Friday, March 31, 2023

Been a little stressful around here...

stuff happening, you know, those everyday problems that can drive you crazy, problems I kept thinking I would post about...but then when our sweet little Ellie became deathly ill, well none of those other things seemed important.

Here's Ellie, saying hello from her hospital bed. 

This nightmare began March 16th when we carried Ellie to our regular vet for x-rays. She had been limping and having trouble getting up. But what a surprise, the x-rays showed nothing. Ellie's hips and legs looked fine...But, Ellie came home a changed dog.

Give her 24 to 48 hours we were told because she had been sedated. Those 48 hours turned into six days of not eating or drinking. She lost 8 pounds and spent two of those days in the vet's office getting fluids and bloodwork done. Bloodwork showed a serious bladder infection that had spread to her kidneys. 

We left the vet's office on Thursday the 23rd and drove Ellie to an emergency hospital in Raleigh. She stayed there three nights and underwent extensive bloodwork. The doctors all suspected "Addison's Disease". Ellie was hooked up to IV fluids and put on 2 different antiobiotics, 2 different steroids, a feeding tube, and 2 meds that would hopefully give her appetite back. Ellie began to show a little improvement and on Sunday we brought her home.

Tuesday we got a call from the hospital confirming that Ellie has Addison's Disease. There is no cure for Addison's disease and Ellie's quality of life will depend on lifelong treatment. We came awfully close to losing our sweet Ellie girl. Gosh!

So, I will just have to come back with all the other day to day happenings around here...

One thing for sure, while away on all the trips to and from the vet's office and emergency hospital Smokey had our place under control...told us not to worry, he would keep watch...

Thank you friends.

Love, Henny


  1. Dear dear Henny, we humans suffer as much as our pets when things get this serious. I hope you are able to continue some kind of at home treatment for sweet and very young Ellie. How could such a young dog get such a life threatening illness,we can never understand. Prayers for all. And Smokey, you are a good boy for keeping an eye on the rest of the flock at home. Lynn and Precious XX

  2. It's nearly one o'clock over here and l was just about
    to close down the PC...when l thought l'd have a quick
    look see...
    Oh! My goodness Henny...Poor Ellie...Addison's Disease,
    fortunately with proper treatment, dogs diagnosed with this
    disease are expected to have normal lifespans....
    And it's not know what exactly causes Addison’s disease,
    but any dog can develop it...
    Let's hope she'll be 100% soon, and back to her old self
    again....Lot's of care, lot's of lov'in..goes without saying...!x
    ✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›✨ ✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›✨πŸ’›

    PS...Good old Smokey....King of the castle...Bless!x

  3. Will be praying for you All! Bless her little heart!!

  4. Oh dear, poor, poor Ellie. Thankfully, she has humans who love her as much as they do! Here's hoping for a comfortable life for her in the years to come.

  5. Keeping you all in my prayers

  6. I am so sorry to hear this about your beloved Ellie. I wish her and you my very best. I will keep her and you in my heart.
    Take Care,

  7. Henny, I will keep Ellie in my thoughts and prayers... and you also as I know how difficult it is to have a loved pet sick. You suffer along with them and just want to comfort them any way you can. Hopefully with love and good vet care she will get through this.

  8. Oh no poor Ellie. I am so sorry to hear of her illness. I know how much you love her. Hope it can be controlled with medicine and Ellie will be free of pain.

  9. Poor Ellie. I am so sorry to hear about this sudden health challenge. What a shock this must be for you. My thoughts are with you all. I hope they are able to keep her symptoms managed well.

  10. That is a heart breaking situation for Ellie and for you. What a darling and pretty dog she is and I hope the treatments and medication will work for her.

  11. OH NO! (Yep all caps!) If I were there, I'd give all the 3 of ya big ol' hugs. You take care and do what you need to and know our thoughts and prayers are going up for you.

  12. It's so hard when this happens to our beloved animals and members of our family. I hope Ellie improves enough so that the remainder of her life will be sweet.

