Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Catching up!

Wasn't it about two weeks ago that I said "tomorrow, I will show you the garden?" The days sure go by fast, don't they?

First day home from my little trip to Virginia, I bought wire and built a door for the front of the teeny tiny goat barn. Poppy bought the door hinges and installed them for me. That was the hardest part!

now these two spoiled little goats can be closed in, giving Eli some peace and quiet when he is inside the fence.

Sounds crazy, but Eli is so sweet and humble, the goats bully started off being all fun and games, but now I am afraid the goats will hurt him. That's Eli's goat lot too! :)

Mother's Day turned out very very special...

it's Madison! She has the sweetest smile. Home from college for a couple of weeks, she and her mom and dad came for Mother's Day. Eli loved it! Yay! Finally, a young person! Somebody who can still run and play!

Madison brought me this sweetest coffee mug...

and Andee and Todd brought me these pretty New Guinea Impatiens...

I loved cooking dinner for them. Now that all the grandchildren are about grown, none of them visit much anymore. It was a special day for sure!

That's the little herb garden behind the old barrel and watering can, and hidden there behind rosemary. Things are growing...

of course, the mint in the center is growing best. Thankfully, it is planted in a buried pot...after all these years, I've finally learned. Some of the plants are still very tiny, but there is pineapple sage, broad leaf sage, German thyme, parsley, cilantro, chives, and dill. Don't know what happened to the basil, but I will plant more. Now, if I only knew how to cook using herbs. :(

we have little squash in the garden...

and the bean vines seem to like the wattle fence. The tomato plants are over to the left. Plants are still small but so far things are looking good. It is a teeny tiny garden, you know.

We've been enjoying the stir fry broccoli. Pepper plants are growing.

Oh my, I've got to get busy. It is hot this afternoon. The bunnies still need feeding and Eli needs a walk...before time to start supper. 

Today, I've sectioned off where the two fence panels will go for the playhouse...even started digging the post holes. Friday, we plan to TRY  putting the panels up. Gosh, those 6' x 8' sections are heavy! HEAVY! I had no idea! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. Poppy is not so sure this is a good idea. :[

Thank you, friends!



  1. Hi Henny,
    Your garden looks amazing.
    What do you use your pineapple sage in? Tea? Cooking?
    I like the mug you received, sweet.

    1. Hey Carla! Actually, I bought a pineapple sage plant three years ago. It grew large and pretty and in early fall when everything else was dying back, it was covered in pretty red blooms. I know the flowers are edible, and the hummingbirds like them too...but I haven't used it any other way. I should try it in tea. It is a very pretty herb.

  2. Your garden looks like it has a good start. Looking forward to seeing how the fence goes up. Just keep your picture out of what you dream of it looking like so it doesn't slip away.

  3. Your garden has taken off Henny, and all looks so healthy and promising..
    Your granddaughter Madison is a beautiful young lady, and a sweet soul just like her grandma.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your fence panels in place, please watch your back, and take things slowly.
    Love seeing your teeny tiny farm Henny, it's just brimming with life :)

  4. My inlaws cat loves me because I pay him so much attention. My departed dog eventually figured out who played with her or not

  5. We are building a fence, too. It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure!
    Your beans look beautiful. I love the mug your grand gave you, so sweet!

  6. Things I especially like in today's post.... the sweet picture of Madison and Eli, the cute Grandma mug, bush beans growing fast ( haven't been able to sow mine yet, too cold), and the wattle fence!!
    Oh, and the Impatiens. That should be "my" flower since I definitely lack patience.

  7. Your garden looks great -way ahead of ours!
    A person who is easily bullied is referred to as a goat. I guess there its the other way around.

  8. Well, you are way ahead of me with your garden, Henny. We are just planning to till it this wknd. I do have things ready to plant thanks to the funny little greenhouse. Your bean plants look great. I plant herbs, too, and wondered why you said you planted in a 'buried' pot. I use some pots and some plants go right in the ground. Madison is lovely. How great to get a visit from a grand on Mother's Day. I got to see mine,too, as my son had a nice brunch for me and they were all there. :)Give that sweet Eli a hug for me and tell those goats to leave him alone or I'll send Audrey over. hugs

  9. Mama, I am sitting here playing catch-up! I love your wattle fence! You are so smart. The gardens all are beautiful. I know you enjoyed your time and Andee lately. I miss her. And Maddie. All of my children miss you like crazy. They all want to come see you and Poppy. I love you!
    your girl

  10. Your place is lovely . Your goat house seems perfect for the goat and also for the dog . :) I'd feel right at home sitting outdoors with you enjoying your animals, discussing goats, gardens, grandchildren, and life.

  11. You may consider your garden small but it sure looks like it is thriving...that's no bigger than I would want! I hope to have me a wee farm when we move to the country. Goats and chickens, at least :)

  12. My husband Eli is a little shy and some times people try to rile him and act rudely..I just step in and say we are going home and it was nice to see you and we don't visit for a good long while..I won't let anyone push my Eli around he is just toooo sweet, kind and loving to everyone..sometimes one has to make sure that their Eli is taken care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Poor Eli!!!! Naughty goats!!!!! So good you have this issue, sorted out.

    Wonderful Mother's Day. What a beautiful young lady, she is.

    You have so many things growing! YOu are amazing, with all you do!!!

  14. I always love a stroll through your garden! I'm glad that Eli is now safe from his bullies! Madison does have the sweetest smile! Your beautiful white giant looks very comfortable! Have a blessed day.

  15. Your garden really doesn't look "teeny tiny" to me. Your rows look quite long, actually. The wattle fencing is impressing me, and is just perfect for the beans. You do have a beautiful family. Having the children and grandchildren home makes any day Mothers' Day!

  16. Madison is so very pretty and I know you enjoyed their visit for Mother's Day. I love the mug she gifted you.
    Your garden looks so good. I planted pineapple sage again this year...the hummers seem to love it. Best wishes with your project tomorrow. It's been in the 90's here this week and we are smelling some of the smoke from the GA/FL wildfires.

  17. Things looking might fine around your place. Lots good looking plants and I love the wattle fencing.
    Seems the grands grow up faster than our kids.
    Eli is the coolest dog, I love to meet him. : )

  18. Your garden has certainly taken hold since the last time we were out here. It won't be long now you will be able to harvest that squash. I am glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Madison is a lovely girl. She has the sweetest face! Eli and his teddy bear is so adorable!

  19. diane in northern wisMay 18, 2017 at 5:30 PM

    So fun to see all your pictures, Henny. How nice that you got company for Mother's Day and they came bearing gifts! Lucky you! Your garden looks just that ole white doggie too! Oh and love that Grandma mug! Wishing you the best of luck with your next project coming up....tomorrow?

  20. Your garden is looking really good. Just remember great oaks from little acorns grow! Hope the placing of the fence panels goes without trouble or difficulty.

  21. wonderful pictures, love the garden, and the goat is just adorable.

  22. How lovely to have family to share your Mother's Day! And a special mug to remind you of the day. How funny that big old Eli is pushed around by the goats. Not surprising tough. Goats have beg personalities, even if they are little ones.

  23. You've been one busy lady, no doubt!! That's not a teeny tiny garden, that's a HUGE veggie garden!

  24. I love touring your garden and I am amazed at your squash and beans. Mine still haven't popped through earth yet . . . I look everyday, LOL. Oh! I absolutely love your bean fence; it looks like something from a English garden :)


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