Sunday, December 11, 2016

Getting things right before Christmas

Poppy says this is the prettiest tree we've ever had. To me, it looks the same as it did last Christmas, and the Christmas before that. Anyhow, I'll take the rare compliment, just in case it was meant for me.

and here's the little bird that sits in the top of the tree. ..

the same little bird Poppy and I bought when we were dating. 

Can one have too much gold? I suppose, like this picture taken without the flash...There's something about it I kinda like though.

I waste more time fiddling around with stuff...standing and staring, pulling things out, and putting things wonder there's no time for baking Christmas cookies.

speaking of cookies and such, our neighbor Ann gave me a big bag of pecans a friend of her's picked up in their yard. I've been cracking and shelling these nuts since yesterday. It's a job! and rough on your hands!

moving right along :) ...

This stained glass angel was on the mantle with the cedar and deer, the carolers and Santa, but she just didn't fit in so I've moved her to a window all her own.

my angel is not as perfect as she once was. She was a gift from one of my bosses back when I was a secretary in the 90's.  His wife was into making stained glass and she made some beautiful pieces.

Smokey and Bickett doing a little exploring.

Guess that's about it for my little post today. I appreciate your visit. Now it's back to shelling pecans.



  1. Hi Henny, your Christmas tree looks lovely. Love the angel in the window. Very pretty!
    Shelling nuts us a tough job but so worth it. All the lovely things you can bake with them.
    Smokey and Bickett look like they are having fun.
    Take care.

  2. I love your Christmas tree, and having the little bird sit on top seems like the perfect reminder to hold on to those memories ...
    Your angel is so pretty, sitting there in the window.
    I'm afraid I would have a hard time shelling those pecans, my hands wouldn't hold up very long, I buy mine from the Lions Club each year 6lb, and not one left at the end of the year !
    Smokey and Bickett are having so much fun together :)

  3. Your Christmas tree is beautiful. It has just the right amount of "stuff" on it. Some that you see look so cluttered that they are distressing to look at. How do you keep the cats and Eli from checking out the tree?

  4. Hi Henny - just sat down after company all day and enjoyed looking at your pretty tree. How sweet it is. I, too,am enjoying a little table tree this year. It's certainly enough for the mouse-house. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas preparations. I'd put a pile of those pecans right on top of some pumpkin bread. :) "Hi Bickett and Smokey." xoxo

  5. I love your tree Henny! It has such a warm, old fashioned look to it which is my favorite kind of tree. It sure is hard shelling pecans but you'll be saving a lot of money. They are so expensive these days but I have to get them for my favorite pecan pie for the holidays!

    Enjoy your holidays!

  6. Shelling any nuts is hard work for what often amounts to a small amount of nut meats,
    Love your Christmas tree! Don't you have any snow on the ground? Isn't that unusual for December?
    Only 10 days until the winter solstice!! Soon we can think Spring!!

  7. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Lucky you with the you can bake up a storm:)

  8. with your wood walls the gold is perfect as is your tree. I'm sad to say for the last 4 years we've been away at Christmas and haven't put our tree up, but hoping this year I will be home a few days before Christmas and will get a tree up this year. Wondering if you make ornaments and, if so, will you show us some you've made?

  9. You certainly have a beautiful tree and the little glass angel is a real delight. Such a wonderful gift, the pecans a rare treat.

  10. Your tree is lovely, Henny! The bird on the top is just the right touch, simply charming!

  11. All those pecans will make all that shelling worthwhile. Your tree is indeed beautiful! I enjoy seeing everyone's decorations.Have a lovely day.

  12. I think your tree looks just right and the little bird on top is just the sweetest.
    I was given a bag of pecans a few years ago. I was so excited until I sat down to shell them. That is a very tedious job. After awhile I gave up and now use them for fall decorations from year to year.
    Your angel looks so pretty on the windowsill. What a lovely gift.

  13. Your tree looks very pretty. Different having a bird a top your tree. Usually you see stars or angels. I LIKE the bird and how nice that you still have it from when you two were dating. : )

  14. I just love your tree and the things around and under it. Very Christmasy! And I think you found the perfect spot for the glass angel with the light behind her from the window. How are the baby chicks doing? Did I miss something about them recently?


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