Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Big Thank You

Dearest friends,

In case you've forgotten, it's me, Henny, posting from our raggedy little farm here on Henny Penny Lane.

I am so ashamed of myself! I keep going back and reading your comments on my last post...wonderful comments...sweet little fairy tales, and comments about the "wish bone", and cutting up a chicken to fry, and lots of good helpful stuff about a broken wrist and how to make it well again. Thank you all so very much. 

Here it is December and we are ankle deep in leaves...

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago so all the have now fallen to the ground.

I am overwhelmed with leaves. One day last week for more than three hours, I raked leaves and hauled them away on a big tarp, dumping them in the garden or in the goat lot...

the next day a cold front came through with winds gusting to 25 less than half a day, the little front yard was once again covered in leaves.

I marched in the house and announced to Poppy that something had to be done...raking leaves is hard work! I think we need a light weight battery powered leaf blower. One that I can use! So friends, a little blue hand held leaf blower is on it's way!

We have three leaf blowers in the shed, but two are electric which means I have to drag a big 100' heavy duty drop cord along with me, and the other is a very old gas powered leaf blower Poppy bought 30 years ago. It is big and heavy and loud!

Here it is December and I should be talking of Christmas and pretty decorations...not leaves. 

Yesterday was my first full hour of physical therapy. It was okay. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I plan to go back to my last post and read your comments again and again. I appreciate you all so much. I also plan to come back soon in more of a Christmas spirit. Maybe I'll hang the big Santa poster on the front porch first. 




  1. Glad to hear that your spirits are high, you don't let anything keep you down for long. Just take it easy and do what the doctor says. Maybe a big win will come up and blow all those leaves away and you won't have to worry about them. Wouldn't that be nice:)

  2. Your pictures are certainly beautiful of all those leafy trees but I can imagine how many leaves are laying in your yard now, even after all your work of raking them! So glad you'll be getting a new lightweight battery-powered leaf blower. That should be a big help! Hope your wrist is doing OK. And your physical therapy too! (I only went to one!) I'll look forward to your Christmas post in the next week or two. Take care and stay well you two! Love ya.

  3. I guess I missed your pully bone post, so I just went back to catch up. I hope your wrist is healing and gaining strength.
    Your battle with leaves reminds me of how many times in November we had to clean up after yet another wind and rain storm.

  4. Henny, your pictures are always so peaceful... and although I know that people rake or blow the leaves away, but I love to see the ground covered with red and gold leaves. I find it beautiful.

  5. I'm sorry about the leaves. I can sympathize with you. When we lived here in Omaha before, our house had a HUGE maple tree in the front yard. ONE tree. We got well over 100 big black leaf bags full every year and there still would be a carpet of leaves in the yard when it snowed! So I really do sympathize. I hope you LOVE your new leafblower.
    Good luck with the physical therapy. Soon you will be good as new.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Those leaves are so plentiful, every year it's the same problem so I'm thrilled that you're going to have a nice not-too-heavy leaf blower to do the job. It's good to know the cast is off and your wrist is healed.

  7. Hi HENNY- Perhaps what you need is a Battery Powered Re-Charge Leaf Blower- no cord or noisy motor...stay safe and well- Best Wishes. KEV.

  8. I'm having the same problem with my
    Virginia Creeper..though the leaves
    are all swept up or blown away now!
    My new neighbours took them all off
    me for his fertilizer that
    saved me disposing of them..! :)

    We've been through high winds and rain,
    though mostly up north, we had four power
    cuts last Sunday, in the early hours,
    then sunshine for the rest of the day..!
    The weather is ALL over the place the last
    few years..changeable from day to day! :(.

    I don't have a tree or bother with decorations
    since my daughter left home some 25yrs ago...
    But! I still have the crib that mia Mama bought
    when l was 5yrs old, l make a nice display of
    that with green baize and twigs..! It looks
    really nice when finished..!
    So l'll start that this Sunday..! :)

    Best get on..lunch time coming up...Must be
    summat in the fridge ready to consume...!
    Might jusy sit out on the patio, and enjoy
    some home made soup and toast..! :O).
    ⛄ πŸ”₯ πŸŽ„ 🎁 ⛄ πŸ”₯ πŸŽ„ 🎁 ⛄ πŸ”₯ πŸŽ„ 🎁 ⛄ πŸ”₯

  9. Love the fall photos. I too am trying to get into the spirit of Christmas. It's been rough with Mom in the hospital, being sick and 4-5 appts. every week. My husband brought me home a surprise though, so it lifted my spirits a bit.

  10. Physical therapy! What do you think raking leaves is, lol. Too much work I know. I do it here. Husband leaf blows into
    huge piles, and I rake them onto tarp and drag/carry them to the back wild area. Work! Love seeing your sunshine. We have little of it now. and I saw the hind of one of your goats. Hope both of them are well. Don't overdo the wrist activity with the new leaf blower. Lynn and Precious

  11. Hopefully your new leaf blower will be just the thing for you. :)

  12. Seems funny that you're talking about leaves. we haven't had leaves for two months. Isn't a broken wrist a royal pain?

