Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A few thoughts this morning

Here we are three days into the new year and I don't really know how to follow through with my resolution of, "living in the moment". 

Yesterday was like a flash. I did get the house straightened and a little of the dust wiped off some of the furniture and all the while thinking, "tomorrow, I will shampoo that filthy living room carpet". Don't think I've changed one bit.

Will y'all be glad when the last of the Christmas candy is gone? I should throw it out, but no, I feel like every piece must be eaten. What do you think of my newest bunny? This little bun bun gift was from my Granddaughter Madison.

Sunday, Poppy and I drove to the Cracker Barrel in Emporia Virginia where we met daughter Andee and son-in-law Todd for breakfast. "Pecan pancakes" for Andee and me! It was fun and the pancakes were delicious. We ate breakfast, exchanged gifts, and visited a while before parting. Emporia is about half way between our home and theirs. Let me just say, my camera was in my coat pocket the whole time...carried along so there would be a picture for my blog! Think I'll change my New Year's resolution to, "remember to take pictures"!

Looks like our scarecrow has lost weight and grown some hair. His clothes are all wet from the rain. I've made him a new smaller head but waiting for the rain to stop and for him to dry out a bit.

Between rain showers I've been spreading that pine straw in the goat lot. Grass is what we need, but for now, I'm trying to stop the little goat lot from washing away down the hill and into the woods.

this was from one warm sunny day a while back. The lot slopes down a pretty steep hill in back.

Not much to post about this morning except maybe the weather. There was a tornado warning issued about thirty minutes ago for a county quite a few miles east of us, but still in NC. Hope this front moves right along! Thunderstorms in January!  :(

I need to stretch out and relax, like Smokey.

Hope to be back soon.



  1. I absolutely LOVE your newest bun bun, Henny! He is adorable! The picture of the scarecrow is priceless! The squirrel on the scarecrow's head really does make it look like hair. Did you make the quilt that is on the bed? It is SO pretty. We are having another rainy day today, too.

  2. Love the bunny!!! We had thunderstorms last night too. Been sick since before the New Year so I'm even less organized than usual.

  3. I feel the same way about New Years Resolutions. I don't remember if I have ever been able to keep a one of them completely but changes take time and I am not even going to fool myself into thinking that I can change that quickly in a heart beat...I know myself too well! It is always good to at least be aware of what we need or want to change and then ask God to help us. Your new bunny is delightful! I had heard where the weather may be a bit balmy today until the cold front brings us some possible snow by this weekend...crazy weather we have here in NC, huh?? :)

  4. What a cute bunny. Your scarecrow and the little bird on the feeder look like they're up to no good, the little bird is looking round to make sure no one's coming or can overhear them xx

  5. Good morning! I find it impossible to "live in the moment"! Every second of my day is usually planned...unless one of my family members, aka my daughter, calls at the least minute and tells me she is dropping of the grandbaby. She lives in the SECOND but I can't do it. Once my day is interrupted, I fall into a slight tailspin for the rest of the day.

    I think that is the cutest bottle opened I have ever seen!

    Have a great day and be safe with all the weather y'all are having!

    Grace & Peace,

  6. I heard you were to get some stormy weather. Be careful! Smokey looks adorable all stretched out on the bed. I guess he isn't concerned about the weather!

  7. We didn't even have any Christmas candy. My thing was cookies and I'm glad they are all gone now!! I ate way too many and have a few pounds to lose.
    Your new bunny is cute!!

  8. Mama, you make me laugh. I love your thoughts about resolutions! :) I love the bun-bun Madison gave you.
    Your girl ~ Lynn

  9. IT's been awhile since I've been to Cracker Barrel

  10. Your cute new bunny looks like he might be holding on to a key?

    I wish our cold weather would move on. I must remember not to complain about rain!!! Also must remember to live in the moment. LOL I'm not having much luck with that either.

  11. Hi Henny,
    Did you end up with storms?
    I hope all is well.
    We are back to a cold snap ;-( negative temps the rest of the week.

    Happy New Year!

  12. So glad you got to spend some time with Andee and her family for Christmas. Pecan pancakes sound yummy! I love the bunny!

    Love you bunches!

  13. Hope the weather clears for you soon. We're expecting snow on Thurs/Friday. Not doing too well on my plans for Jan so far either, but at least doing some things to move forward.

  14. Let's face it. Very few of us are resolution people.

  15. It must be so much fun watching all the animals around your place, wild and domesticated. Never a dull moment:) Oh, I love your new bunny! Happy New Year.

  16. We have had mad rain anf cold for San Francisco.. i can handle the rain, but dont care for the cold cold. I love your sweet bunny. I have a big heart for bunnys. I have several ceramics and stuffed animal bunnies. Lol I think the same thing about the candy or anything fir that fact.. love your kitty too. Happy New Year Henny.., with love Janice

  17. Living in the moment - just what does that mean anyway. I think it just means to be aware of the here and now. You can be productive, glad to be checking things off your list, and be thinking about what's next, too
    I'm with you on the candy in the house - too much, so I've just got to keep eating it until it goes away.
    The tornado were vicious where they hit. I hope they stay clear of your neck of the woods.

  18. I was glad to hear that that is a scareCROW because it's not doing much to scare the squirrels away from the birdfeeder! Smokey is really a long guy when he stretches all out. I think living in the moment is a worthy thing to strive for but it's not easy. My head is always in the past cuz I like history or worrying about the future so I have to give myself lots of reminders.

  19. Oh Henny...I pray that the weather did not go badly! but well, storms do come at the most impertinent times :/ Happy New Year sweet lady :0) mari

  20. Hi Henny, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I just love visitors! It sounds like we both love farms and animals, they're wonderful aren't they? I wish I had a hobby farm, that was something that we both wanted but haven't reached that point yet. My granddaughter would absolutely love the animals. We bought quite a few cedar posts last year for fencing but they're still in a pile lol. Enjoy the rest of your week! Kelly

  21. What are Millionaires? We don't have them up here...are they good:) Hope the bad weather escapes you!


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