Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sunshine, Aprons, and Cats

Looking up toward the teeny tiny garden and greenhouse now, I can see the playhouse.

this was on Monday before the wet rainy weather came in. The bad storms and tornadoes missed us but we've had lots of rain. I'm anxious to get back outside!

It is, however, dry in the sewing room...
so, here's my latest apron. Patriotic! I should have had this one in the little shop weeks ago with Memorial Day coming up, but we have Flag Day and July 4th yet.

I have another apron almost finished, in the same fabric but in a different pattern.

Guess that's about it. We have sunshine today. Much needed sunshine! The chickens are walking in mud.

Oh, also on Monday while there was still dust on the road...
Bickett and Smokey making plans.

Bee, come on in! 

best way I know to get a good back scratching!

you need to roll over several times...

and remember, don't shake off until you get inside. Mom enjoys sweeping!

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  1. Oh, I like your apron fabric! And everyone loves kitties!

  2. Another fine apron! Really appropriate for Memorial Day.My kitties must feel abandoned since I can't go to the barn to feed them; however, the farmer feeds them for me.

  3. Oh that is a cute new apron! And it's in a great pattern, which is also "forgiving" of spots. As you know, that's what I need. :-)))

    I love the apron I already got from you! And I think I'd better have this one too. It does tie, but I like the way the over-shoulder parts, are wide. And how could I resist that fabric pattern?

    Don't worry about sending it, till after the Holiday weekend though. Just relax, as much as you ever relax, that is. :-) Any time next week, will be fine.

    Many gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  4. Don't our little friends like to mess up the house? I was mowing yesterday and saw Butchy rolling around in the grass up ahead of me. When I got to that spot in the yard, there was a dead bird. Needless to say that meant a bath for Butchy before he was going in the house and jumping up on my chair for a belly rub, LOL.

  5. Oh those cats tickle me!!! The apron is charming. I wish you a lovely holiday weekend.xo

  6. Your playhouse looks great Henny! Your kitties are so adorable, dusty or not!
    We are in the midst of a huge rainstorm right now. Can't get out in the garden!
    Have a good day.

  7. Great apron and it will be perfect for the summer holidays. Hope weather is good for you to get back outside and enjoy your new play area. We have expected rain for our long weekend ahead. Never know how to plan for outdoor fun. Nice cats they look very happy. Nice company!

  8. The kitties look very happy! I'm glad the storm missed you!

  9. oh, that is so like my Bubbie...when we come home and he is out, the first thing he does is drop and roll. Or if he is outside and we go talk to him, he rolls, inviting us to come get his belly I guess.

    I like your apron!

  10. Any time we let our cat out she finds something to roll in. I'm glad the storms missed you, we got about 2 inches of rain, but no damage, two tornados dropped down within 20 miles of us, but they were small.

  11. Between the pups and the kitties they keep you busy!! I'm glad you got some rain and that the storm missed you. Your garden will be growing ( and no doubt the weeds will be too.)

  12. Wet, rainy days are just perfect for fun time in the sewing room, don't you think? Your latest apron is SO perfect for summer. I love the patriotic print! Maybe Luna will model it for us, and post pictures.

  13. Our dog seems to find the dirtiest places to roll about in too. Love the apron.

  14. I'm glad you didn't get any severe weather. I heard it was rough. We had rain but that was about it.

  15. Those funny little kitties!! That's a wonderful apron for July 4th, no doubt it will sell quickly, Henny!

  16. Your cats are funny. I'm glad they didn't come in my house after all that dust rolling!
    That would be a perfect apron for a Memorial Day picnic. I bet someone will snatch it up and use it again on the Fourth of July.

  17. Your apron is beautiful, my friend! Perfect for the summer months :)

    And oh, those cats are just precious! LOVE the pictures of them. Happy weekend to you! Hugs

  18. Your latest apron is very nice indeed. : )
    Enjoyed the kitty pictures.
    'Mom enjoys sweeping' made me smile.

  19. I got a big laugh over your conversation between the kitties! Hahaha! Your story reminded me of a time a few years back when we had trouble with the rabbits eating my flowers. We bought dried blood. They said that that would keep them away from the flowers. You know what the rabbits did? They rolled in it and played in it and kept right on eating the flowers. Now we plant our flowers up in urns. Happy holiday weekend!


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