Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Look at this wild and crazy print! Do you like it? I do! Would it drive you crazy if I use this font?  Just let me know. :)

Dear friends,

Just had to post a little something tonight to let you know everything is okay and I'm still around. The days are so busy, and aren't the days short?

We've actually had a day or two of sunshine mixed in lately...

and like me, the chickens search out the sunniest spots...that's me standing in the door way; well, my shadow.

This little red hen surely found plenty to eat under the leaves...just look at her craw...

actually, it's called her crop, but we here in the south call it the craw.

Poppy and I got our second Covid vaccine last Tuesday, the 23rd. Glad that's over! Getting the vaccine was much easier this traffic jams! 

Speaking of Poppy; there was a little empty wall space (imagine that!) in the living room near the big old TV cabinet, that needed I pulled out this old picture...
recognize these folks? :) I should be ashamed! That's Poppy and me, back in the 1980's. We were at Myrtle beach. Anyhow, I also pulled the old black leather horse bridle and reins from our collection on the back porch...

pulled up this old chair and pillow, and hung Poppy's cowboy hat on the back of the chair. I like the look! Pay no mind to the dust, or the cowboy standing there. 

Oh, here I am just getting wound up and Poppy is ready for bed. Well, it is getting late, 9:30! Whew! It's a post! Such as it is! 

Got a lot of visiting and catching up to do and I hope to be right back here posting again real soon. Oh, Heidi is well and such a sweetie pie. 



  1. Love the font and the picture! You look like a saloon gal out with her best beau. And wow look at that bottle! You guys were all set there for a wild evening.

  2. Sorry, Henny, but for an old woman I found the font difficult to read. I liked your western decor.

  3. Sorry I dont like this font either. Makes it difficult to read. Glad Heidi is doing well.

  4. I love that old west picture of you and Poppy! You look like a couple in the saloon in Gunsmoke! Those chickens sure look happy to be in the sun and I don't blame them one bit! I love the font but it is a bit difficult to read. But then my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. I'm so happy to hear Heidi is doing good!

  5. So glad to hear that Heidi is doing well now. Also, love the new wall decor and chair. It's perfect! I don't mind the print at all. Do what makes you happy my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. That picture is priceless, you both look like the Real Thing :)
    Glad you both have had all your jabs now. Hope they keep you safe, Mxx

  7. we are, just got back from town,
    had a prescription to pick up, bit behind,
    nearly ten, just switched on the PC...

    Nowt! Wrong with the it character,
    much better than that straight up and down
    lettering..! :).

    And, we've had a few days of sunshine, still a
    bit chilly, but dry, that's the main thing..! :).
    Managed to dry a few things out on the line..!

    And l do..l do love the framed picture of the
    two of favourite type of photos are sepia..
    Oldy~Worldy...again, so much character..!

    Well..cup of lemon tea is called for..few things l
    have to see to, few sowing repairs, the long front
    room curtains need seeing to..they've come unstitched
    at one of the ends..l'll stand on a chair and fix that,
    not taking them down, that's for sure, there quite heavy!

    AND...The font is just fine, it would'nt drive me crazy...
    After all...I'm already crazy...!!! HeHe! :O).
    ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕

  8. Hi Henny- Not to keen on the new Font- hard to read. Great News that you've both had the second inoculation for Covid-19. We're months away from getting it- though were doing very well in this State of New South Wales. Best Wishes. KEV.

  9. So good to read that you have both had the 2nd vaccine. We are waiting for our 2nd one but they are doing so well here and getting down the lists so quickly. Such a fun post.

  10. I think this font is really hard to read, Henny. But you use whichever font you wish and your readers will manage. So glad you've gotten your second jabs. I got my first this past Monday and hubby gets his first today. Our world is on its way to putting this horrible nightmare behind us. ~Andrea xoxo

  11. What a fun picture of your younger days. Looks good in the log cabin.
    Sunshine here for 2 days in a row and the snow melted with the rain on
    Sunday, I'm celebrating. I hope to get my first vaccine shot today if
    nothing goes wrong by the time I get in line, like run out or too many people.

  12. Love the font and the pic. So glad Heidi is well.

  13. Glad all is well in your world! Love those old time touristy pictures!

  14. Cute! We have one of those funny photos of our family from when we went to the Western Slope right when we moved to Colorado. Happy almost spring, good Henny!

  15. Well aren't you two adorable? Love the photo. Stay well.

  16. I love that photo of you and Poppy. You look like a saloon gal who maybe has a derringer in her garter and a little pig-sticker in her corset! Don't mess with her, she doesn't suffer fools gladly! Glad Heidi is truly well now. Congrats on that second vaccine jab!

  17. Goodness, I think that little red hen is going to tip forward with all that is in her craw! My family is from Wisconsin and Minnesota and we all called it a “craw” too. Fun picture of you two!

  18. Henny I think your picture is fabulous. I remember when many folks would dress up and have a photo taken. So glad you shared yours. Sounds like the vaccine went well. Take care of Poppy and those sweet chicks. Hugs!

  19. Henny, glad you both got your second vaccine. As for the font, I like it, but would use it sparingly as it is a little difficult to read. Love the pic of you and Poppy and always love seeing your chickens!

  20. Love that picture of you guys! Reminded me of our boot-scootin' boogie days. :)
    So glad Heidi is healed and up and around! Also, I've had so many compliments on my hens and roosters apron! Thank you again. Several people want some of that same style apron, hope you are still making them? ~ Gwen in Arkansas

  21. Enjoyed another post from you. Love the pic of you both. Enjoy living your life in this happy month of March. ~ FlowerLady

  22. Lose the font but keep the photo!

  23. I love the olde timey picture of you and Poppy. My sisters had their pictures taken like that too.
    I like the Western touches you've added but the font I find hard to read.

  24. What a great picture of the two of you. Looks great! I find the fond a bit hard to read.

  25. Great pics! I love the one of you and Poppy!
    I think the font is hard to read.

  26. I don’t like the font, too hard to read.

  27. We have a similar photo! Some fonts are easier to read than others.. you can do what you want! Good to hear Heidi is okay. We use that word craw up here. "What is in your craw?" (meaning what are you upset about)

  28. Hi Henny ......always love your posts although I will say this new cowboy font is a bit distracting and takes some doing to read it! I love seeing your hens out and about and so glad to hear that Heidi is doing alot better. Will keep on praying for her to improve and improve. Love the old pic of you guys too. We have one like that taken when our kids were's fun to look back on. Take good care!

  29. It might look nice, but it is hard to read. I vote NO for the new font.

  30. Your photo is great! Love the stuff you have put around it. I'm so glad to hear about Heidi!

  31. Love the new decor! Have a super hump day. :)

  32. I read the font well and have no problem with it. I like the picture of the two of you and all your decor.

  33. Hi,
    I like the font.
    I love the photo and the decorations.
    I am happy all is well with Heidi.
    Love, Carla

  34. Hi, HP! Your hens are looking good! Love that cowboy look :) The font is fine. By the end of the post, I had already forgotten about it :)

  35. I like this font, its fun! Love the picture from the 1980s, I had one done too with my long ago hubby. Looks like spring around there..Henny take care, love from the mountains! Terry

  36. How wonderful to pull out that photo and remember fun times. I really like it.

    I still call it a fact, I am not sure I knew there is another name for it.


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