Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Listen to the Mockingbird

Again, thank you very much for the nice comments and get well wishes for my broken bones...resulting from a foolish accident caused by no one but me! I do love and appreciate you, my blogging friends!

Anyhow, while up at the teeny tiny playhouse...moving and re-arranging things with my one good hand, I was entertained by a mockingbird. Have a little video here...

Entertaining at first but then I began to worry, this mockingbird was serious. He was bound and determined this intruder was not moving in on his new home. I decided right then, the mirror needed to be taken down or covered up.

I found a brightly colored piece of posterboard and cut a circle that would fit over the mirror...what really made me feel bad was finding blood on the mirror...this bird meant business! So, all is well now...

As soon as the sun was up and shining yesterday morning the mockingbird was back, sitting atop the playhouse wall, satisfied he had won this fight and the playhouse belongs to him.  Hope he plans on sharing the space with me. 

and the morning glory vine! Who would've thought...

Big pretty blooms keep opening...

and on the subject of birds and such, what kind of bird builds a nest like this...

Actually, that's Poppy putting up new camo netting around a tree stand he plans to use for deer hunting.

All neat and finished. A little covered chair on the side of a tree. 

What was that noise! A deer, maybe?

and here's Miss Ellie. Can you believe how she has grown up?

and a bowl of spilled ice. :) Guess that's about it for this post. Thank you for visiting, friends.



still can't figure out why the print size changes and makes the post look so ugly! 



  1. Henny....nothing about your dear posts are ugly! Doesn't matter if the print size changes as long as we can read your words! Wow your dogs are really big and so loveable. I love those morning glory flowers ...they are so beautiful on a hugely robust vine!!! That mockingbird was determined to win that battle! I've seen cardinals do that to people's mirrors on their cars...they sit on the side of the car and butt their heads against the side mirrors! Love that huge nest in your tree...wonder if that giant bird will have any luck deer hunting this year? Love to you guys! Take care.

  2. Poor little bird...he thought a angry bird was there! Good thing you covered up the mirror! WOW your Morning Glories are sure pretty!

  3. The morning glories are just beautiful. It seems very late for morning glories but of course it stays warmer down where you are than it does here. I hope you get big sheets of them blooming away before fall takes them down. Be sure to send us pictures! We've been having really cool days 50's and 60's and a good bit of rain. I've broken out my flannel jammies and winter robe since it feels like cold weather is really about to arrive any day. And with the sun shining this morning I proclaimed it Sock Parade Day and hung all my wool socks out on the clothes line to air.

  4. A friend once had a cardinal that kept fighting the rear-view mirror on his car. He scratched it up pretty badly.

  5. Glad you could make the mockingbird happy, and your morning glory flowers are glorious :)

  6. I thought that looked like the rare North Carolina Poppy-Bird in it's nest! Your morning glories are beautiful and so full. Good job on taking care of the mockingbird's rival! Sending healing thoughts for your wrist!

  7. There's always a discussion on whether birds
    can see there own reflections..can they or
    can't they..? Same with animals, l suppose,
    can cats and dogs notice there own reflection?
    I know l can..and that's all that really counts! :).

    Poppy's tree house made me chuckle..goodness! It
    does'nt look very big..hows he gonna get Eli and
    Ellie up there..? HeHe!
    Still l expect Smokey will take a look!x

    Wednesday to~day so it's coffee morning...And my
    new neighbours are moving in this week, nice
    family, Mum..Dad..and three little pets
    though..!'s ALL go..! :O).
    ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ
    Henny..Next time you take a photo of Poppy's nest..
    Tell him to give us a wave..! :O).

  8. Henny, I've had Birds act that way with the reflection on the Windows of the house. And thankfully has the sun moves around they stopped. I've seen them on automobiles doing the same thing with rear view mirrors. So it's kind of fun to see one in your own yard reacting to a mirror. Left the Blue Morning Glory and even though it may not be a huge I would say that Ellie is. Hope that Poppy get the turkey this year or a deer.

