Friday, March 5, 2021

No rain this week!

Sure appreciate all the comments on that last post...and for letting me know how you feel about the font with the crazy print. It did look a little like large chicken scratch. :)

The sun has been out this week and friends, it has been wonderful. The slick mud in the chicken lot has dried up and the standing water in  the front yard is gone. 

While I hauled dirt from across the road to build up the front yard, Poppy did some patching on the shop. He also gave Mr. Sun a fresh coat of paint...

Best I can figure, bringing two or three wheelbarrow loads of dirt and dumping them in the front yard every day for a month or maybe two...would be the same as buying a truck load of soil. 

What a shame, there are no pictures to show all my hard work this week. Besides hauling dirt, I've cleaned out and remodeled four bunny pens...moving large cinder blocks from the goat lot down to the bunny lot to build a row of condos. :) 

Oh, Poppy finally helped me move the long legged tower!

Doesn't it look better! But now the arbor and vine are out of whack. So moving that is my next project.

Also built a new table top for the potting bench. Gosh, I've got so many projects started.

Do you like the new tassels on my old swing? Actually, the rope on the swing had drawn up, making the seat too high, so we cut the rope and added another piece to each side. Then I scrubbed the wood seat with clorox had turned completely green with algae...

Poppy tried the swing first to make sure the knots would hold...he doesn't have me.  Then it was my turn. 

A swing always reminds me of the poem, The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson. I love that poem!

Eli brought his bear out for a little sun...

and moved him from place to place...

Guess you see that muddy pond in the background. :(  Rain, Rain, Rain. We sure needed this break from the rain.

Had no idea I would get a little post done tonight...but here it is...such as it is! Better get my teeth brushed...the bed will sure feel good tonight. I'll probably dream about carrying cinder blocks all night. Take care!




  1. Wow Henny.....I can't believe the huge amount of work you've gotten done between your last blog and this one. You work like a 20 year old and I'm not kiddin! I love reading with this font....I can pay more attention to what you're saying and the pictures you're posting, instead of putting all my concentration into figuring out that crazy cowboy font! Thank you for your kindness! I love Eli and his teddy. And yes, your long legged tower is looking alot better now too. Thanks for treating us to another blog entry sooooo soon!

  2. Oh, I love that swing tassels just make it better. How nice to have some sunshine. We have had several days of it and really warm weather here------it got up to 62 one day! Now once you get that arbor realigned so that it looks good with the long legged tower you need to figure out what to put in that tower to make it super special. Maybe some shelves for potted plants or just pretty colored things. Or you could learn to macrame (remember that from the 70's?) and make a long hanging basket to hang in there with something viney growing in it. You must have so much extra time after carting dirt from across the road and carrying cement blocks here and there ;o} Isn't it awful the energy that just naturally pops up once it begins to get springy? A person just runs themselves ragged thinking up and doing projects.

    Now don't wear yourself out you have all spring and summer to get everything done. There's lots of time available.

  3. Oh Henny, you work too hard!! Wheeling all that dirt can't be easy.
    Your long-legged tower looks fine where you now have it. That whole area looks all ready for Spring. Just a couple more weeks !!!Once we get some warm days I want to give my garden shed a good cleaning. Somebody walked in there with muddy boots ( a wasn't me).
    Take care, GM

  4. Moving dirt is hard work! It looks like you have spring! Eli is so cute with his bear:)

  5. You are a very busy lady. I think it's adorable how Eli moves his bear around with him! -Jenn

  6. You work so hard! I like where you moved the long legged tower. You know I just thought, if you needed more surface space you could put some shelves in it. It always makes me happy to see Eli with his beloved teddy bear! That is just the sweetest thing! You and Poppy have a good weekend!

