Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spreading pine straw again

Out feeding the animals this morning, still in my pajamas, I couldn't resist the urge to move a few wheelbarrow loads of pine straw. 

Good thing we live down a private dirt road with very little traffic...what with me wearing pajama bottoms tucked inside rubber boots and an old ragged army coat. But hey, I got four big wheelbarrow loads of straw moved and spread.

This is the second, or third, not sure which, big load of pine straw from our neighbors Fred and Ann. It's funny, Fred rakes and rakes and rakes all the pine straw from his yard, gives the straw to us which I then spread in our yard. I offered to give Fred all the leaves that I rake up, but he just laughed. :)

Looking too at the little peach tree, how much it has grown. It will need pruning in February and I'm hoping it will be covered in pretty pink blooms this spring.

and that little brick path leads to the bunny pen, homes of Bun Bun, Fiona, and Penny...
here's Bun Bun with a little piece of cabbage.

and shy Fiona with a piece of hay...

there you are! Penny's picture was a bit fuzzy. Maybe tomorrow I will get a better picture. 

This has been another dark cloudy dreary day. It was just beginning to rain at 5:30 when I went out to close the chicken house door. 

Sorry, this post was meant for yesterday. That's when I started it, but never finished it. So it was Saturday morning that I spread the pine straw.

Oh, talk about being excited! Poppy and I carried the big wing-back chair, the one Poppy sits in all the time...

the chair that I upholstered all by myself, what! you can't tell?  :) just look at that great pattern matching...

The upholsterer wanted the chair at his shop today. That way he can start on it first thing tomorrow. He says it will be finished by Wednesday or Thursday. That's  pretty darn quick, don't you think?

The fabric I picked out is a dark brick red with some touches of gold. You know how I love red and gold in the living room.  

Better get busy now. Hope to be back here soon and for sure with pictures of the new chair. Gosh, will I even know how to act? 



  1. Love the pics! And love your chair! I too like the gold and deep rust colors. My 2 arm chairs by the fireplace we ordered in a heavy gold corduroy (thinking of the cats at the time)... and were very pleased with the results. And that is one BIG DOG!

  2. We used to have this big wing-back chair that was the most comfortablest chair that I have ever owned. Our daughter talked me out of it when she first went off to college and then left it in her apartment when she moved. I could have rung her neck. I would have gladly drove the 120 miles to bring it back home. I like your upholstery job, but I know that change is good. I can't understand why your neighbor doesn't want your leaves, LOL.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I'd say, that chair, is "someone" else's favorite chair, too!!!!!!!!! LOL I love it.

    A friend, used to come over to our house, and collect pine straw/needles. To take back to her farm. We have lots and lots of pine trees, around here.

    Oh your bunnies are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs and blessings,
    Luna Crone

  4. We use a lot of pine straw to mulch around our plants here. John's northern (Mich) family thinks we are crazy! lol
    At one house we lived in, one neighbor wanted our raked up leaves for his garden plot! Your bunnies are so sweet. We are having severe weather today in GA, thunderstorms here and tornado in sw GA. We have a quince, a yellow bell and jonquils popping up. That chair is a beauty and that is a fast turnaround from the upholsterer. Love that photo, too. God bless your day, sweet friend.

  5. Hi Henny, your bunnies look happy and content. I ❤️ the photo of Poppy and Eli! Not much room for Poppy in the chair!
    Can't wait to see what the chair looks like. Have a good week.

  6. I've been hoping for bunny pics and here you've posted them. Cinnamon doesn't like cabbage nor does she eat hay. I thought all rabbits ate hay so I bought a BIG bag of it. Now we use it in her sleeping area to keep her cozy at night. I don't think I'll need to buy any more this year. Mostly she likes rabbit pellets ( alfalfa I think they are) and Romaine. She loves Romaine.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your re-upholstered chair.

  7. Thank you for posting your bunnies. I love the photo of Eli and Poppy. CUTE!!!
    Looking forward to see the chair.

  8. I can just picture the peach tree in full bloom with the charming bird house behind. Gorgeous. I am so in need of flowers and green grass. I'm counting the days 'til spring. I love old arm chairs. It will look fabulous, I'm sure,with the red and gold. I do hope Eli approves. lol Nice to see your sweet bunnies.

  9. Poppy has quite a lap full!
    Does Eli shed? How do you keep from having everything covered with dog hair. I just had to ask.

  10. Eli, you are the most adorable dog, I do wonder if you will be allowed on that chair once it is covered.

  11. I have a question....where's Poppy? I see a big white dog but no Poppy! LOL. Your bunnies are certainly blessed to have you as their mommy. The pile of pine straw that that swing made me think of how much fun it would be to swing and jump right into that pile, except it is probably scratchy! Have a blessed day.

  12. It has been said when you have shedding dogs, that your carpet and furniture should match them! I've wondered, does Eli shed much hair?
    I'll bet your chair will look lovely, will Eli be allowed in it? Maybe only if he is sitting on Poppy!!

  13. Funny about raking and spreading the pine straw. : )
    Love the picture with Eli on Poppy's lap.
    You did a lot better than I could ever do on that chair!!!!
    The fabric sounds really nice and I look forward to seeing it.
    Does sound pretty fast for getting the job done.

  14. Oh Henny Penny! When I saw that pile of pine straw that you had to spread out I was glad it wasn't me! You are a WORKER! I love seeing pictures of Eli sitting on Poppy's lap. He just about covers Poppy up! I hope that you will have many years of enjoyment out of the chair...well, Poppy and Eli's chair...when you get it back from being upholstered.

  15. Maybe you should've picked a white fabric so Eli could blend in!

  16. Your bunnies are so darling! Love the big wing back chair and it will look so nice reupholstered. I would likea wing back chair for my craft/bedroom. That Eli is sure one big baby! Nancy

  17. Only a Great Dane would make him look small

  18. Nothing like it, the dog is fabulous.

  19. Mama, you get so much done! I cannot wait to have a little house so that I can have a yard of my very own to work in again! Love you to the moon and back! Your girl.

  20. I just love your Eli doggie, my hubs Elli a lot more..If I had a chair like that I would be sitting in it all the time, only I would have two big kitties keeping me cozy and warm, they always descend upon my chair and never let me get to sit unless I gingerly lift them up and have a certain blankie at hand..Happy Chinese New Year this coming weekend the year of the Rooster!

  21. I love bunny rabbits! And I wish I could go out and do chores in my pajamas. :) I think the chair will look great when it's done.

  22. This was a fun read...I go outside in my pjs all the time...they cover more than a lot of people wear. LOL They are ones I make out of cotton fabric and I just wear tshirts with them.

    Love that Eli!

  23. I have to admit it... once in a while, I sneak out with my pj bottoms and a pair of red rubber boots....I hope I never get caught by a camera...laughing


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