Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Good Grief! What a post!

Dear friends, your birthday wishes just made my day!! Thank you so much!!

Have you ever heard of Schoolhouse Lilies? Well, I never had until a friend way out in Texas sent me some...

I met Sandra through my blog. She told me about the pretty red lilies and how they bloom every year around the time school starts. 

There were twice this many lilies in the box Sandra sent but I planted some in another spot. How dumb of me! Wish now I had put them all here. Anyhow, Sandra said move them in December. The picture does not show the true beauty of these lilies and their vibrant red color. Thank you again Sandra.

and about the Succulents. not a very pretty picture...

but after seeing how my one succulent thrived with very little care...

well, I decided to try more and found on Ebay, a place to order a sample box of little cuttings for around ten dollars...

It's amazing how quickly these little pieces started growing, using just the regular old potting soil I have on hand.

Need to read now, how to care for these plants and make them prettier.

The garden is looking awfully bad these days, in fact, I've pulled up the bean vines and a few other things...

didn't know Poppy had the camera! The squash plants have been amazing. Look how big and pretty these are still, and yesterday I picked ten large squash. Been meaning to tell you about the morning glory vine...

See how yellow and dying everything looks? Soon will be fall! Anyhow, last year the vine didn't grow so big but was covered in pretty purple blooms, surrounding the little blue bird box there on the center post. Can you see it?

This year I wanted bigger and better so bought a pack of the giant blue morning glory seeds, and do you know, not even one bloom! Not one! Not all summer! but not to be outdone...

this tiny purple morning glory seed found its way through the dry soil and bloomed. Sure hurt my heart. It wanted to climb the fence but it's too late. Wish there was some way to save it for next summer. I feel just awful. There's lesson here..."be content with what you have".

The okra plants are still pretty...

and a little update on the animals...It is absolutely amazing how Eli, and now Ellie, hear and see things, long before we can. The barking brings us running to the door...

thinking maybe a bear has wandered into the yard. Here's what it was this time...

and did I tell you, Smokey got caught outside in a rain storm, a week or so ago? We were worried about him...Poppy called me to the front ddoor and said, look! There sat Smokey, dripping wet...

Look at those cute feet hanging from the towel. Wasn't long before he was dry and telling Poppy how awful it was...

Oops! Please overlook the hole in the chair. I'm done patching and mending. It's time for new living room seating...and Poppy agrees. Our lovely leather set is now thirty two years old! Now to talk Eli into giving up his big leather chair. We'll see. I will probably have to remind Poppy a hundred times too. :(

Woo, made an appearance from under the sewing table to say "hey"...

He is still a sweetie and would sit in my lap 24/7, if only I had the time. 

All is well in the chicken lot...

I've been letting them out to roam in the yard every day now and they love it! Poppy put wire on the small door to let in more air, and maybe create a breeze from the two windows, these hot summer nights...

and I promise, there is an end to this post. Here's the last...

This hen said she would be on the veranda today, laying her egg...

That's all folks! Thank you, if you're still here. 



  1. First off, you have a green thumb even if the morning glories did not do a good comeback this year. Just look at
    those succulents and the beautiful red lilies (which I've never heard of but love the color). And on to the animals.
    Eli and Ellie are always so clean and fluffed up. Quiet a chore to do sometimes, I bet. So glad Smokey got saved from
    the rain and Dumperoo is out of the sewing room for a quick photo. I can see in the bird bath why Eli and Ellie had
    lots to bark about, one dark grey cat, lol. My chair is looking a bit worse for the 9 years I've had Precious,
    even though I try to stop her for using it for claws, as she has and uses a lot, 3 sisal rope scratchy posts. We are
    getting some rain today and tomorrow and need it after what seemed like a soggy summer. Then after the rain passes we are to have 40 degree nights and 60 days. Summer is actually ending on the first day of Fall tomorrow. Lynn and Precious

  2. The Schoolhouse Lilies look really lovely..nice!
    I'd not heard of them either, look out Google,
    here l come..
    Think l'd said once before..l love succulents...
    I have quite a few around the my home, the
    Money Tree plant..easy to grow..Position your
    Money Tree plant in medium to bright indirect
    light, turning it every time you water it....!
    Years ago, l had one tree feet high and three
    feet across..had it thirty years, and always
    put it outside in the summer months, and it used
    to flower at times..But, sadly it died..just gave
    up, took some cuttings, and they came on o.k.
    Gave a lot to family and friends..!