  13. Happy December my friend.. it sounds like a perfect leaf blower is on the way. :-)

  14. It really looks pretty, but not very Christmasy! We have had lots of leaves falling too. Bob is having a hard time keeping up with them, but now the snow is falling on them.

  15. Sorry to hear about your newly raked yard and the wind reversing things. That's the breaks sometimes. The new on-the-way leaf blower sounds like just the thing.

    My leaves are all snorkeled up by the city leaf machine and the ones I keep are all shredded and put away in the compost bins out back. Still a few perennial tops to cut back but I'm almost out of out-of-door jobs. A really nice warmish day today and fortunately the last flower order of the year (dwarf iris and grape hyacinths--on sale how nice) came this morning so I had a good day to be outside digging in the dirt.

    I hope your wrist continues to behave itself and get stronger, but give it a little leeway and don't overdo.

  16. Hello dear Henny Penny ... it was funny to read your post today as my hubby has just yesterday come home with my Christmas gift .... a leaf blower for me to use!!! I was SO excited about it & my girlfriend told me I was rather odd getting excited about such a boring gift πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š & she would've told her husband to take it back! I hope your wrist is getting better each day dear Henny xx

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  18. Thank you for your visit to my blog! I loved reading about your mama and being right under her feet...I do hope your wrist will heal up completely! It's hard to use just one hand. Take care my friend!

  19. I'm so sorry that you broke a bone. Boo! All that raking! Ooooph!
    God bless you!

  20. Those leaves must seem overwhelming with a broken wrist. However can you rake? I hope your blower arrives quickly and you don’t overdo. Your yellow trees are at about the same stage as ours. The morning sun backlights ours and Paul laughs at me because I have taken so many photos of them. They look like they are glowing! I haven’t felt any Christmas spirit yet, either. With temperatures in the 70s it just doesn’t seem right yet.

  21. Good to hear you are getting a leaf blower that you can use! Raking is hard work without a bum arm:(

  22. It is beautiful around your home...our daughter got us/me a b sa battery leaf blower and I love it.

  23. The photo by the water is beautiful. I have to say that fall photos are my favorite. I'm glad to hear you are ell enough to be outside again even if it is cleaning up leaves. I had to give up on ours once the snow fell. They will be waiting for me in the spring. Hope everyone is well and getting in to the Christmas spirit. I just got our tree decorated with help from two of the grands. More snow coming tonight.

  24. The heavy leaf blowers and the heavy week whackers will shake your arms to death. I am glad you are getting a new lightweight battery kind. When I have lived in the country, I had a very tiny "yard." I let the rest be wild, wild, wild. I just kept only a lil' patch tidy. Sometimes neighbors did not appreciate that. I would just smile as I relaxed on my rickety tiny porch and teeny tiny yard and watched them work themselves into a tizzy on their land! I liked the pioneer-style tiny yard and a good clover field where most will grow grass that needs mowing! And I liked my pine straw matted down good and thick on my paths while they edged their concrete paths! I think your place is charming! I had a log cabin, too. It was two tiny cabins with a little closed-in breezeway between them.

  25. Leaves ARE overwhelming, HP! I feel for you! So glad you are getting some relief. We have nearly 4 acres, and about 17 pecan trees, plus others, and we are shuffling through mounds of leaves too. It is what it is! :) SLOW DOWN. Sit and do something you absolutely adore, and don't rush yourself, and remember that it's Advent, and soon it will be over! Enjoy December :)

  26. Love you so much Henny! Guess what? Up here in the mountains, the leaves have fell to the ground to be raked, but more than half of them are still on the trees!Poppy could maybe mow them for mulch??? Any way, so glad you are going to physical therapy and I wish you much luck with getting your Christmas spirit on! XOXO Terry

  27. Oh my gosh, the leaves are just so much this year it seems. They were much later hitting the ground this year. I think getting a leaf blower is what is needed now to keep from using the arms so much. You have a lovely property, so sit back and enjoy it. I have been doing more of that lately.

  28. The leaves have been abundant this year in western North Carolina, too. I hope all goes well with physical therapy and you'll have a happy and healthy Christmas and joyful New Year!

  29. Good for you.getting your own leaf blower..let us know how it works out..I would like that too.. :0)..Glad you are getting therapy for your hand...I had a back issue once and the only thing that only fixed it was physical therapy. Merry Christmas Holiday Season. You will catch up soon. :0)

  30. Friend it is hard to find the Christmas spirit when one is dealing with leaves. Living in a woods with mostly oaks...the raking and leaf blowing and mulching can go into after Christmas. This afternoon we are to get winds with up to 50 mile gusts - that might blow those last ones away for us. We can hope:)! Had to smile about the leaf blower. I have a very heavy one - so heavy that I get it started...carry it over to our steps - put it above me and then I sit on the next one to strap it on and then pull myself up by clutching the railing. Once I am up I am okay but it is quite a task getting on my feet. Let me know how that lighter version works for you...maybe I can talk someone into a Christmas present for me:)!! Hugs

  31. How lovely your December days look in your photos! Wishing you a journey to good healing and a very merry Christmas!


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