Thursday, February 18, 2021

Yesterday I saw my shadow...wonder what that could mean?

The sunshine was wonderful and I was all over the place...

first in the back yard where the sun had dried and warmed the leaves, I raked up a tarp load and emptied them in the chicken lot. Hens were tickled to death to have warm dry leaves to walk on and scratch in....

up at the garden, all by myself, I tried moving the long legged tower. Had to give up on that idea. Poppy said he would help me...just not now. :(

So, back in the goat lot...I opened the door to Heidi's little stall and out she stepped, strong and ready to face Rosie. It was sweet to watch, and funny too...

Rosie ran in circles and did flips in the air and little Heidi put her head down and butted horns with her. Not once did Rosie push Heidi down. I think they were feeling well again and happy to be out and together.

But, all that was yesterday.  This is today...

I am in no way complaining...there are lots of folks around the country who would gladly take our 32 degrees with rain, and ice. 

By late afternoon it had warmed up to 33.4 degrees and the ice began melting from the trees. Still my biggest worry is a tree falling on the house...

Remember this tree? Not the one with the birdhouse; but the tree with the weeping branches in back...

we call it the red bird tree...

this was a few years ago, before the timber was cut in the background.

Well, I guess this about does it. Sounds pretty quiet in the living room. Poppy and all the animals may be asleep, so I'll end this here. Hoping for warm sunny days for all of us. Take care.




  1. Well, looks like you got your sunshine for a day, Henny! Then back into cold and ice....but hopefully that won't last too long. So much weird weather going on right now around the country. Up here, we're finally starting to warm up again! We consider 30's nice and warm this time of the year! Glad Heidi is doing better. Praying for nicer weather for you soon! Sure was nice of you to come back so soon! :)

  2. Isn't the sun wonderful? It came out today (even though we stayed below freezing), but everything seems so much better when the sun is shining! Love the red bird tree!

  3. I hope you get warm sunny days and miss all the nasty weather down there.

  4. Sun is great! Heidi looks good so glad she is better! Hope you don't have damage from the storms:)

  5. Hi Henny! I sure hope you are feeling better. Getting a little sun, even for a day can help most of us to feel better. I am so happy to hear that Heidi is getting better and it sounds like she and Rosie were happy to play together. I hope your ice goes away quickly because I know it is hard on the trees. I was excited today because we got up to 20 degrees which is the warmest we have been in over two weeks! They say we might even get above freezing this weekend - people will be going out in shorts. ; ) I am so ready for Spring! You, Poppy and all your sweet animals take care!

  6. I know how you feel in hoping for warm sunny days. It has been a frustrating and exhausting few days here in Texas.
    Love your photos and the little goat is so sweet! Stay warm and wishing you sunshine!

  7. The "red bird tree" is so pretty with those birds sitting on its branches. They look like little jewels. We don't see that bird here where I live. It's a lovely sight.

  8. Heidi looks wonderful! I'm so glad and glad the chickens were happy too. Sometimes it just takes our animals to be happy for us to feel all is right with the world.
    I hope your trees did okay in the ice and cold. The world seems so topsy-turvy right now doesn't it?
    How are YOU feeling? I've been praying for you. Did you call the doctor?
    Have a lovely weekend my dear Melba.


  9. Looking at your shadow Henny..never
    realised you were so tall...! :).

    And! Bless! Nice to see Heidi back to her
    old self again, on all fours! At least
    Rosie had a warm welcome for her..! :).

    Been lucky with the weather over here,
    down south it's been mild with rain,
    though up north, not so good, rain, snow,
    winds and floods..!
    Though bit of a gale blowing out there
    this morning..must be off for another
    lemon tea..Stay safe..! :O).
    πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️

  10. A little bit of sunshine makes such a difference I hope it comes back for you soon. Lovely to hear Heidi is doing so well. x

  11. I'm happy to hear your little goat is doing well. Chickens always seem to appreciate something new to scratch around in, don't they? Take care. -Jenn

  12. Im so glad Heidi is doing better again. I'm sure your chickens enjoyed those leaves. Were cold here in Georgia since beginning of February. The rain here has been two weeks straight and flood watches all around. Sure would be nice to see the sun. I couldn't even let my chickens out of the coop yesterday too much standing water. They say this weekend is suppose to be cool and sunny. Were hoping. Have a great weekend.

