Tuesday, March 14, 2023


What a shame we had temperatures in the 70s and 80s in the month of February, tempting spring to arrive early...

Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed those warm beautiful days...

even the butterflies were out and about and birds busy building nests.

So, we all got too relaxed and what happened? Winter came back! Freezing temps last night and a freeze warning again tonight. Covering everything is simply too overwhelming. We might as well say goodbye to the tiny figs and pears once again.

Anyhow, Sunday morning we had sleet and snow flurries...

Looks pretty dreary, doesn't it? I mean, if it's going to be winter and snow, couldn't we at least have enough to play in?Before all this dreariness arrived Sunday morning, I was simply amazed at the sunrise...

Look closer. I actually thought the woods were on fire...

I should have opened the back door instead of taking the picture through the screen wire.

Once upon a time I did a blog post on this big dog house that sits in our front yard.  My brother Randall, who passed away in 2004 built this dog house and gave it to us many many years ago...

The last time the house was used was when our little red hen named "Jewel" hid a nest of eggs inside and sat quietly, and patiently hatched eight baby chicks. What a surprise that was! We thought a fox had caught her.

Anyhow, Sunday morning while I was at the grocery store, Poppy sold the doghouse to a nice young man who wanted it for a small hen house. Seems his young daughters had a few chicks they were raising. So coming home from the grocery store I stopped for a red light and there turning right in front of me was a big truck and trailer and loaded there on the trailer was the doghouse. Like it was meant to I could say goodbye to Randall's doghouse. Kind of hurt my heart. But at least the house will be put to good use. 

and since the snow didn't amount to anything here, Eli and Ellie played in the leaves down near the pond...

Guess that's about it for now. I'm far behind once again visiting and reading but friends, I'll be there soon. Thank you for your visit.

Love, Henny


  1. I love the story about the doghouse. Sweet little Jewel sitting so patiently on her nest and hatching her babies. I'm glad you got to say goodbye to the doghouse too.
    I'm sorry that you've lost all the fruits and flowers. The weather is absolutely crazy everywhere this year. We had a beautiful February and March has been snowy and cold.
    Take care my friend.
    Blessing and hugs,

  2. Hi Henny! I'm sorry winter is back again. It doesn't want to leave here either. No signs of flowers yet, but I hope soon!
    That sunrise was gorgeous. I love the story about Jewel. :)

  3. It's good to hear from you! It has been cold here but we may hit 60 by St Pat's Day. Yay!

  4. Too bad winter had to come back and bring damaging frost. Crazy weather.
    Beautiful sunrise pictures! I'm glad you got to see the doghouse that your brother built and could say good-bye.
    Eli and Ellie look as gorgeous as ever. Take care, GM

  5. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures, Henny. Spring sure was blooming until you got this latest cold snap.....hope things perk up again soon at your place. So glad you got to bid farewell to that sweet doghouse as it went by. Did you name your beautiful rabbit after your brother? Love your blog. Take good care. Love you.

  6. Hi Henny! It is wonderful to hear from you! I've been away from blogs for a few months but it sure is nice to come back and see you! I understand that hurt in your heart at seeing the doghouse leave. I'm glad you have a good picture of it. I have to learn to start letting go of some things that I am emotionally attached to and that is not easy.

    That sunrise is beautiful! It does look like a forest fire. Sorry to hear you had Winter return. I am so ready for Spring! Take care of yourself Henny!

  7. We've had the exact same weather over warmed up
    a bit last week, this week it's back to being cold and frost.... least it's dry..And yes my primroses at the top of the
    garden around the pond are coming through...!
    Talking about your figs and pears, especially your figs, mio Grandfather, used to grow them back home in
    Sicily, l remember if it became quite cold, he used to wrap
    them in muslin protect them from the
    cold...Pears, you could do the same with, though pears
    should be more hardy...! get on..Ladies coffee morning at eleven..catch up
    on a bit of gossip...if you wanna know anything..ask a lady
    neighbour...! Bless them...! :O).
    πŸ₯‚ 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 πŸŽ‰ 😘 ❤ πŸ₯‚ 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 πŸŽ‰ 😘 ❤ πŸ₯‚ 🍾 ☃️

  8. Same was warm now it's tired of it.
    Sad the doghouse is gone...but no use it should waste away from disuse. You still have the memory... I must say it's well built!
    Your dogs are gorgeous!

