Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Explaining again

Oh my goodness, "THANK YOU" to my new followers.

Why, I could just squeeze Lynn for ever saying, "Mom, I think you would enjoy having a blog". 

Never, ever, dreamed that anyone would find me and my blog, or come back, if they did find me! So, thank you. I appreciate your friendship so much! I needed a friend, and just look what I've gotten.

Yesterday was Poppy's birthday. This is his birthday cake. He wanted to eat at the Remington Grill in town, so we did. He had a grilled rib eye steak sandwich and I had a hamburger. Then we came home and had a big piece of the cake. 

He said, "you're not serious", when I handed him the cake...referring to the size. "Well, I've cut myself a piece the same size", I told him. Neither of us left so much as a crumb for the chickens.

speaking of chickens...

The hens have decided to lay again, and it's about time. They have been eating us out of house and home for the last three months and not laying. Seems good to have four dozen eggs in the refrigerator again.

The snow has melted, and this morning brought rain and high winds.

and this afternoon, would you just look at the sunshine! The cats must have found their way to the back porch as I left the door opened. It is an unbelievable 69 warm degrees. 

Thank you for the comments too. I'm still trying to reply, especially, to those who visit but don't have a blog. I figure, those who do blog, I can visit you there. Hummm, did I say all that right?

Thank you!



  1. Happy Birthday Poppy! You are a lucky man, that cake looks delicious!

  2. Happy Birthday to Poppy!! That cake looks delicious to me.
    I am so glad I found you- we really have quite a bit in common. I grew up on a working dairy farm so still have the love of animals and country...but married a city boy where rural is walking down the block to a park. lol

    If you get your comments delivered to your email you should be able to reply directly to them there. That is how I handle all of mine....and connecting via comments is what really cements friendships (I think).

    Hope you have a great afternoon and evening- xo Diana

  3. Lovely post, last year I kind of lost my mojo to write my blog and yet I would read yours and my other favourites, regular :) I am trying harder to come back to my blog as I do enjoy it.
    I have line dried laundry twice last week, this has got to be a good sign for better dry weather :) Best wishes Jackie xx

  4. Happy birthday, Poppy! Those cake pieces are about the size my Mister would love for me to let him eat! LoL I love your bedroom! I wish mine looked half as nice! I think there is something wrong with my cats. They hide from the sun and wreak havoc all night! Or so it seems!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Sounds like Poppy had a wonderful birthday! Was that a coconut cake? DH loves coconut cream pie. Glad your hens are laying again. And love the pic of the eggs... and the different colors.

  6. diane in northern wisJanuary 23, 2018 at 4:26 PM

    Henny, I wish I lived next door to you, so then I would come over and wait for you or Poppy to offer me a piece of that delicious looking cake! Yum Yum. Happy Birthday to Poppy. Glad you went out and had a nice meal to celebrate his birthday and then followed it up with that beautiful cake. Those eggs are beautiful too, by the way. So nice to see that sunshine down your way! Take care. Love your blog.

  7. Happy Birthday Uncle Poppy!! Hope you had a great birthday! That cake looks amazing. It was a very nice afternoon! I got outside and walked 3 miles and I am feeling it now.
    Love you bunches!!

  8. Birthdays and cake and fresh eggs and sunshine! Sounds wonderful!

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband, steak and cake sound awfully good. Isn't blogging great.

  10. Glad you are enjoying blogging!

    Is that a coconut cake?? Yum!

  11. Happy birthday to Poppy. It looks like he had a good birthday celebration.

  12. Just look at those beautiful eggs! I'm glad your hens are laying again but what will you do with 4 dozen eggs? Maybe you have customers? When we had hens my SIL would take any extras. She said they tasted better than any store bought eggs.
    Happy Birthday to Poppy. That cake looked soooo good!!

  13. I hope this weather stays warm, my powerbill went through the roof during the cold weather

  14. it was so warm here today as well, so we were outside enjoying it. What a BEAUTIFUL picture of the sun streaming in on the bed, love that one! So glad y'all now have eggs again, that must be so nice and oh my goodness that cake looks amazing, Please eat an EXTRA BIG PIECE FOR ME, OKAY!?

