Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A soggy wet Henny Penny Lane...

But come on in...

Even our Franklin County is making the news with the flooding and washed out bridges and roads!

Our 5" capacity rain gauge was level full when we walked Eli and Weetie late yesterday. then it rained again during the night.

The picture was to show how tall those red lilies have grown, compared to the house, but you would have to see them in person.

Are lilies supposed to grow to 6'?? I wanted lilies growing around the bird bath.

I am so excited to have three new followers; Hey Betsy H. and Sandra Kelly and Deb B. There's just nothing like blog friends...Best friends I've ever had. Thank you!

and good gosh!! talk about blogging friends and being excited, would you look at what UPS delivered to my door last week...

another big box of fabric from my very special friend Diane in Kentucky. This is the same generous Diane who sent two other boxes of beautiful fabrics. Have you ever!! I am blown away!! I've never met Diane in person, but know her through my blog. 

Diane and her husband have the sweetest yellow Lab named Molly. Molly is super special; very intelligent and very sweet. I've never met Molly either, but love her too. 

Dumperoo was pretty excited with the package UPS delivered too. A new box, complete with padding. I had to let him think it was his, for a while...

then I got busy...
Can you tell I've cleaned out, sorted by color, and re-folded all the fabric? Talk about fun! Poppy kept checking in the sewing room to make sure I was still alive. Gosh, and most of what you see, well the prettiest pieces anyhow, are from Diane.

We are still babysitting Cousin Pat's new born baby doll, Danny Lloyd. You may remember several posts back how Pat had asked if I would repair the cloth body on her doll...

I had never done anything like that before, but it turned out pretty good. Then I bought Danny a little outfit. Yesterday in the thrift store I found a sweet little receiving blanket.

Anyhow, don't know how I got off on that...I need to get up from here and walk Eli and get up to the garden. The rain supposedly has stopped for today but will be back tomorrow. 

Appreciate your visit. Hope to be right back here real soon.



  1. The doll repair looks perfect. You are certainly talented in the sewing and fixing arena.

  2. I was just off downstairs to watch the first
    program of three this afternoon of Bizarre Foods
    America..When..When..Oh! No! Henny Penny! HeHe! :).
    Great stuff...ooooO! I'll go to the foot of my stairs! :).

    Well..we've had a lot of rain over here as well..a months
    rain in a week..though mostly up north..and they can keep
    it..that's the trouble with rain..It's wet..Yuk! :(.

    Lilies... Asiatic lilies, such as Alpenglow, Apollo and
    Connecticut King, generally grow to 2 to 4 feet tall,
    while Oriental lilies, such as Black Beauty, Casa Blanca
    and Journey's End, generally grow between 4 and 6 feet tall...
    I went out with a Lily once..she was five feet tall...blonde
    wavy hair..ooops! sorry! Getting carried away...the further the
    better..someone said..! :o).

    Ah! And bless Dumperoo..found himself a new resting place..what is
    it with cats and boxes..l expect he finds that nice and comfy....
    'King of the Castle'..!

    The sewin room looks lovely Henny..Lovely..Nice to see a little bit
    of and there..Nice! :).
    Perhaps Dumperoo will pop in later and tidy it up a bit more for you! :).

    Well..nearly four in the afternoon here..tea time soon, l have half a duck
    to finish off, left over from Sunday..Quack! Quack!
    At what time does a duck wake up?
    At the quack of dawn...

    What do you call a cat that swallows a duck?
    A duck-filled-fatty-pus..

    Did you hear about the duck with a drug problem?
    He was a quackhead...

    What do you call a duck that steals?
    A robber ducky...

    Great Post..! Great Post..! Must go see what Andrew is up to...! :)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) 🐾🐾 🐾🐾 ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

  3. I'm so glad you are having fun with the fabric! We bought Molly a little wading pool and she loves it so much! I'll send you some pictures later. Enjoy your garden.

  4. Your fabric storage looks fantastic and the little baby doll is perfect, great job.

  5. e are all certainly blessed with some amazing blogging friends. The fabric is a delight. Great job on the doll repair.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a generous lady. Those fabrics are so pretty and will be perfect in your aprons and bonnets. The piece with the vintage children at play is my favorite and then the one with the hens. This will give you plenty to do in the rainy season and later when winter comes along. I was out in the barn for a few minutes yesterday and opened a drawer and there was the fabric seed packets you sent me . . . I truly want to put them into a quilt one day, but as for now I don't want anything but the necessities of caring for the farm to take my time away from being with Steve. I should get out there when he is napping one day and work on something, to bring into the house for lap work. He does love looking over and seeing me stitching away on a project.
    Have a sweet day . . . rain, rain go away so sweet little Melba can go out and play :)

  7. Maybe your lilies are trying to reach the sun! And Dumperoo looks very happy in 'his' box of fabric. If he's anything like our cats, he probably sure it was meant for him anyway.

  8. What a wonderful fabric stash you have! Love how you have it all sorted by colors, it's pleasing to look at.

    Love those lilies!! Dumperoo looks very content.

    Happy summer ~ FlowerLady

  9. It's so wet here too - rained all day yesterday but today the sun is shining!
    We have some yellow lilies that grow very tall too.
    Blog friends are the best - the fabric gift is so sweet!

