Sunday, June 12, 2022

Back from the festival

Hard to believe a whole week has passed since the Chicken Pickin Festival...

Shelby and I planned to take plenty of pictures of our set-up and of the people shopping but we were so busy, neither of us thought of it until half way through the day. Darn it!

Oh it was a fun day. Most of my aprons sold but guess what, not the grey calico. Lots of bonnets sold too. One lady bought one to wear while she was there.  Good advertisment for me.

Of course, Shelby's jams and jellies and her baked goods were a huge success. Shelby's business name is "Relish The Moment". Cute name, isn't it?

There were lots of fact, vendors as far as the eye could see...

Some folks came with their lawn chairs just to hear the bands and watch the people.

I'm not good at taking pictures in a crowd. Guess these few are my best ever. :(

Oh my, is it hot where you are? We are under a heat warning now through next week. Scared as I am of thunderstorms, I'm hoping for a not too bad one that will give us some rain. The garden is dry!

Don't remember potting up this lily last year...

but I must have. Isn't it pretty? Seven bud on one stem.

and, never in a hundred would I have believed a head of broccoli would come from the teeny tiny garden...

I set out six broccoli plants thinking, we'll never see a head of broccoli growing here...but darned if there isn't five more, just like this one. I'm tickled to death. 

The little garden is doing fine but this is the first year ever that I can not get zinnia seeds to come up. Not even one zinnia! Have sowed two packs of seeds. Same with okra seed. I've planted the okra row three times and have only three tiny plants. 

I'll end this with a couple pictures of the pond. It is clear and dark...

just the way it should be. That's Ellie walking along side me.

Now that the dirt road out front has ditches on both sides and lots of gravel covering the red dirt, not so much mud runs into the pond...

Many many thanks to our, hopefully, soon to be new neighbor Steve, and his sweet wife. Steve has spent many hours working on this old dirt road. 

Guess that's about it for now. Sure appreciate your stopping by. 

Love, Henny


  1. Glad all went well at the festival. Your set up looks wonderful!!!
    The lilies are so pretty - I have some just that color but they haven't bloomed yet.
    Not hot here today, in the high 60's.
    Wow the broccoli looks great.
    Beautiful photos of your pond!

  2. OH gosh, your pond is looking BEAUTIFUL---such pretty color! The festival looked fun and I just knew you would sell alot of your aprons and bonnets.....they are so cute! I love to people watch too. It's gotten AWFUL HOT here. My zinnias came up and are blooming great, I was so excited! But have had no luck with lettuce or broccoli, yours did good! We now have squash, "maters", and lots of green beans. I've been so busy washing blanching and freezing green beans! LOL Soon we will have red peppers and onions, my favorites! Much later......."taters" and carrots!!!----cant wait. Our sunflowers are way up 10 feet high and blooming, grew those from seeds. Love seeing what you're growing!

  3. The pond is just gorgeous!
    Glad the festival went so well. It sounds like fun with the band and all.
    Hooray for the garden!

  4. Love the mirror that is your glorious pond. Such a beautiful spot. How fabulous yours and Shelby's market stall was such a success. Well done to the both of you. I would imagine many, many hours were spent, lovingly sewing your lovely bonnets and aprons. Your stall looked wonderful. Yes, "Relish The Moment" is indeed the best name.

  5. Hi,
    I was looking at your beautiful aprons and I thought what cute sun dresses they would make..if they had backs.
    Take Care and stay cool,

  6. You do great taking photos! I love the glimpse into what you're up to, and what your world looks like and how and what is growing! ❤

  7. Wow, it sounds like the festival was a resounding success for you and Shelby. It must be nice to put so much work into making those things and have people appreciate them enough to buy them.

  8. What fun this festival appeared to be. Glad to read you sold some of your lovely aprons and your friend did well also. Your pond looks beautiful and wow the broccoli is amazing. Sorry about your zinnias...sometimes for some reason certain things refuse to grow...yellow crookneck squash is mine this year. Who would think it?? Have a great week and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Hugs!

  9. That was some huge festival! I'm glad your pretty aprons and bonnets sold well.
    Your broccoli is unbelievable. Once head would feed a family. I grew broccoli one year but it was full of bugs so I didn't try again.
    The pictures of your pond are so amazing with the reflection of the trees. And your Lily!! There's so much packed into your post today. I enjoyed every bit of it.

  10. Oh Henny, that chicken pickin festival looked so fun. I'd love to have been there, shopping and sitting! I'm glad you and your sister did well. Did you sell any of your cute little dolls? that lily is the pot is sure beautiful and so many blooms on it! Wow...good things coming from your garden....that broccoli looks wonderful! I wonder why the zinnias and okra won't come up? Well, stay cool during the heat and know I love your posts dear Henny! Love ya!

  11. What a fun festival to be selling at. I hope you had the chance to wander around and look at the other offerings. I'm so glad that you both did so well. I can see why everyone bought your aprons and other things. They're beautiful. I especially did love that lavender one.
    I had the same issue with my green beans, although I know some animals had a treat the first morning they poked out of the dirt. Now I only have four plants and none to be found at the nurseries we visited. Also, no more green bush beans available anywhere and it's getting a bit late to replant for this season.
    Take care and many blessings,

  12. That looks like a busy and fun festival! I'm not surprised to hear of your success with sales as everything you make is wonderful! Those pond pictures are beautiful! I love the reflections in them.

