Thursday, May 5, 2022

Apologies from Henny Penny Lane

Whew! Must say, I'm glad to be past that last post! I have worried ever since hitting the publish button, and to make up for it (kidding, of course) is my last and final look, up into the snowball bush :)

Couldn't resist just one more. Some of the balls were as big as my head...course, I have a small head. :) 

Hope you all are still speaking to me after my last post.

Oh, we have baby Wood ducks! So yesterday, on our usual walk around the pond with Eli and Ellie

we rounded the corner and frightened mama duck and what looked like 10 to 15 teeny tiny newly hatched babies. Mama duck dove into the water and babies tried to follow...we quickly turned the dogs around and hurried away. 

We've had a duck box up several years and this is the first time a Wood duck has successfully left the box with a brood of ducklings. How adorable! 

I Googled and found out there are many predators of baby ducks; foxes, hawks, cats, turtles, and large mouth bass and we have all the above. Also read that 90 percent of baby ducks will die before they are a week old. Made me very sad. 

Thankfully, there are lots of safe places for mama duck to hide. Yellow water Iris surround the pond...

It was around this turn where we first saw the ducks.

more Iris...Hard to believe all this came from the one water Iris we bought at Lowes in 1996...

I went to sleep last night worrying about mama duck trying to protect her babies through the long dark night. It is 64 degrees this morning so she probably has them tucked under her wings for warmth.

Had lots of yellow to talk about...this is a cow pasture just up the road...

It is simply covered in tiny yellow flowers and dotted with black cows...

This farmer has hundreds of acres and hundreds of cows so this is just a glimpse from the car window.

Thank you dear friends

Love, Henny


  1. Henny, what a lovely walk around the pond with you. The wood ducks are incredible. I do hope a lot if not all of them survive living in the wild. The males are so handsome. They also can have Hooded Merganser ducklings with their own as the Hoodies will lay their eggs in the nest so someone else will raise them! May be that is why your mama has so many young. I always enjoy seeing cows. Lynn and Precious

  2. I was just about the shut my PC down, when l noticed
    down my side bar a new post from the lady with the lake..
    oooops! Sorry..pond..! :)
    As l said before, to you it's a pond but over here in the
    UK it's a lake...! HeHe! Big is beautiful...! :O).

    AND..The snowball bush is amazing..look at the size of
    those flowers..Wow! Wonder if they'd make great button
    holes..Bit big perhaps, but, l'd wear one..Lovely!

    And..Yes! Even large fish will eat ducklings, as you say,
    Bass etc..even keep yer eye on Smokey...!
    HeHe! Bless him..!x
    But! Let's hope most of the ducklings survive...!

    Sun's been out over here for a few days, forecast is good,
    though still chilly first thing..
    Yesterday l was trimming the Virginia Creeper by hand, and
    right in the very corner l disturbed a mass of baby spiders,
    amazing, must have been 50~60 or more..all dashing about! :)
    And..I saw a baby snail being born, the mother snail was covered
    in foam, and slowly l saw a tiny snail appear, under all that foam!
    The mother then left the baby snail, and went off, l picked her up
    and put her on the grass area..the baby snail was already out of
    it's shell and off..l carefully picked it up with a small sheet of paper
    and put it on the ground in a safe place..Amazing!
    Before letting them go..l told them both..stay away from my hostas! HeHe!
    🍁 πŸ‚ πŸƒ 🍁 πŸ‚ πŸƒ 🍁 πŸ‚ πŸƒ 🍁 πŸ‚ πŸƒ 🍁 πŸ‚ πŸƒ 🍁 πŸ‚ πŸƒ 🍁

  3. I didn't know that about baby ducks. Yikes! Everything is so beautiful in your land, Henny!

  4. So pretty there! Your Yellow Iris are ever so petty!

  5. Love that first pic, Henny... and the others too... especially Eli and Ellie. And I know what you mean about worrying about the baby ducks. I worry about the kittens every time we have a storm and hope their mama knows how to keep them safe.

  6. I worry about birds too-it makes me nuts sometimes. Your pictures are very beautiful-like paintings.

  7. How pretty the picture of your pond and home are. The setting where you live is breathtaking. Such a gorgeous area.

  8. Hope all the baby ducks survive. Must be great to see them all. Everything looks great out your way and what a lovely pond to have!!

  9. The blooms on your Snowball bush are so huge; as big as those of the Mophead Hydrangeas!!
    Lucky you to have Wood ducks nest nearby and swim on your pond. In recent years Wood ducks have begun spending the summers here and I hope we see some ducklings one of our walks. It's sad to think of the baby ducks being some turtle/fox/fish's snack. I guess that's why they have such large broods. At least a few will reach adulthood.

  10. Oh Henny, I loved you last post! Your land and home are so beautiful. You should frame a picture of your home taken from across the lake. It is such a wonderful picture! What would spring be without a picture of you lovely and giant snowball bush. And I always love to see your water iris. How sweet to have baby ducks! I hope they survive. I know there are many predators out there. It must be fun to see them all swimming in a row. Take care Henny!

  11. That snowball bush is amazing! They are beautiful and I sure hope it isn't the last photo of the bush. I sure hope those sweet little duck babies are all okay to adulthood. We've watched a few National Geographic shows on the National Parks since we've been here and I've seen enough animal violence to last me the rest of my life. What is it about Nat. Geo. that they have to show all of the details? Yuck!
    I love, love, love Eli and Ellie. I want to snuggle with both of them because they look like big loves.
    Blessings and hugs,

  12. I loved your last post - of course I'm still talking to you! I love the snowball bush and so enjoyed the walk with the dogs around the property. It's so pretty!

  13. Wood ducks have some interesting habits. It's quite the sight to see them tumble out of the nest. They all go one after the other.

  14. The black cows dotted over that yellow pasture make a very pretty picture :) xx

  15. Love all your pictures Henny....That snowball bush is really something! Wow. And Wood Ducks.....I love them too....sure hope a bunch of the babies will survive. And aren't the yellow Irises beautiful around the pond! We have Loons in our lake and every year we worry about the bald eagles grabbing the baby loons. But some years they do survive to grow up so here's hoping and praying for your wood ducks to make it! Love ya Henny!

  16. I would be so excited to see a wood duck and her teeny tiny babies on our pond. There was a pair of ducks there today but no babies.

  17. What stunning farmland! I do hope your mama duck successfully raises a brood. No wonder you often just see about 5 babies with a mama, when they are older. Poor things!

  18. Oh, that yellow field! Lovely.

  19. Such a joy to visit and see the beauty that you are surrounded by. The yellow is simply stunning...

  20. I am catching up on reading blogs as I have been very busy with Mom. Goodness, I hope you didn’t get hurt walking into those stupid “automatic” doors! And I have to tell you, Henny, watches used to (I don’t wear one anymore) work for a while and then stop on my arm, too. It was traditional to give girls a pretty watch for high school graduation when I grew up and I only wore mine on special occasions because I knew it wasn’t going to work for very long.
    Snowballs as big as your head, WOW! I’ve never seen them so large, but then you have a well trained green thumb as we see evidence of in all your beautiful flowers.

  21. Happy Mothers Day to you sweet aunt Henny Penny! I love you so much!

  22. Henny, the Wood Duck is my very favorite duck. I love that you have them nesting. Please keep us updated on how they are doing. I would be like you, I would worry about them too. :-)
    I love all the yellow you shared today.


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