  15. Happy Birthday to Poppy! That cake looks great! :)

  16. You forgot to tell us how old Poppy is ;-) Happy Birthday to him!
    Do you give your hens any supplemental light? That would help to keep them laying through the winter.
    We have had lots of rain and wind, I can hear it pouring down now, and would love to get some sunshine!

  17. Belated Birthday wishes to Poppy, sounds like a wonderful celebration and the cake looked tasty. I am a great fan of coconut. Thrilled to hear the hens are laying again.

  18. Hi, Henny :) Happy birthday to your fella! Blogging is a wonderful friend world. I come to these friends when sometimes I feel my "real-world" friendships are a bit strained, and I feel lonely. Blog friends are always willing to give you a hug and encourage you. You have a very kind, personable voice on your blog -- you sound NICE, like a friend who would only say sweet things and give a cup of tea and a pat on the shoulder :) The world out there can be a weary, scary place. I think we lady bloggers like to create our quiet parlors online, where we may visit each other in peace.

  19. Happy birthday to Poppy! My, that cake looks good.
    I love your friendship and visits on my blog and feel like you are truly a neighbor, even though you are one whole state away. Have a wonderful day, Henny. It's going to be sunny and 60 down here, just about perfect. xo

  20. Blogging helps fill the gaps. Happy Birthday to Mr Henny Penny

  21. Hi Melba, first of all Happy Birthday to your man and I must say his birthday cake looks delicious, I could eat a big piece of that, too. I love coconut:) The sunshine streaming in through your bedroom window looks amazing . . . Spring is coming, it's just never here as soon as we start looking for it, LOL. I went outside the other day looking to see if we had any tulips popping through the ground, then I had to remind myself that it's still January:)
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  22. Belated Happy Birthday to Poppy. That cake looks yummy.

    Glad your chicks are laying for you again.

    Love the sunlight shining into your pretty bedroom.

    Enjoy your day ~ FlowerLady

  23. That birthday cake does look to be one of those "lick the platter clean" ones.

  24. Maybe spring is coming,now that the hens are a-laying?? Wish I had a nice big piece of that cake, it looks delicious! Happy Birthday to Poppy! Thanks for having this blog, I love to feel the peacefulness of your life (even though I am sure it is not always) and it is so much fun to hear about the antics of all the little animals! Thank you, Henny! Terry

  25. A belated Happy Birthday to Poppy ! The coconut cake looks scrumptious.....
    I'm happy you blog Henny, I love visiting here and seeing your little farm and beautiful home, it's like slipping into a pair of comfortable slippers.
    Warmer weather gives us all a little boost this time of the year, Spring is not too far off now.

  26. Happy Birthday Poppy!!! I love that photo of the sunshine in your sweet bedroom - what a cozy place that is to lay your head at night! You make me want to get chickens again....I had them years ago but after the last one was taken by a hawk I decided I was done with chickens. But I sure do miss the fresh eggs!!

  27. I can certainly see why you have new followers, Henny. You're a 'hoot'. lol And I love your little farm and family. :) "Happy Birthday to Poppy" I always say a birthday is not a birthday without cake. And the bigger the piece the better. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

  28. Who wouldn't want to visit you and see what everyone on your little farm is up to? And a happy belated birthday to Poppy! I wouldn't have left one crumb on that plate either.

  29. Happy Birthday to Poppy. Wow that is a nice big piece of cake. : )
    I can't remember how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did. Always enjoy a visit here. : )

  30. Henny, yours is one of a handful of blogs that I regularly read, always a fun time. The cake looks yummy. Is it white cake under the coconut? Deb (first time commenter)

    1. Thank you Deb! I appreciate that! Yes, it is a white cake with coconut. I wanted to mention the recipe because I found it, thanks to one of one of the blogs I follow, but I could not remember which blog...and that's terrible. It is called "coconut poke cake" and is delicious!!

  31. Oh Henny... Happy Birthday to your hubby :) what a delicious cake you made... yum :) I love those curtains, they look so pretty... have a blessed day sweet lady :D Maria

  32. Love the photo of the sunshine beaming into that pretty room. Happy Birthday to your husband. The cake looks delicious.


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