Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thrift store finds and other stuff

Good grief, I just sat down to post something and now realize the clock says 9:18. Poppy will be coming through the bedroom door yawning and scratching his head any minute now...saying "I'm going to bed".

anyhow, let me show you the latest thrift store find. My very own little outhouse. Deb, at "Just Cats", I couldn't help but think of you. Deb has a real one of these on her property. 

This cute little outhouse is actually a music box and plays "Old MacDonald". It was $2.49 at Goodwill. It simply had to come home with me. Oh, and the white you can see just inside the door...
that's a tiny old Sears, Roebuck catalog. Have you ever!

Okay, it's now Thursday morning...

Shelby and I met in Wake Forest Tuesday. We both enjoy going in Goodwill stores, and then eating lunch together. We hardly ever have time to visit and talk. It's crazy how time flies.

here's one more thrift store find from last week when I stopped by our local Goodwill...

an American Girl doll. I've really wanted one of these dolls, but good gracious, the cost! This one was $4.99. Can't wait to make her an outfit. I don't know which American Girl doll this one is, but isn't she pretty!

and sewing, I've added a couple more aprons to the little shop and a bonnet too...

 been a while since I've made a bonnet with the long back section and could not remember exactly how I did it before. 

then there's this apron with the unusual fabric.

I'm not crazy about this apron...I betcha though that splattered grease wouldn't show up on it. That's a good thing. :)

and here's Penny...the bunny who digs holes and won't sit still for a picture. But, she is a sweetie pie!

I've been working on "Bunny Tower" again and will try to take some pictures to show you. Lowes Home Improvement Store has black painted steel fence panels, $24.95 for two connecting sections. These worked perfect for sectioning off individual condos. Poppy said, "Mel, some homeless person would love to live here". Anyhow, I'm about done fixing up. 

Thank you Kelly at Homespuns 'n Hayfields for following my blog.

also, Linda at Linda Letters, you asked if Eli sheds...well yes he does.  :) Keeps me busy vacuuming, in fact, Poppy just bought me a brand new vacuum cleaner. I am especially careful in the kitchen, and vacuum around the bottoms of the cabinets and under the stove, often! 

Better get busy. The upholsterer should finish with the chair today, and speaking of vacuuming, I want to get the living room dusted and cleaned before the newly covered chair arrives.  

Hope to return soon. :)



  1. What great finds from the thrift stores! Love the little Sears catalogue in the outhouse.
    Your aprons and bonnets are so pretty.
    Penny is very sweet.
    Have a good day!

  2. What cute little outhouse!!!!! My husband does wood carving. I ought to suggest he make one. ,-)))

    Were you ever "IN" a real outhouse? I was, when a kid. An alley, running up behind our house, still had outhouses on the back of the property(s). The homes had indoor plumbing, but at that time, not all the outhouses had been taken down. :-) And a girlfriend lived there. Remember that I was a Kid, at "the beginning of time"!!!!

    Oh American Girl dolls! I got a couple of them, for our first granddaughter. I did "Nana Day Care" for her, for years and years. She was very special to me. Still is of course.

    Anyway, your doll, with the straight hair, was perhaps a "Just Like Me" doll, for some girl. She looks too modern, to be a period doll. Since you can sew, you will have so much fun, making dresses for her!!! Please keep showing us, how you dress her.

    Oh wow, the newly covered chair cometh! :-)))))) Show us that, too.

    Gentle hugs and blessings,
    Luna Crone

  3. Concerning Following your blog...

    I have a Private blog, with the Blogger Gadget, which shows new posts, on blogs I "Follow."

    So you don't "see" anywhere, that I am "Following" you. But I am! :-)

    Luna Crone

  4. The bonnets you make are so cute and I like the idea of an apron that won't show grease spatter.

  5. Some great finds, I love a bargain. Love the green apron and bonnet set, a real delight. Looking forward to seeing the new upholstered chair. Take care.

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Henny. I should find a little Sears catalog for it. You sure have been busy. Love your projects& can't wait to see the bunny tower. They are such cuties. I used to care for two for a friend when she was vacationing. I miss them since we moved. What a sweet doll. I'm sure you will cloth it beautifully with your talent.

  7. Your little outhouse is so cute and the Sears catalog . . . that made me laugh :) Love the green apron and bonnet and can just see that pretty little doll dressed in an apron and matching bonnet. However you dress her I know it with be pretty :) Here's wishing you an excellent day!
    Connie :)

  8. You and Poppy are such a cute couple. I laughed out loud when I read that he told you that some homeless person would love to live in the new bunny tower! :-) I'm looking forward to pictures of the newly upholstered chair!

  9. Adorable outhouse. I'm so grateful we don't have to use them anymore! I used one once as a child at my aunt and uncle's farm that that was enough!. It didn't play music either and there was no Sears catalogue! The American doll looks in wonderful shape and what a price. I hope you show her all dressed up when you've made her outfit.

  10. your new American Girl doll is perfect. Looks like no one played with her. I'm looking forward to seeing what outfits you come up with.

  11. Mama, I love that new apron! I need some in the shop. :) You are hilarious about grease not showing up. And that outhouse! With the catalog! I love it. I miss you every day, mama. Love you to the moon and back. ~Your troublesome child who turned out okay...

  12. The outhouse is unique; never seen anything like it ( in miniature, that is). The doll is cute and I just know you'll make an adorable wardrobe for her.
    I'm also looking forward to the bunny tower. Cinnamon has an attitude lately and I've been trying to find ways to deal with her boredom ( at least I'm assuming that's what the problem is).
    Have a great week.

  13. New furniture is FUN!
    That outhouse is adorable and an AG doll is QUITE a find!
    You're a good homekeeper, Henny.

  14. Your AG doll looks a lot like the one I have. Her name on the box was Isabelle. I'm anxious to see the clothes you make for your doll.
    Thanks for following my blog and I'm liking what I see here! I've got a lot of reading to do!
    And I'm wondering, would your pretty aprons, by chance, be made by a Simplicity pattern?

  15. Time in the day always goes by quick for me

  16. The outhouse is cute! I don't know anything about the dolls, but I imagine that was a good find. I'll get my thrift store fix tomorrow. I do like the apron made out of the ancient building fabric:-)

  17. I always enjoy your the aprons. I remember when we had an outhouse...but by the time I was 7 or 8 we had an inside bathroom! Now that is one thing I am soooo thankful I don't have now. I always think, in town your neighbors would know all your business. LOL

  18. I love the outhouse. That is to cute! I found a baby doll right before Christmas and I almost bought her. I went back about a week later to see if she is still there and she was gone. I was so sad. Oh well If I find another one I am going to get her. Love all of your new aprons.

    Love you,
    I can not wait to see the clothes you make your baby doll are you going to name her?

  19. So much here to comment on. I'll go with the doll. My granddaughter has two, but I made lots of clothes for her first one, including matching dresses for her and her doll. It was fun. Now she doesn't want dresses and doesn't play with dolls. That happened too soon.

  20. Those dolls are expensive, does she have a name on her someplace? She will be the best dressed doll around! Good buy! :)

  21. I think it might be Isabelle a 2014 doll. She is selling for 200 plus on ebay:)

  22. Some great finds at the thrift store and lovely new aprons and bonnet.
    We are planning on building an outhouse up at Happy Trails!!

  23. I love the little outhouse music box! AND what a DEAL on the AG doll! WOW! I adore your new aprons/bonnets. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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