Sunday, January 8, 2017

The sleet turned to snow!

We had more sleet than snow Friday night and into Saturday but then the sleet changed to snow and wow! Eli look!

Eli played and played and played!

last time we played here, Eli's red ball rolled into the pond and floated to the middle before I could grab it. Poppy had to get it out for us.

Weetie says be careful! When Eli comes running wide open like he does, why, there's no telling who might get knocked into the pond

know what's neat about this picture? The snow has covered all those leaves I haven't had time to rake.

I really really wanted to get a picture of all the Cardinals just outside the kitchen window. Why, there must have been a dozen of them. I would get the camera turned on and ready, then tip-toe to the window and slowly aim the camera and, the birds fly!  Managed to catch seven of them in this picture. 

These are not the greatest snow pictures. We don't get snow often here in NC, so it looks mighty pretty to us. :)

there's "wittle mokey" near the bridge. He comes out to play with Eli and Weetie in the back yard.

Actually Smokey is the only kitty cat we have that will follow us all the way around the pond. He runs and plays along the way.

Hey, would you like to see how our little log cabin in the woods looked in 1989, after our very first snowfall...

My goodness, how things have changed! We didn't have a covered front porch then, just a little deck...

and we finally got all those spindly little trees cut from the front yard too...I do miss that cedar color the cabin had back then.

Okay, I've gone on long enough. Surely don't want you to leave and never come back.  

We've had snow! Now I am ready for it to melt away and ready for the weather to warm up a little.


Poppy moved his truck and made a perfect feeding spot for the birds.


  1. That cedar color of the cabin sure was pretty. Did you paint it or did it age over time? I did find all 7 birds, but darned if I could find Smokey by the little bridge.

  2. Your snow is beautiful, especially with the red cardinals posed in it. When the snow melts, I hope it stays warm enough that it doesn't refreeze and make it dangerous to go out. Eli looks like he's made for snow. He probably doesn't get cold at all, unless his feet do.

  3. It was fun while it lasted !
    Your snow is so pretty, and the dogs are loving it :)
    They say by Friday we will reach 70degrees again, can you believe that !
    Love your log home nestled in the woods, I've always wanted one....

  4. Your doggies are cute as can be! The snow is so pretty and oh, don't the Cardinals show up so well?!!! Your home is wonderful. Wishing you warmer temps soon!

  5. Wonderful photos Henny! You have more snow then we do. But yours will melt shortly while we still have 2 1/2 more months of it.
    Lucky you to have all those cardinals at your feeders. I managed to spot Smokey by the bridge. He blends in well.
    Have a good week!

  6. Oh your snowy pictures are beautiful. Love the the picture of all the cardinals and your log cabin is beautiful and cozy tucked in among the trees.
    I really had to look closely to find Smokey.

  7. Looks lovely around your house. I was hoping for a lot more snow but we mostly got sleet and freezing rain. Be safe and don't fall.

    Love you bunches.

  8. Cardinals are so lovely and stand out perfectly in the snowy landscape. I wish we had Cardinals but as for the snow.... I've had enough of that!! Have a great week!

  9. The first snowfall is always beautiful and fun! And then not so much. We are finally warming up enough to get rain, which is slowly washing away the ice and snow from January 1st.

  10. Your snow and pictures are great. You know it will melt in a day or two.

  11. Hi! I do love to see the red cardinals against a background of snow! So pretty. You have a darling cabin. Nancy

  12. Hi Henny,
    I think you have more snow than we do in Wisconsin. We have ice and COLD. It has been too cold to snow. Negative temps day after day. Grrrr!

    I enjoyed seeing your home, I love it.

  13. We got it pretty bad here. I missed work for a day, roads were good today though

  14. Wow, you got quite a bit of snow, and it looks very pretty there! And your Cardinals are gorgeous!! I don't think we have them there. We were predicted to get more snow tonight, but so far just rain. But it is going to get cold again, and we still have loads of snow from the previous storm. Quite the winter we are having here.

  15. You are certainly blessed with a beautiful home, it looks enchanting all covered in snow. Great snow photos, Eli always makes me smile.

  16. Loved all of your snow pictures, Henny! Surely sorry about the sleet, but the snow is beautiful. We had about 4-5 inches here in our part of WV. Seeing Eli having fun in the snow reminded me of our Border Collie we had for 15 years. She loved the snow! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Oh Henny, your snow pictures are beautiful! I love the way your log cabin looks in the snow. I have never seen that many cardinals at once - we may get three or four at a time at most. Eli sure looks like he is having fun in the snow!

  18. I cannot believe how many cardinals you get - yet I haven't seen my cardinal at all this winter! Your home is so charming and cozy, and I love all your sweet critters!

  19. I just left you big long comment and it went away! Oh man!!!!!

  20. You do get a lot of cardinals, mama! I wish I had that many, but I need to do a better job at feeding them. Love you, mama! ~Your girl

  21. I love your snow photos. They are awesome! Hope you are all doing well and will get warmer weather soon.

  22. You got snow! How wonderful to have Cardinals in your yard! :)

  23. pretty pretty snow! That Eli is a GORGEOUS BOY!! He's so white and fluffy and beautiful! What kind of dog is the little dog?---so cute! Wow! so many cardinals!---would love to see that many all at once. We have one or two here and that's about it. Are you feeding them something that attracts them or what???

  24. I'm missing you here in this space. :)

  25. Sorry I am slow in returning a visit...I do appreciate it when you find the time to visit my blogs. I loved seeing your snow...the photo that is third from the bottom...the one with the white picket fence...I would use that as a Christmas card.

    I bet Theo did have a blast in the of our dogs always loved it so much.

  26. Your snow laden place looks so lovely! Your dogs are so sweet! I have never seen that many cardinals together at one time! Beautiful!


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