  10. I hope the weather has improved and no more rain or flooding. I love the beautifully colored fabric.

  11. I am a nut for fabric too and those look so pretty and love your sewing room. Last year I decluttered mine and I think I may have gotten rid of too much fabric, but the good news you can always get more. HA! HA! Sorry to hear about the rains. We have been having them, but no flooding in our area.

  12. Lovely fabric for aprons! Do you have new ones listed?
    My oriental lily grows higher than my head. Two years I tied it to the tree branches to keep it from falling over and breaking. Beware of deer ~ they like to nip the top out of the plant!

  13. Hi,
    I love all the fabric. Your sewing room looks fantastic.
    Sorry about the rain. How is your pond holding up?

  14. What a kind and generous blog friend!!
    Looks like you have enough material to last you awhile.
    Hope the rain stops and you all dry out.

  15. How sweet of your blog friend Diane to gift you all of that vintage fabric, I see beautiful aprons and bonnets in your future :)
    Our Lilies are various heights, from two feet to five feet tall, I'm always amazed to see them return each year.
    Yours are beautiful and so tall :)
    Lots of work has taken place in your sewing room, it looks so professional and well organized, well done.
    Hope the rain slows down for you Henny.

  16. 5 in of rain? We'd be flooded. Our land is very flat and we have clay subsoil so the water doesn't really soak away. We get and average yearly rainfall of 12 in.

  17. Hi Henny...Our lilies have finally bloomed, mostly deep purple, and reach about 4 ft. I love them along our front fence. Yours are heading to the sun. :-) We had rain that we needed badly last night. Now I'm ready for sunny days again. "Hi Dumperoo. How cute are you." Everything that comes through our door belongs to Annie and Wilson, apparently.
    My goodness, you are so neat and tidy. Everything in it's place and it looks so cute and colourful. You must enjoy your sewing room so much.
    Annie and Wilson are waving.=^..^= =^..^= Love to all, Deb

  18. The cat motto, if I fits I sits.

  19. I wish I could have Lilies. Every time I plant them, they get destroyed by some critter. I guess moles or voles.
    Danny looks very healthy, like a new doll. Love the outfit. Very nice of Diane to send you that fabric. You have it all nice and neat on shelves to be able to see right away what you need to use.
    I took my grand daughter out to a vintage shop the other day and she always has to look at small baby clothes for her dolls.
    Happy Wednesday

  20. Hi Henny- Dumperoo looks so content- it would be hard to deny the padded cardboard box to him on such a rainy day...I'd be very happy to have a Cat like Dumperoo. Best Wishes. KEV.

  21. Glad you all are safe from the sad for so many these days many places. Your kitty was so excited for the new playpen. ;00) .. I think your sewing room is so cozy and charming..and you can never have too much beautiful fabric, I am quite sure..nice friend....I collect dolls and so, so love your dolls..pristine job on baby boy. Thank you for sharing..your home is lovely..

  22. Beautiful red lilies. I've not ever seen them grow that tall, but you must have some good fertile soil. Wow...just look at all of that material and SO ORGANIZED. Looks beautiful just sitting there on the shelf. Hope you enjoy your day and that you will be showered with many Blessings..

  23. Oh Henny you have certainly got your fair share of rain. Hope you can get dried out soon. Your red lilies are so beautiful and Dumperoo made me smile relaxing in your lovely gift of fabric. Enjoy the dry afternoon. Hugs!

  24. Your darling cabin looks so welcoming, Henny...and those are some TALL lilies! What a blessing you received from your lovely friend from KY indeed! That was certainly a box of yummy fabrics that she sent you! And, oh...I envy your organization skills...your shelves of perfectly folded and color coordinated materials are a work of art in their own right! Enjoy the rain...I guess we complain when we don't get any and then again when we do, right? Hugs!

  25. Glad to hear you are all doing well! God bless.

  26. We were in NC last week. (But not close to you, Asheville.) What wonderful fabric to keep you busy on rainy days like these.

  27. What a great friend Diane is...your fabric looks so pretty all folded and neat.

    I have another blogfriend whose lilies grow so tall. Mine don't...I don't know what causes that. Or maybe it is the color, or something. Most of mine only grow about 2 ft tall, but I did have a couple that grew up about 3-4 feet...just a single stem. I like both the tall ones but then I like my short ones, too.

  28. What cute fabric your friend sent and how neatly you have everything stacked in your sewing room. I guess if it keeps on raining you'll have more time to sew!!

  29. I really like the lilies! Mine don't get that tall. I suppose the heat and rain really make them taller.

  30. Your lilies really love that spot and will bring beauty to you for years to come. Love looking at your fabric and your bloggy friend is so generous. I love seeing it all. It looks so organized. I will do that with mine someday haha Thanks for visiting me. Have a great weekend!

  31. Those are some tall Lilies! But pretty!

  32. Just stopping in to say hello and tell you I love your blog! Your fabric supply is the most beautiful and so organized! I am so envious, come organize me! Love you always, Terry in the mountains

  33. Beautiful house.
    I loved knowing your blog.

  34. Your new fabrics from your dear blog friend are darling. And then I saw the photo of your shelves full of fabric folded and arranged by color, wow. Those are some tall lilies!

  35. Aren't we glad to get some rain after that long dry spell? 5" is a lot though. Your fabric closet is gorgeous, and those fabrics that your friend sent are so bright and I love them b/c they also look "old fashioned." You will make beautiful things with them. Stay cool, HP, and enjoy your pretty garden!


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