Thursday, June 27, 2019

Beans and the Bee Festival

Have I mentioned how tickled I am to be getting green beans from the garden...and these are not just any old green beans, these are half runners, mama's favorite.

Why, I can't grow, pick, cook, can, or eat green beans without a flood of sweet memories of mama.

Picking the beans, I can just hear mama saying, "try not to tear the vines all to pieces, and watch out for old snakes".

Cooking the beans had to be in her old pressure cooker, seasoned with fatback. Mama knew exactly how much grease and salt to add and exactly how long to cook the beans to make them delicious.

and canning green beans, I remember watching her carefully inserting a case knife blade down each side of the packed jars to get the air bubbles out then adding the one teaspoon of salt to each jar. Mama did everything carefully and precise. I tend to get in a hurry with everything. Everything!

and eating the green beans! Meals were so good back then. Usually if there was a bowl of green beans on the table, there was also new potatoes that had been cooked on top of the beans, fried chicken, fried okra, sliced tomatoes, and crispy fried cornbread patties,  and a pie for dessert. There's just something about the smell of green beans cooking on the stove and okra being fried that makes me happy.

Oh, and I did can a measly four quarts of beans yesterday. Shelby has already canned a shelf full of green beans, and probably has a couple of big cream cheese pound cakes sitting on the counter. :(

so here's what I've got to show for my hard work yesterday.

Well enough about green beans. My plan was to tell you about the Bee Festival last Saturday...
It was really fun. Shelby's jams and jellies were a big hit! Big hit! There she is, doing some kind of figuring. :) and to think, she had cases of each of the different flavors you see displayed there on the table.

I did pretty good too. Got a little spending money in my pocket which, by the way, is burning a hole. 

Next time I buy a tent, it is going to be pink. I like that pink one. It would make my aprons look prettier. My set up doesn't look all that pretty. 

Aren't these three cute. The young people there were extra nice and friendly.

and this young lady with the rings in her nose strolled by with her parents... 
I was totally shocked when she bought a bonnet and she actually wore it. She was very sweet. Later they came back and her mother bought a bonnet.

and there was a big bee that stopped buzzing around long enough for a picture.

I hung a few aprons on the wall across from our tables. Behind that wall were animals. Well, not many showed up with their animals but there were a couple of goats and a chicken for the customers to see. 

That's about it. My pictures aren't great but it gives you some idea how big this place is. It was a fine day, oh! the weather! It rained early morning on the drive there and while we were unloading our vehicles, but faired up and the rest of the day was fine. I've never noticed before how funny "faired up" sounds, but I've heard that all my life. 

Anyhow, better get busy. Poppy gets off work in 45 minutes. I've been out mowing in the hot sticky weather so you can probably imagine how I look. 

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  1. Henny, your garden looks terrific... as do your green beans! And I think you should definitely get a pink tent. You are right, it will show off your aprons wonderfully! And that young girl looks adorable in that bonnet.

  2. I think I could eat green beans with every meal, and my MIL who was an awesome cook, shared with me to always include a piece of fatback in the beans whilst cooking...yum.
    Looks like your bee festival went very well, and just look at all those wonderful homemade wares, a group of talented ladies right there :)
    Almost forgot to mention how green and growing your garden is, shame on me. I'm always amazed that your garden grows so fervently, despite all the shade trees. I'm sure all the tender love and care, has lots to do with it !

  3. Your garden looks wonderful and that meal you described has my mouth watering! I love everything you described! Sounds just like the meals my mama and granny used to make. I'm so glad you did well at the sale. It's no wonder, your things are so nicely made and pretty!

  4. Your description of the green beans and that whole meal made me so nostalgic for my Mamaw's cooking. The best part of every summer was the two weeks we spent at my grandparents house eating just that kind of food!

  5. I have enjoyed your stories of your childhood and your mum and her beans. Looks like you had a fun day at the bee festival. It's lovely to meet new people and at the same time sell pretty things. I love that sweet girl in your fabulous that she and her mum bought one of your pretties.

  6. We did a LOT of picking and snapping of green beans when I was a kid in Oregon. In fact that is one of the crops that we picked for hire. And my mother canned a fair amount of beans in her pressure cooker, in August, when it was hottest.
    Not me.
    I was glad to see that your fair was undercover, so you didn't have to worry about rain.

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I wish we had those kinds of festivals around here. By the way, send me your address, again! I have a few things for you and can't find your address! My email is

    Grace & Peace,

  8. So fun to read about how the smells take you back...they do me, too. Anytime I smell honeysuckle, it takes me back to childhood and sitting on the front porch after work was done of the evening. And mom seasoned green beans with fatback too...and we canned and froze about all the food we ate. I bet mom didn't buy as much store-bought food in a year as I do in a month. I loved canning and freezing.