  9. Good Morning dear Henny. I was like you and thought the video was first. Then I worried about the bird when it didn't stop hitting the mirror. Your fix is brilliant and I'm happy that the bird now seems content that his rival is gone.
    The mystery bird nest is fun too. How can people sit in something that small for hours at a time, just waiting and not moving around is beyond me though. Best of luck to Poppy on his hunting this year!
    Those sweet puppies of yours are so gorgeous. I do miss a big dog that you can hug and squeeze to your hearts content. Our little five pounder is a bit too delicate for that. :-)
    Your blog looks just fine. I don't even notice the font changes until you mention them because I'm too busy reading about your interesting times.

  10. You made me think of a little bird, many years ago, that used to come to the school parking lot and attack his image in the side mirrors of our vehicles. It got so bad that some people put plastic shopping bags over their mirrors once they had parked! -Jenn

  11. Dear friend so enjoyed seeing your mockingbird video. Glad you were able to get him/her settled down by covering up the mirror. In the last couple of years we have a few visit our woods. Love to see them fly...such lovely white feathers that show when they zoom around. Me thinks Poppy might be the best best builder I have ever encountered.๐Ÿ˜Š. Love that Ellie...she is huge. Hugs@

  12. Funny mockingbird and kind of you to figure out what he wanted and get rid of that old “intruder”! Could the mystery bird be a wren? They build nests in the craziest places, like my market basket and Paul’s hat hanging in the sunroom.

  13. Hello,
    We had a robin do that this spring. He was seeing his reflection in our window. He would beat the window. He was nesting in a tree close by. I finally had to put some books up in the window, because he was going to hurt himself.

  14. That mockingbird was very determined!

    I always just love your posts...

  15. Wow that bird was determined.
    Love the picture of Poppy and Eli looking out and yes Ellie has gotten huge! They are both such beautiful dogs.
    The morning glory is spectacular!

  16. What a foolish Mockingbird. Good thing you covered that mirror or he would have gone on and on with his fight with the 'intruder'.
    Your Morning Glory is absolutely wonderful. So lush and full of blooms!!!

  17. Poor mockingbird. I hope it is recovering from its trauma. Good fix on the mirror.
    I am so envious of the beautiful blue morning-glory.

  18. I've had that issue with print size too. It looks perfectly normal as you write it, and then goes crazy when you post it.
    Poor Mockingbird, glad you took care of that.
    The morning glories are gorgeous!

  19. The posts look good! And the content is wonderful! Keep healing - keep posting! Poor mockingbird, you have been a kind neighbor to him to cover up the mirror and banish "the intruder."

  20. We have a bird that constantly attacks one of the windows in the den. I've tried to cover the pane so he's not seeing his reflection, but he keeps coming. Afraid he's going to kill himself one day. And your blue morning glories are beautiful!
    And yes, Ellie is growing up fast. She's beautiful too. Hope your arm is healing well.

  21. I LOVE the photo of Miss Ellie and your husband!!! So great! And your Morning Glories, oh they are so beautiful Henny! ♥

  22. Great tree stand. I would love something like that just to perch in on nice days. I enjoyed your mockingbird video.

  23. My print size does that same thing - drives me crazy!
    Your morning glory vine is stunning!!! What a joy in the autumn season to see that outside your window.

  24. Henny I hope you heal up soon with little fuss! Good as new. Loved the post, so interesting about the mockingbird killing your mirror. Its going to get cold up here in mountains I believe starting tonight or tomorrow. Great post with beautiful morning glories. Miss Ellie is so big! Have a wonderful week, keep healing! Terry

  25. So jealous of your morning glory AND your mocking bird.

  26. I hope this finds you mending well. Your morning glories are just the loveliest! Oh that poor little bird! How large and pretty Ellie is! Have wonderful November days!


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