  13. Glad your ice was short lived. It is so dangerous. I remember your bad back, leave that tall legged roof to Poppy!
    Wonderful news about Heidi. We have sun this morn on our frozen deep snow, but it is beautiful sunshine.

  14. It's amazing what a sunny day will do for a person. Sounds like you are feeling better. And Heidi seems to be back on track as well. Don't let that icy stuff get you down. I just counted and it's only 29 days till SPRING and Daylight Savings Time is even sooner---21 days away. I can hardly wait!

  15. I wish I could send our sunshine and mild day to you. What a relief that at least the ice was melting. Those ice storms are so dangerous. Many a tree and structure fare poorly in such storms. Glad the redbird tree did not fall with all that weight on it. Heidi up on her feet and feeling better is the best news in Blogland this morning! And no! Do not try to move that tower yourself! That's a job for 2 or more!

  16. How wonderful that you could get outside and do a bit of raking and just BE outdoors. We have had such cold, cold weather here. I am doubting if I will ever see green grass again...or even dead leaves on the ground for that matter. lol
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  17. Ice is never any fun though it is pretty. I'd rather have a foot of snow than an inch of ice!
    How nice to have a day of sunshine. Sure looking forward to that around here!!

  18. We just finished ANOTHER day of rain and there is flooding all around us. We are “high and dry” as our house is at 12 feet above sea level, quite high for here, but our neighbors aren’t so lucky. We are, however, promised that the next two days will be dry. I hope so! So happy to hear that your goats are feeling good and kicking up their heels.

  19. I'm glad you shared your ice. There was a lot of it, and it's pretty, but dangerous too!
    Glad the goats and the chickens had fun on the dry day.

  20. Your goat photo is so cute Henny. :) Let's all hope for an early spring!

  21. Hi Henny,
    Praying for an early spring for all of us!
    We had -30 degrees Monday! That was the temperature! Not counting the wind.
    My aunt and uncle live in Texas, so what a wild ride they had last week.
    Goodness, we all need some good weather days!

  22. How cute is your little goat.
    Love the warmth of basking in the sunshine ...,
    The view of the red tree looks alluring with the birds living there.

    Greetings from Indonesia.

  23. One day of sunshine means you will have more to follow! LOL, as you head into warmer times we are looking forward to being cooler :)

  24. Hope you are feeling well. Glad your little goat is doing so much better! Spring is almost here! Have a good week.

  25. Oh Henny Penny,,, I LUV your tree full of Red Birds! Just sort of makes ya smile...

  26. We are all looking forward to sunny days. Actually we have had a few already this week and I have been taking the dogs out to play. I had to mend the fences first before letting Beulah out. Our road is very busy with traffic. We used to have hardly any traffic and then they built the road through and connected it to a larger populated area . . . now it's a short cut to town :{ This new puppy has soooooooooooooooooooo much energy and getting outside has been wonderful for her and for me too.
    Here's to sunshine and spring bloom, they are just around the corner :)
    God bless you.
    Connie :)

  27. Brrrrrrr! Keep warm, Henny!
    We are getting a big dump of snow tonight, sigh.
    Are you making aprons?

  28. Oh, I'm finally catching up with blogs today, Henny. I'm so sorry to hear you werent feeling the best. I hope you are better now. Your weather is so far ahead of us. We are under many feet of snow. :-( No wonder my mojo for blogging went out the window. Talk soon. Hugs, Deb

  29. I hope the winter weather has moved on out for you. It was thundering and raining here just an hour go...after a six day freeze and 12 + inches of snow. I just want, sunshine, birds...yes!


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