    Bless!x Look a Smokey..HeHe! He's loving that towel,
    much better than the rain..and nice to see Dumperoo..
    We don't see enough of him really..But! Then l'm a bit
    nutty about pussy~cats..
    I've just had four of them round, to wish me a Happy
    Birthday..Fudge even brought a card..! So..we ALL sat
    round the patio table eating cold chicken for lunch..! :).

    Best get on..l've visitors coming this afternoon..Just
    a social gathering..HeHe! A little vino calapso...and a
    few choice cold meats..! AND..I expect we'll put the
    world to rights..! :O). God Bless! :O).
    ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

    1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Willie. How nice of Fudge to visit and bring a card. Hope you getslots of presents. If you happen to check back, are any of the succulents in the pictures a "Money Tree"? Thank you.

    2. Yes! You have two in the second photo,
      one in the middle, and one on it's
      left, as you look at it..
      Two in the forth photo, at the front there..
      and one in the sixth photo, on the left there!

      And..It is called the money plant simply because
      it has round, plump, flat leaves that might, with
      a bit of imagination, look like a coin!
      This plant is usually kept as a dwarf in the house
      but can be grown in the garden too...
      The belief is that while it thrives, one would never
      be short of money...HeHe! Very true..! :O)

  3. Hi HENNY- You have posted lots about what is going on at your place- so interesting and different from here. We're in Spring now- though it has been snowing to the north and south of us- very chilly at present. Stay safe and well there. Best Wishes. KEV.

  4. You are such a busy lady and I always enjoy seeing what's happening at your place. We spent Sunday afternoon with Mandy and Piper having an obedience lesson for the puppies. It's amazing just how much they DON'T listen. :-) Then we pulled up all of the plants in Mandy's garden with her. It was a big job and she's just plain tired between the house, work, puppy, Piper and all of the stuff you have to do. With Brad working out of town for two years, it's been tough. Only a few more months to go and he will "hopefully" be home again for awile. Just glad to have work these days.
    I love your sweet house full of animal babies. So sweet and loving.
    I hope you have a wonderful Tueday, full of joy and happiness in life.

  5. I rush over here every time I see a new post! I love your thoughts and the peek into your lives. Poor Smokey! Caught in the rain! But you soon made him feel better. His little feet just hanging down, so touching. "Dry me off, Momma! Make it better! I'll just let go and let you help me!" Oh, that poor Morning Glory. But maybe it will make a seed pod before the frost. Then it will continue. You have a green thumb with those succulents. Mine always die. I don't know if I over water, under water, or both.

  6. We used to have a blue morning glory vine around our mailbox years ago. It was so pretty. I'm going to have to find a picture. And I love seeing photos of the dogs, cats, and chickens! And great pic of the cat drinking out of the bird bath!

  7. We have those same morning glories. Don't know how much sun yours get; but maybe they are saving up for next year. :-)

  8. Loved the tour of the garden and the animals. Poor kitty! Ours has gotten stuck outside during rainstorms, too. Not fun for them! Love those Schoolhouse lilies! So pretty! Take care!

  9. Such a joy to visit and have a tour of the garden and enjoy the company of the animals.

  10. Those School house lilies look a lot like naked ladies, but RED!
    It's always a pleasure to visit with you in your garden and with your animals.

  11. A wonderful long and newsy post! :)
    No, Ive never heard of Schoolhouse Lilies but they sure are pretty.

  12. It's always fun to visit. I had never heard of Schoolhouse Lilies . . . very pretty. I love things that bloom late in the year. Having flowers from the first tulips in early Spring to Mums and Autumn blooms is wonderful. I just picked a pretty bouquet of roses today. It won't be long until frost and then we'll all be waiting for the tulips to bloom again :)

  13. This is a lovely post Henny, thank you! I always love seeing what's going on around your place, it's just like a little piece of heaven. I have a feeling you are going to have a beautiful assortment of Succulents with your super growing skills. Thanks for showing pictures of all your very special furry and feathered babies! I love them all! You take care!

