Friday, December 23, 2016

Raking leaves. That's what I've been doing these last few days before Christmas!

Just could not pass up the opportunity...two warm sunny days with highs in the 60's. Poppy walked past me all bundled up in his coat with the hood up, gloves, face mask, the works, going hunting.  "You're in a tee shirt?", he asked, "and you're sweating?"! Well, yeah. Raking leaves warms you up real quick.

Ahh, look out my window this morning...

But, you know the saying, "red sky in the morning, sailor take warning". We are supposed to get a little rain tomorrow, but today should be another good leaf raking day.

I added another apron to the little shop...

a real Henny Penny chicken apron.

and speaking of chickens, I've got to leave this computer and get my feed bucket. The hens are probably walking the floor, waiting for me. 

anyhow, here comes the sun...

...later in the day...

Friends, you're not going to believe this, well, maybe you will, knowing me... 

I did get up from this computer about 7:30 this morning and with my feed bucket on my arm, fed and watered all the animals. Oh my way back to the house, I picked up the rake, and was still raking leaves when Poppy pulled in the driveway at 11:00. Oh the yard looks wonderful. I've really made a dent in the leaves this time. 

After eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole wheat favorite, with a glass of cold milk, I went straight back to my leaf raking. Now I'm done for the day. It was 3:00 when I leaned the rake against a tree and staggered inside.

Eli wanted you to know that he had to see the vet last week. Poor baby...

Don't know who needed a shave worse, Poppy or Eli.

Turns out, it was just rough spots on his elbows that were red and itching and bothering him. A little medicated cream has helped. 

Better get busy. Poppy is hunting again. He promised that we will drive to town tonight. I want to drive down Main street and see all the big beautiful older homes and their decorations. Maybe there will be some pictures for tomorrow's post.

See you soon.



  1. Maybe you can stop and get a pizza in town for your supper. You earned it!!!!!! Or, whatever else you crave. Your sunrise is beautiful, but I prefer sunsets, because I'd have to get up too early to see the sunrise! I'm a night owl. I'm sure you got hot raking all those leaves. How's your back after that raking marathon? I love, love, love that chicken apron. Merry Christmas from St. Louis where the rain just left. At least it's above freezing so there's no ice like we had last weekend. It's supposed to be close to 70 degrees on Christmas Day. I hope no one gets bad storms out of this crazy weather.

  2. Glad Eli's problem was fixable quick. Cute pic of your two guys in the vehicle. So sweet!

  3. Hi Henny, you certainly have a beautiful view out your window. You are a busy lady! All those hours raking leaves. I imagine your yard looks great. Glad Thete was nothing too bad wrong with Eli. Love the photo of him and Poppy.
    Very sweet apron!

  4. Love the apron! A busy lady. You deserve dinner out tonight!

  5. Your aprons are so lovely, I will contact you in the new year to see about buying one, I will gladly pay the shipping costs. What leaves were hanging about have been blown away by storm Barbara. I hope that the cream heals Eli,s skin.

  6. That's a lot of raking you did! Bet you'll have sore shoulders tomorrow. Here the snow keeps coming down and I keep going to the window and watching it. It's beautiful.
    I like driving around and looking at the Christmas lights that decorate local homes.
    Well, I've got 3 loaves of fruit bread in the oven and I better go watch it lest it burn. I'm really looking forward to having it toasted. Take care, dear friend

  7. My goodness, you are energetic. Hope you don't ache too much tomorrow! Sounds like nice weather you are having. We got a surprise and got more snow today. It was originally predicted to be rain. No more snow predicted for a couple of days, but we will definitely be having a white Christmas. Not much accumulated today, as the temperatures stayed just above freezing, but it gave a pretty white covering to everything, and we still had lots of snow left from the previous storm. Maybe some coconut oil might be good to put on Eli's elbows occasionally, after the medicated stuff has done it's job. Your apron fabric is very familiar, I have used that pattern a fair bit :-)

  8. Raking leaves two days before Christmas sounds odd since the last leaf I raked was in October. Merry Christmas.

  9. Raking leaves is hard work. That was a LOT of raking work!

  10. Beautiful poor dog, so pretty isn't it.

  11. Now I feel guilty about the vagabond leaves that have gathered by our front door (and with several inches of snow on the ground!) and company coming tonight. Good thing it's family.
    That picture of your guys should be framed and hung on the wall. Priceless.

  12. Oops, I think I mistook Poppy for Elli in my last comment on your post.. I thought Poppy was the Pooch! My apologies to both parties.When it comes to mounds of leaves, I rake them all into my gardens for they make the most wonderful free mulch in the world. They are also great flooring for the chickens in the barn. But my, you were very industrious to clean off your lawn for hours on end... it's a good thing Peanut Butter is a high energy food! Merry Christmas Henny, Poppy and Elli!

  13. Henny, if Poppy doesn't take that rake away from you, you'll be out there Christmas day raking those leaves
    Wishing you and Poppy and all the critters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year !

  14. Busy busy with the raking. Glad you were able to be so much of it done. Such a good feeling to get a job like that done.
    Glad to hear Eli is fine.
    I love the chicken apron!!
    We have had a rainy day all day. Wish it was snow!!

  15. When my dog was alive she hated the vet. She'd wimper in the car when she knew that's where she was headed

  16. You must be feeling a great sense of accomplishment with getting all of those leaves raked up. That is a big job.
    Love that apron!
    You had me giggling away here over who needs a shave. Ha! Such a cute picture.
    You and my husband share a love for PB & honey sandwiches. I think he would eat that every day if I let him.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. Sounds like you very nearly got all the raking done maybe? That is hard work. The leaves aren't fully fallen here til early FEbruary, then by mid February it is spring again and all the tulips and daffodills and crocus are up. We don't really have Fall in "Fall". LOL I like your window pictures. The aprons are amazing, will you please email me prices and how to order? thank you

  18. Love, love the chicken apron! Just my style! Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

  19. Merry Christmas! Oh, I love this apron. So thankful Eli has cream to make him feel better. God bless you!

  20. Hi Henny - I've been having internet issues but all is good now. I meant to send you a thank you for the Christmas card and ornaments yesterday. I just love them (including that beautiful card)and they are now on my tree. Of course, my favorite is the cat and tea-cup. :)) Hope Santa was good to you. We have had a quiet morning with the animals and soon are heading to my daughter's for dinner. Our big family dinner is on Tuesday when everyone will be home and available. Give all the critters a hug for me. Sending one to you and Poppy, too. Deb

  21. Merry Christmas! Shoveling snow makes me warm...just like leaves! I hope you are making headway in your yard! :)


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