Tuesday, December 6, 2016

No red berries this year

It's dark and dreary and raining here today...a steady, cold rain, and surely not a good day for doing anything outside. 

Last year about this time I posted about the holly trees...

 and how beautiful and covered in berries they were...

we had never seen this many berries on the trees, ever.

Yesterday I walked in the woods gathering Christmas greenery for the house and of all the many holly trees on our little piece of property, only two berries were found. Only two.

I broke off a piece or two of holly for the front door and added some cedar...but without the pretty red berries. Glad we enjoyed the beauty of the holly trees last year.

Remember last spring after all the trees had leafed out and were growing...and we had that unusual cold snap? It seemed to be right here in our area. That one freeze did a lot of damage.

There were no Mimosa blooms this summer and none of the fruit trees bloomed. All the little figs died and fell off the tree and there were no blueberries on the wild blueberry bushes. The leaves on the Hickory tree turned black, and now, no Holly berries. It has been an unusual year.

Better get off here. I've been doing a little decorating today, but I won't get things right til just before Christmas...



  1. Yes Henny, the berries do seem to be fewer this year, I thought it was probably due to our drought.
    Your decorations are so pretty, warm and inviting, and I bet they smell delicious :)
    Rain here today.....and cold.

  2. I like your door display. I have holly trees in my garden, there are a few berries left there x

  3. That's so sad that freeze did all that damage! Your Christmas decorations look lovely.

  4. I bet you will l have the house all spruced up and looking Christmassy way before Christmas-----although it's getting pretty close now---only 19 days now. Yikes! I have packages to wrap and get ready to mail and must at least get a wreath out by the front door.

    Glad to hear you sold at least a few things at the craft fair. I agree with you it would make me feel weird sitting around trying to sell my wares and make casual conversation with passers-by. Just don't have the right personality for that. I can just imagine how surprised the man must have been when he saw you peeking out through the little stair step display

  5. Shame about the berries but your door still looks quite pretty.
    We are having rain too but it is 32 and freezing on the trees.
    Wish it were snow.

  6. Our holly tree was covered in berries last year and it had a lot on it the last time i looked. But there was also a lot on the ground. I will have to check it out.

    Love you bunches

  7. I have seen holly bushes around here with loads of berries, but then this year for us has been an incredible year for fruit. I remember you telling us about that cold snap in the Spring, and glad you let us know what affects that had. Hope next year is better for you in that regard.

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  9. Hello,
    Your door looks beautiful.
    Wisconsin is getting the full dose of Winter tonight. The wind chill is the worse of it.
    Stay cozy,

  10. I'm glad you have pictures from last year. Those trees full of berries are spectacular!

  11. It's a shame that the cold snap in Spring did so much damage. As Karen says, here the fruit season was super and the Holly bushes are full of berries. Who knows how next year will be though. Due to our mild fall temps I have bulbs coming up now and there's even a Hyacinth trying to bloom! I don't know what will happen now because at this moment the ground is frozen solid.

  12. What a shame about your holly berries. I have a few holly bushes, but they have never had berries like yours did last year. I'll have to get out and check them out.
    I love what you did with the greens on your door. So pretty.
    Santa looks very happy next to that big jar of candy :).

  13. It's disappointing not to have holly berries, but they'll be back next year.

  14. Weather has been weird since all the earthquakes a few years ago. Between all the sulfur and ash spewed into the atmosphere and the tilt of the earth's axis by four degrees, the weather is definitely weird.
    You still have a lot of beauty, though. ^_^
    Have a blessed week, Henny. ♥

  15. A frost at the right time in the spring can do lots of damage! We have no acorns this year either from a frost in late May.
    Your berries were very pretty last year! :)

  16. Late spring frost can be so damaging.
    We had our first winter frost here last night and a bit of snow. Looks like we are in for some cold days for a while now.

  17. Such a shame about all the damage done from a late Spring frost. The berries are in abundance locally, sadly we have no holly in our garden. We have had a few frosts here too but no snow as yet. Love the beautiful greenery on your door, makes your home so welcoming. Take care.

  18. Well, darn!-- hate to hear that because those red berries are so festive and pretty! Is there a chance they could be coming later, and are just late?

  19. Ii like your Christmas door decoration, even without holly. We cut cedar branches last weekend and made a wreath and a swag for the fireplace mantle and I'm looking for some holly to complete it. We saw a good sized tree just loaded with berries but didn't think the owners would appreciate us whacking off a piece!

  20. Freezes can be so harsh to plant life


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