  14. I've never heard of schoolhouse lilies but they are so pretty! Poor Smokey, he really got drenched.
    Your green thumb is still doing well!

  15. I wonder why your Morning Glory vine put all its energy into leaves and not blooms!! How disappointing
    ( although that vine looks quite awesome too). The succulents will grow bigger in no time at all.
    Poor Smokey. Good thing you noticed and let him in. Take care, GM

  16. Wow, those morning glory vines really went to town. Did you fertilize them? They are one of those odd flowers that if you give them much in the way of fertilizer they will just make mostly leaves and not flowers. Lean soil is what they want.

    Now how did I grow up in Texas and never ever hear or see anything called a schoolhouse lily? They look so nice around that birdbath. I bet they will multiply for you and you will have lots to spread around one of these days.

  17. Welcome back Henny! I love those bright red lilies of yours...they look awesome! And I always love seeing succulents...even when they're tiny-sized! Poor Smokey, out in a rainstorm....I love that picture of him wrapped in the towel getting all dried off. He's such a pretty cat. Woo is a cutie too. Always fun to see the latest happenings around your place. Love that one "Glory" that worked hard to bloom this year! Hope you get alot more next year. Love you guys! Take good care!

  18. Poor Smokey! Our cats totally detest getting rained on, but they always seem to end up so soft afterwards.
    The red lilies are gorgeous, what a lovely bright colour to cheer up your day :)

  19. The look on Smoky’s face is priceless! I just love those red schoolhouse lilies. I’m going to look for some and see if they will grow here.

  20. It is always fun to come see what is going on at your place. I had never heard of schoolhouse lilies either! Nice to have something blooming this time of year.

  21. I loved this post, Henny. We got to see everyone. :-) It's fall today and pouring rain here. Everything is turning yellow here, too and the maples have red leaves at the very top. My garden is still giving me a few things and today I dug up some carrots for dinner. But, it looks a mess now. Time to drive over most of it with the tractor.I love the photo of you in the garden with the bug motel behind. I put one in the woodlot last year.
    Oh scamp. They are just like kids...never know when to come in when out having fun. I loved the photos of him being consoled; Monkey. He's so cute. And hi to the others...all looking happy and healthy. We have a black cat that visits here regularly but I know where he lives, thank goodness or I'd be feeding him. Happy Fall to you and Poppy. There is beauty in every season and this one has pumpkin pie. :-)

  22. Hi, I just love reading your blog, it makes me smile. I will have to order some succulents. I have two varieties, it would be fun to try others.

  23. P.S. Henny, do you bring your succulents in the house during the winter months? Or do they stay in the greenhouse all year?
    Thank you again for sharing about Ebay. I am going to look for some other varieties of succulents too.

  24. Everything is just so lovely here today Henny Penny - its as if I was right there with you. But Oh My ... that dear Smokey - how I wish I could reach in to my screen & give him a little pat. I wrap mine in a blankie when they're all wet too. Bless you all dear Henny xxx

  25. Dear friend first happy belated birthday. How did I miss it?? Hope it was good. Loved seeing your photos of you at 13. Your lilies are lovely. I have magic lilies that come up in August but they are pink. So glad Smokey was alright. Looks like Ellie and Eli are the best of chums. Love visiting you. Hugs@

  26. Ah...Lovely photos!

    Sweet kitty cat. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  27. What a fun post!! I loved all the photos that are about my favorite things, plants and animals! ❤❤ --I love the lilies!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` And a Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!

  28. Those ,lilies sure are pretty! I bet those morning glories will bloom for you before it frosts:)

  29. What a beautiful post. I love all your plants and photos.
    Happy FALL!

  30. That was a very fun tour of what's happening on your little farm! Ours is presently as WEED farm :) I know what you mean about the dogs' superior finely-tuned ears. I'm amazed at how early they will start to bark when one of us is driving home. It's almost like ESP!!


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