  9. Dear Henny, this weather! I would curse it but it is too late to change it. We had warmth up here and Feb was pretty much snow free. Then this bitter cold has come back with a vengence. At least I do not have the plants that are in need of cover like you. It is 20 this morn, 3rd morn in a row. And light snow each of the past 3 days. I see we may have sunshine today. March is feeling like Feb should have been and over with! I now understand why you large lovely bunny is named Randall! Your brother. Hope the little girl has good luck with her chicks. At least Jewel made good use of it one time.

  10. Dearest Henny, we are freezing here too -24 -really! I love the beautiful flowers, they never last long enough for me.
    I am happy to see the dog house before it went and I know it will be well loved! Its sad to see things go though. I am looking forward to warmer days. So, you need to show us those boots and your line dancing outfits! Have a great day and stay warm, Hugs! Terry

  11. That's a great looking doghouse and good that it will be put to a good use again.
    It is only 17 degrees here this morning but supposed to warm up and maybe the snow will melt.

  12. Oh so sorry you got such cold weather after your spell of warmth. I hope things will recover. That's a sweet story about the dog house.

  13. I LOVE those boots you posted in February!!--I would definetly wear those! What a pretty daffodill picture....and YES MY GOODNESS .....its SO COLD here as well! Brrrrrr. Had to cover our kitchen garden. Winter coat and hat time again, LOL

  14. Dear Henny Penny .. I have been reading on other blogs that they had warmer temps & then snow came too. What a shame for the flowers & the fruit. That photo of the sunset surely does look like fire! Just wonderful - that doghouse would make a perfect hen house. Take care dear Henny. xx

  15. I think I would have probably shed a tear or two sitting at the light when that sweet little 'dog' house went by me. It is hard to let go of those things sometimes. We have about 15 of 16" of snow on the ground but had none to speak of in February. March has been crazy with snow and ice and we have more coming on Friday. I am really tired of winter this year.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week- xo Diana

  16. Losing something that your brother built and gave to you is difficult, but it will now be put to use which is a good thing. We all come to a time when things we love need to be passed on to someone else.

    Cold weather here as well. This last week we have had predicted lows in the 30's and mid 20's but so far most of the things that have begun to leaf out, and in some cases flower buds beginning to open, seem to be holding up pretty well. Sunday though the high is supposed to be 36 and the low 21 so we'll see how that goes. It's hard to see those early flowers go by but the trees and shrubs will be okay and there will be other things flowering soon to take their place.

    Spring will get here one of these days and it sounds as if everyone will welcome it with open arms.

  17. So cute about your hen...and you thought a fox had gotten her! It's sad to give up things that have a memory, but I bet your made that young man and his daughters very happy!! andrea

  18. I don't know what happened here in Va. where I am. No snow, dreary today. I want snow. I guess we will get it when my azaleas bloom. Happy St. Patrick's Day

  19. Such beautiful flowers Henny, these past few cold nights have probably delayed their blooming for the time being.
    I wanted to cover everything up with old sheets, but the wise old gardener said it will be futile..
    Here's looking forward to Spring and warmer days and nights.

  20. That is a darling little dog house/chicken coop. I always love the pictures of your pooches, they stay so white and fluffy. We are in for some snow today as well, things are popping up in the yard, and I saw a Robin Red breast. It's very close now for springtime.

  21. It is hard to let things go when there is a sweet memory attached to them! Eli and Ellie are such pretty dogs! The bad thing about a early Spring is stuff starts to grow and then a frost kills them! We definitely are not having a early Spring here!

  22. I am so sorry that you have been experiencing such chilly weather.

  23. Hi sweet Henny! The dog house is big! I'm glad it'll go to some deserving chickens! Those white puff balls are so cute! xoPom Pom

  24. Can I ask?......what kind of bush with the lovely pink/rose blossoms is that in your photo? It is so pretty! We have had hot days, mild days, trick us back into freezing days here as well! The wind and no moisture at the moment is our biggest problem. Such a bittersweet story about the dog house. Your dogs look so sweet playing at the water's edge! Here's wishing you pleasant days ahead!


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