Friday, March 4, 2016

Not much going on...

Dear friends,

Spring needs to hurry up and get here. I need something new to talk about...and something bright and pretty to photograph. 

On my way to the grocery store yesterday, my car turned into the Goodwill store parking lot, so, what the heck, I walked inside. The sixteen dollars in my pocket had been burning a hole anyway. After wasting about forty five minutes, I paid for my two items and hurried on about my business.

Here's are my purchases. A hat for Lynn...

I carried this hat all over the house, trying to get a good picture. Those of you who visit my daughter Lynn, over at Tracked Side, probably know how much she loves hats. Lynn features old and pretty hats in her shop. I just had to get this one for her collection.

my other purchase was for Eli...

Wish you could have seen how excited he was. He thinks this is another teddy bear. Didn't take long for the new toy to get dirty and covered in straw...first thing he did was carry it in the goat lot to play.

So glad this wild azalea survived. It was growing in the woods when we first moved here. I dug it up and moved it to the yard. Never should have done that, but I had even less sense then than I do now. 

I simply must get busy! We had rain again overnight, so it is too wet and chilly to enjoy being outside today. Dusting, that's what needs to be done...but I HATE to dust! :)

Appreciate your stopping by.



  1. Sometimes I go in to a thrift store and come out loaded and other times nothing. A cute hat! I imagine your fur baby loves the new toy. Have a blessed day.

  2. A great find the hat is lovely, I am sure Lynn will add some bits and pieces and make it glorious. I still haven't made a start in the garden, maybe tomorrow...

  3. I'm surprised Eli put aside his beloved bear long enough for something else. He really is a puppy.
    At exercise this morning one of the ladies said she can see a few crocus noses in her garden.

  4. Mama, I love it!!!
    Love you!

  5. What a beautiful hat! Eli looks very happy with his new toy. Nice to see your azalea budding. Spring is on its way!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I think you know my opinion on dusting. Always glad to visit Eli. I wore hats when I was young but these days they make me look very old.

  7. Great looking hat.
    We've had more snow flurries again today.
    Spring is somewhere in the future. : )

  8. I love the hat. What a luscious bow on the back there.----the color is just right. You should have modeled it for us!

  9. Love the hat. I'll be stopping by her place soon to see how Lynn displays this new hat. And I must say the best Mama I know is that big old rascal Eli. Have a good weekend.

  10. Eli with his new lovey makes my heart happy! He is the sweetest boy.
    When I lived in the NC mountains we had wild flame azaleas in the woods. It was so exciting to happen upon them amidst the dark trees when you walked in the woods. It looks like your wild one will be pink, right?
    That is such a classy hat you found.

  11. That is a nice looking hat. I have a small collection of hats and they hang in the front hall closet so anyone opening the door there can enjoy them. Sadly there isn't room for more.
    I'm glad your wild Azalea made it. You must have a green thumb.

  12. It is great that your azalea made it. I had a boughten once one but it didn't live. Eli is so spoiled. So cute how he loves his toys! Nancy

  13. I swear I have been hear half an hour at the least and still not made a comment. I have been looking at the aprons...thanks for reminding me to do that. Look at labels I mean. Don't know why I didn't to begin with. I like the pattern you use for the aprons. It is making me want to get busy and make one.

    But I have a big job ahead of me quilting the Lotus quilt top for my daughter. It has been a long process for this quilt. Daughter lives on the west coast and she chose pattern Christmas of 2014...this Christmas, she helped arrange the blocks the way she wanted them...I got the top sewed together just a bit back. I ordered batting today and she ordered the backing fabric. So they should be here next week and then let the games begin!

  14. What fun finds! Eli must be less attached to a single stuffed friend than most children are. So cute.

  15. You never know what you might find when you go to the Goodwill. I need to take a photo of my latest purchase. I bought a Pig; cutest pig you've ever seen :) Since Steve doesn't want me having farm animals and I like calling our little place our farm . . . well, I had to get me a pig, LOL.
    Does your daughter have a blog?

  16. Going to a thrift store or an antique store is so much fun and there are always something good to find and buy . Lovely finds you got there , Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  17. Does your daughter have a blog...I have been trying to look through your links and either it is not there or I am missing it...and it is probably just me. Sometimes I cannot see for looking. LOL

  18. It's cold and damp here today also, which gives me an excuse to sit by the fire and catch up with my friends in blogland! But there is a vacuum and mop calling my name....uggghhhh. I'd so much rather be outside playing in the dirt!


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