  13. Ellie is one blessed dog to have you and your husband as her parents! Here's hoping she will live a long time still!

  14. How scary the whole nightmare must have been. Hopefully now that you have a diagnosis and know what meds she needs Ellie will be able to get her strength back again. Granny M

  15. Oh I hate to hear about Ellie's illness. I hope that the meds help and bring her back to a normal existence so things can continue as they have for all of you. Keep us posted as to her recovery (since that surely is what it will be with you all looking after her).

  16. Oh, poor sweet Ellie and I'll bet Eli was worried too. Good for Sammy taking care of the homestead. I'm so glad that the problem was found so quickly so she can be treated and taken care of. We all love your furbabies too and it's terrible.
    Our little Zoey got very sick last week too and is now on four antibiotics and 2 probiotics to replace the good stuff that the antibiotics are killing off along with the bad. We came pretty close to losing her too. She also seems much better now and we take her back next week to be re-checked.
    I'll pray for your sweet Ellie along with our Zoey. We love them so much don't we? They're our babies.

  17. Oh Henny, how horrible to hear about your dear Ellie. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. What a shock. I know that you two will do what is best for Ellie so she can continue to have a good life with you. God bless you.

  18. Sending up many prayers for Ellie and all of you!

  19. Aww! I'm so sorry! Poor Ellie and poor you guys, too! How scary that is but I know you will take the very best care of your sweet girl!

  20. So sorry to hear about Ellie. What an ordeal for her people! Bob and Frank join me in sending you all wishes for good health and better days ahead.

  21. Miss henny do you have the money to
    cover all the medical bills and medicines?
    If we can help let us know where we can
    Send a card and some money to help.
    I just lost my bulldog and over the two months period the cost was shocking.
    Praying for your baby girl Ellie.

    1. Savannah, thank you so very much. I am so sorry you lost your bulldog. I know how sad and hurt you must feel. There were several nights we were afraid Ellie would not make it through the night. I could hardly look at her without crying. Again, thank you so much. Thankfully, we had just paid off our charge card and were able to use it for Ellie's bill. Like you said, the cost was shocking. Hospital stay alone was $1500.00 a night. Sure appreciate you, and all my special blogging friends. Love, Henny

  22. So sorry to hear about Ellie, poor thing. It is so hard when our four legged friends are so sick :(

  23. Very sad and sorry hearing and seeing your poor sick baby. They are just like our children and I know how concerned yall are about the news. It sounds like she is under great care and I hope she is feeling well and all under control soon. Hugs to you and your Family who love her so much.

  24. I am so sorry that your sweet Ellie is having health issues. Hopefully, with medications she can continue on with her happy life with you and Poppy.

  25. Oh Henny! I am so sorry about Ellie's diagnosis, but will pray for her. Hopefully, it can be controlled. I know your love for her is so great! I know people can live a long time with Addison's, don't know about dogs, but hopefully your local vet will help you with her day to day life and diet. I am going to pray for this baby, good grief they are furry children aren't they? Sending much love and hope to you, as Easter approaches, I am sure Jesus has his hand on Ellie and all of you there in your household! Happy Easter and much love, Terry

  26. By the way-I did watch Lynn's messy studio video! She is so funny! She knows her way around the beautiful mess!

  27. So sorry to hear this, HP!! I know Ellie will be under your very tender care with lots of love.

  28. Oh, goodness, Henny, I missed all the worry and health problems you have had with poor Ellie but I’m so happy to know that she is better now. We had a whole month of troubles, too. It takes so much out of you.
    Sending lots of love for all of you, especially Ellie and your brave little sentinel cat.
    (Oh, yes! That is the biggest, whitest, most wonderful snowball bush I’ve ever seen! It must just fill your heart with joy to see it every morning. )

  29. What a time that must have been! I am so sorry she had to go through all that and that she has something that cannot be cured.


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