  7. Enjoyed the photos. Like the tower, not sure why. - lol

  8. What a LOT of work you got done since you last wrote to us. My goodness! Hauling wheelbarrows full of dirt, building bunny condos and moving that beautiful tower. I like where you moved it to. I also would love to swing on your refurbished swing. That's my favorite part of the playground. The swings. I could still swing for hours if I had all the time in the world.
    But you know my most favorite part of this post? Sweet Eli and his little bear. You can sure tell he loves it. I just want to give him a great big cuddle.
    We got to 62 yesterday and today but a big cool down is coming overnight and bringing rain/snow with it. Oh well, every day brings us one day closer to spring.
    Blessings and love,

  9. We've had fourr days of sunshine, and this morning
    at seven, it was shinning through the Paddington
    Bear curtains..Lovely! Though it is still a bit chily! :(.

    The arbor looks lovely, all coming together nicely,
    love the colours to..! :).

    HeHe! And Eli with his bear, that is so lovely,
    perhaps you should tell Eli to sit him up, so
    the bear can enjoy the view...! Bless! :). get on, few things to do this morning,
    bit of cleaning, washing out on the line, and
    if it does warm up later, l'll pop out and do a bit
    of trimming...!
    So, you be careful on that swing Henny..nice and gentle
    mind, to think l have'nt been on a swing in years! :(.
    ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑

  10. Moving all that soil is hard work, so well done. You really are getting a lot done so early in the season, you are to be admired.

  11. So glad your rain stopped. Eli looks down right handsome with his Teddy in the sunshine.
    Your little potting shed area does look good with the tall legged roof against the wooden fence.
    Soon it will be too warm for anything but planting, so I guess if you are going to rearrange things,
    now's the time to do it. We have sun also and the snow is gone but the ground is frozen solid still. Lynn and Precious

  12. I was tired just reading about all you did! The swing tassels look so cute, what a great way to "upcycle" the old rope ends.

  13. Lots of work getting done around your place and it all looks great. Still a bit too cold for working here - ground still frozen, but the sun has come out and that is such a treat.
    I love your swing and yes do like your tassels. Maybe this year Ken will make me a swing! :)

  14. You've been working hard and everything looks nice! I like the swing!

  15. Hauling dirt and moving cinder blocks. I hope you are taking care of your back.
    I noticed Eli and his bear in the background. What a sweet dog.

  16. You surely are sprucing up the place, and I like it. The long-legged tower looks great in its new place, so all seems to be fitting in very well. Hauling dirt is a man-sized job, so you best hit the sack early! I love Eli and his bear!

  17. Everything looks so nice. I especially love the swing

  18. How nice that you have a swing in your yard! I think I would be swinging on it a lot!

  19. I love Eli and his bear! He is such a gorgeous dog! Our goat neighbors have 3 or 4 of those dogs-they don't like us being in our yard, but we don't mind their barking-hopefully they're keeping some bad critters away from both of our properties.

  20. I looked up that poem and loved it :)
    We had a swing that hung from our old walnut tree and I remember spending many happy hours on it.
    Have a happy springtime xx

  21. Eli and his bear are so cute. Lots of nice projects going on at your place. Everything is looking good!

  22. Eli is so funny with his bear. I imagine bear had to go into the washing machine when he came inside! We have a string of mostly sunny days ahead of us this week and I’m looking forward to them. Freeze warning tonight though.

  23. Eli is so sweet! He makes me smile.
    The snow is melting here in Wisconsin. I do have Spring Fever. :-)
    Our chickens are so happy for the warm days and sunshine. My husband is building me a Chicken Tractor so I can move the hens around in the yard as soon as the snow melts.

  24. Eli is so cute to bring his bear outside!

  25. A vida é feita todos os dias, não espere a sexta-feira ou o feriado para ser feliz. Cada dia da vida vale a pena ser bem vivido, pois cada dia pode ser especial.

  26. Eli's bear got hot in the sun, so he had to move to the shade. Your Long legged tower does look good there, but I did not think it looked bad before. You are working hard!

  27. You've done some very hard labor!! Mr. Long-Legs does look better in his new spot :) And Eli is just as adorable as ever, with his very own teddy bear to play with!! I love that. Yes, we've really enjoyed drying out last week. Today, as I type, it's raining again out there in rural NC, has been raining all day. But the plants/seeds I put in the ground will appreciate it. The daffodils, however, are quite bedraggled!


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