Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Maybe I will do a little blog post...

not that I have anything important to say. I did look out the little kitchen window a few mornings ago and saw the prettiest blue and orange colors in the sky...

Amazing how fast the colors change. Sometimes it's hard to get the camera and catch the beauty of your first look.

Then late one afternoon recently, looking out across the cut-over, there was a rainbow...

that quickly faded away underneath stormy looking clouds...

and you probably know how afraid I am of storms. Nothing cheers me up as much as seeing a storm pass and the sun come out.

Speaking of weather...I've simply got to rake these five acres of brown leaves that cover every inch of ground...

Yep, I changed my mind about joining them. The leaves are now driving me crazy. :) That black dot you see there is Smokey!  

I had been busy busy busy in the teeny tiny sewing room...

up until Saturday. Shelby and I were vendors at Santa's Christmas Bazaar in the little town of Franklinton. 

I carried a sack of my silly little Santa dolls and a few other little people...

plus a few of my larger dolls, made from maple twigs. Fun stuff.  Also had lots of new calico bonnets made and ready to sell...

Certainly didn't get wealthy but it was a fun day spent with Shelby and I came home with a little pocket money, all my own. To make the day even more enjoyable, my daughter Andee stopped by and also my friends, Karen and Norm.

So I've now unpacked and stored my goods away...

here and there...the old pie safe from Cousin Pat is the perfect spot, and while I'm in the sewing room, I want to show you the sweetest long legged bunny rabbit...

found him in a thrift store, in a box, for free. He was dirty and looked at me, well, I had to bring him home.

Guess I had better get up from this computer. Got line dancing at 2:00 and an eye appointment at Blogger is moving my pictures and changing the print size and that drives me crazy even more than the leaves!! :) Thank you for visiting.

Love, Henny


  1. Local Ag office says leaves are good mulch. But they can get slippery.

    I love all your dolls, Henny!
    Be safe and God bless.

  2. Such pretty pics!
    Glad you had fun at the show, and made a little money too. :)
    Blogger has been messing with my font size too. It all looks the same as I type, and then when it posts, some is big, some is small. So frustrating!

  3. I love the things you make. The dolls are so cute! We have had some wind to blow the leaves into the hedgerows!

  4. Your sky pics are wonderful, Henny... and Smokey in the leaves is great too. Looks like you've been busy sewing. And love the long legged bunny!

  5. My but your sewing room is neat and organized. I like your big white bunny. He's even bigger than your real live bunny! Granny M

  6. The skies were beautiful looking out your window. Yes, the colors sure do change fast!!
    Love all your sewing and crafts and glad you made a little money too.

  7. Very pretty skies! I know what you mean about the leaves. Good for you doing a craft sale!

  8. Smokey looks like he was enjoying the leaves. He probably wouldn't be too happy if they all got picked up!

  9. Hi Henny! Now you've got a sweet bunny inside as well as outside! Love all the sewing you've been doing....would be fun to see you at one of those sales you and Shelby go to. Take it easy with the leaves....don't want you to injure yourself doing too much. If you're not back here before Christmas, want to wish you and Poppy a Very Merry Christmas and all good in the New Year! Take good care, Love you.

  10. Oh! My! Goodness Henny....Line~dancing....How sad
    is that...HeHe! :(
    Put some 'funky' stuff on and strut your stuff....! :).

    I always think photos on the Web always come out so clear and colourful, especially when a pussy~cat
    called Smokey is in one..Bless him..!x

    And the bunny rabbit looks great, have you tried one of
    your bonnets on it yet...think he'd look really cool....! :).
    And..the Santa dolls, and all the other dolls look cool pleased you made men and lady ones to....!
    Otherwise where would the little Elves come from...!

    Well...l must get up the Supermarket for a few
    bits and pieces...nice sunny day as it was yesterday,
    but very cold...still it's dry...!
    "We three kings of...No! perhaps not...bit early....! :O).

  11. You have a wonderful view from your kitchen window!

    I love seeing all the things you've made. I'm hoping to get a little sewing done myself, this winter.

  12. Blogger does change the font size, and it drives me nuts too! I go back in and try to adjust it, and it just makes it worse. Love that sweet bunny. He's very happy you brought him home and gave him a bath :) I've read lately that they're telling us to leave our leaves alone, that lots of important bugs nest in them over the winter, and they need that coverage. Who am I to argue, haha! I'm not much of a raker, but I am a great pecan-gatherer.

  13. Good morning Henny! You have a lovely picture of your rainbow! It is indeed hard to catch them, the storms are passing through here quickly too, but they seem to have landed for a stay for now. I mowed my leaves this year, but raked the side yard and I don't have nearly the beautiful big yard you have. Love love the dolls and most especially Mr. Bunny that you found! Hope you are enjoying the line dancing, I don't think they have any classes here right now, we are still in the pandemic phase here I guess. Have a beautiful weekend! Terry

  14. Beautiful rainbow pics! I'm glad you got some sewing done and was able to make a little pocket change!

  15. You are so talented and the little dolls are precious. We have leaves everywhere and seems as soon as they are racked up, a jillion more fall.

  16. Dear Henny, Loved your sunrise and rainbow pictures. They both are so fleeting,especially when you are outside and have to run inside to get the camera. Your dolls are adorable. Do you still make aprons?

    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday season and a fantastic 2023. ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  17. Hello, I am right with you, I do not like storms. I am always happy, happy to have the sun shine. :-)
    I love the Santa Dolls. So sweet. You have such talent.
    Blogger did the same thing to me the other day. Grrrr! ;-)

  18. What a sweet and lovely post. Love all your beautiful crafts. I am like you are..if I see a needy orphan..partial to dolls..I will bring them on home and give them a place of their own. (would like to bring all orphan animals home but know we can't save all of them :0(... Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  19. Simply gorgeous pictures of the sky Henny, just magical.
    You have so many creative talents, your sewing projects always make me smile.
    Let the leaves sit awhile, and take some time for yourself, you so deserve it.

  20. What a fun post. I used to do craft shows and had so much fun. I had as much fun meeting and talking with other crafters as I did selling things. Maybe next year I will jump back in the crafting pool again. I have started sewing and making dolls again...and actually opened an Etsy store so we will see how that goes. xo Diana


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