  13. Goodness! Me! Henny! What lovely photos, and what
    a super day you must had..what with the weather and
    all...lot of people enjoying the sunshine..!
    And your set up..looks really nice, all displayed nicely!

    The lilies look lovely to..nice colour..and the broccoli looks
    good to..on last week BBC news, and on line there was a
    photo of two ants lifting and carrying one, between them,
    yes, two ants actually carrying a broccoli head..amazing..!

    And l still chuckle when l see your 'pond' that's
    what it would be over here..everything is so much bigger,
    and dare l say it, better over there, well..l think so anyway..! :)

    Must get up an hour ago..had breakfast, on the PC
    at the mo...and l've a little sowing to do this morning, one of
    the pair of Bermuda shorts need seeing to..!
    Hopefully finish off my hanging baskets to~day to...! :O)
    🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦

  14. How wonderful that the improved road has made your pond more beautiful! It is so clear, and the reflection of the trees is amazing! Congratulations on your successful festival. You and Shelby must've had a fun time together. It feels so good to sell lots of stuff you've made, and send it all to new homes :)

  15. It was great hearing that you and your sister had a successful weekend at the sale. Nothing more rewarding than to see people by what you have made by hand. I love that Red Lily, wow what a color. You're having it hotter sooner than I am but even up here it is to be in the mid-90s all week long. Unbelievable.

  16. Congratulations on your success at the sale! I smiled at your plants that you forgot you planted, or that have just shown up in your garden. I often have accidental compost plants. -Jenn

  17. Hi HENNY - glad your Stalls at the Fair went well. Cold here now with Winter. Enjoy your Summer. Cheers. KEV.

  18. Sounds like a good sale for you, I liked the grey calico too and thought for sure it would sell!

  19. Your homemade aprons and bonnets are so lovely! I'm sure the jams and baked goods were good to look at as well as to eat. I would have loved to go to your festival. Your pond is so beautiful....I'd love to sit beside it and just be there!

  20. Your stall looks so inviting - I would never be able to walk past it in any market!
    And The Pond is looking spectacular with all its pretty reflections.
    Have a great week :) xx

  21. What a cute name for a festival and Shelby's business too. Glad to hear you both did well that day.
    Very pretty lilies and a beautiful bunch of broccoli. That's a shame about your zinnia seeds. They are usually so reliable. Gardening always seems to keep us guessing. What works one year might not work the next.
    Yes, this is going to be one HOT week. Ugh! Your pond looks pretty and refreshing.

  22. Your photos are so lovely on the computer. Love the pond reflections. The festival looks like it was a busy place!

  23. I enjoyed seeing photos of your festival. Glad it was such a success. The broccoli is impressive! Our garden is shivering in the cold and rain. We don't expect much this year. but you never know. We could end up with a sudden heat wave like last June.

  24. Maybe it you put out some ant hotels, you'd have some zinnias. Mine are up but I noticed one had a bite on it. Rabbits are zinnia eaters, too, I think. The tables look so lovely with all of your gorgeous makes! Hooray!

  25. How beautiful your pond looks. I love the reflections. We are sweltering in the heat and humidity with not much relief in sight.

  26. I'm so glad the festival was a success! Your booth is so attractive. Very nice about your broccoli!

  27. First of all... your aprons are great... I like them a lot, especially the many different colors and patterns. gorgeous.
    So I can imagine that you had a lot of fun at the party :-)))
    I also went to a festival at the weekend... ceramists met in the inner courtyard of the Museum of Applied Arts... so nice. There is this market there once a year... and I have to go there with my daughter... always.
    Greetings to you. And good luck in selling your beautiful products. Viola

  28. So happy you did well at the festival.
    We are hot and humid too. We received some rain this morning, I was happy about that, because we are getting dry.
    How do you like to prepare your broccoli?

  29. Glad to read that you had fun, and sold lots of items at the craft fair.
    I always love seeing your pond, especially in it's sparkly clean mode, you can almost see the bottom I bet
    Hope you are coping well with the extreme heat, we just had a cooling thunderstorm pass through.

  30. My parents came one year for a visit and I was very proud of a nice head of broccoli I had harvested and cooked for dinner, and there was a white worm in it. I was very embarrassed. "You have to soak it in salt water first," Mom says, "that will get the worms out." Love the picture of your booth at the festival. And the lilly... and the pond... and... and it is hot and rather miserable here too (south central Missouri).

  31. Your display was lovely. I’m not surprised you just about sold out of your aprons and bonnets. The pond looks so clean and inviting. Do you put your feet in to cool off now and then? I would!

  32. I've been missing a lot of blogs so I am trying to catch up. I think this event is a great thing and I love the name of it....Chicken picking festival. sounds FUN! just can't find homemade aprons and bonnets around here.

  33. I am happy that your day at the festival was successful. It looked like lots of fun but I bet it was hot! And, girl, that lily!! So amazing. I don't know when I have seen a prettier lily. Have a happy weekend.


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