and sits by the backdoor at this house and if I ever have to sell, its coming with me, if at all possible. If not I would find it a good home in a family members garden where I could still enjoy it from time to time. Don't give me diamonds; give me wood and rust, LOL.
    Thanks for the lovely tour of your garden. Mine is about a month late because our weather is just not cooperating. I may not see tomatoes until August at this rate :)

  26. Your garden is growing! Lovely blooms you havre too! :)

  27. I never see a turtle but what I don't think of my oldest grandson. When he was little and he saw a turtle, he had to have it. Stop the car! and it would go home with him and he'd have a pet, maybe 4 or 5 at a time. I know, he shouldn't have removed them from their natural habitant but it was just so cute!

  28. Love your little painted turtle henny, I love finds from the trash or anyone's not wanted bin. XOXO

  29. I think bright yellow with a plant inside is a perfect plan for your cute bird cage! Your little garden is looking good.

  30. Oh how I envy you and your garden.. we are still slow growing over here.. even my Lilacs are still in buds.. it will probably be another week for them to start to open up into blooms.. I luv that you cherished the turtle shell, and painted it ..
    Have a great week and enjoy your weather and your new-old bird cage.

  31. Love turtles. Regine

  32. I read this long ago, but did not realize I did not comment. One year here the box turtles were a vibrant orange. I wonder if part of it is what they eat. I love the bird cage. I am not good with decorating either. But I do know it is pretty.

    Honeysuckle is what takes me back to childhood! If I smell it, I am a child again in an instant...

    Your garden is looking pretty!


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