    Did you ever hear of or raise Hickory cane corn and cornfield beans? Hickory Cane corn grows real tall, and has wide, flat kernels of corn. Anyway, plant the cornfield beans with the corn, at the same time, and the beans grow up the corn, and are so much fun to pick! And they are good to eat, too. They are long...oh, I would give a hundred dollars to have some to just go pick...for the pure joy of it.

  9. I love your bonnets! It is easy to see why they sell so well. Do you ever sell them on line?

  10. I for one am impressed with your 4 quarts of green beans. And your neat rows of veggies in your garden.
    The aprons hanging on the wall make a lovely display. Nice that you and Shelby had a good day.

  11. The beans sound great. You get what you put into it. I'm pretty lazy so I just freeze he beans.

  12. There is nothing like fresh green beans! Good for you for getting some canning done. And the bee festival looks so fun!

  13. I'd love to walk around that bee fEstival Henny....looks so fun. Wow....Shelby really puts up a lot of goodies...and of course you do too, with your beautiful bonnets and aprons and dollies. So glad the weather turned out good! Love hearing about your old green bean memories and all the goodies you used to have for supper along with them. Sorry it's so hot by you, but I guess you're maybe used to that? Thanks for a great blog!

  14. Looks like it was a fun day with lots of nice people.

  15. Your garden is amazing! Your craft booth looked great too. Looks like a fun place to shop! Hope you were able to sell a lot of your wonderful creations!

  16. It looks like the festival was a success for you both! Your aprons look great hanging on that wall and I bet everyone loved them. Those green beans of yours sure do look good!

  17. Pink is the loveliest colour on the planet..So There!!! :).
    HeHe! :).

    Oh! And Mama's Goodness! How can you forget them, 'do this'
    'do that' 'that's not right' 'it's upside down'...
    When mia Mama turned eighty~five, she died aged ninety!
    we moved her to a smaller abode! Tied her up, put her in
    a bag...and moved her..HeHe! Well..sort off..Bless her! :).
    I used to call every day, while she was still very much alert,
    and very much on the ball mentally, the old body was giving up.
    On Sunday morning l'd go up, and get the old J. Edgar out and
    do the carpets..And! And! She'd sit in her chair..'you missed a
    bit' 'over there, over there' 'mind the sofa'..AND! when it's
    shouted at you in Italian, it always seems a bit more forceful..!
    And..being Sicilian of course..had to keep an eye on what she might
    be holding..! Otherwise..she'd make me an offer l could'nt refuse! :0).

    I'm so pleased it ALL went well at the show Henny..lovely photos, they
    all came out lovely and clear, l must say, l do shows/fairs like those,
    great many people to be 'rude' to...! :).
    So..l won't ask the obvious question..'how many bees did you sell'..! :).

    Great! Just gone seven over here, time for a second lemon tea, l've been
    busy out in the garden to...the Virginia Creeper takes a lot of looking
    after..otherwise it grows out of control..Hanging baskets are coming on
    a treat to..I'm no gardener, but, do my best..I talk to the flowers, in
    Italian..seems to work, better than English! :). HeHe!

    I'll be back a few times..just in case l've missed anything...Always
    read Blog posts a few times over a few me summat to do...! :).
    🎈🎁🎉🎁🎈 🎈🎁🎉🎁🎈 🎈🎁🎉🎁🎈 🎈🎁🎉🎁🎈 🎈🎁🎉🎁🎈 🎈🎁🎉🎁🎈

  18. HeHe! I'm Back....

    Beans - Poem by Kate Williams..

    Suddenly it's bean time!
    Yes, we've got beans:
    Fresh beans, green beans,
    Long, wiggly lean beans,
    Handfuls, pocketfuls, bags, bowls, tureenfuls!

    Beans for lunch and beans for tea,
    And beans for nibbles in between!

    Beans for brunch - and midnight munch! -
    More beans than you have ever seen!

    Beans for neighbours, colleagues, friends -
    and more beans ready to pick at weekends!

    Beans for the freezer: squeeze a few more
    Into the drawer 'til you can't shut the door!

    Beans for November, December, next year,
    For springtime, next summer... when more will appear.

    Yes, more beans, galore beans, bore beans, oh dear!
    How about sprouts for a change of scene?

  19. My goodness your fond memories of your Mamas beans and meal sound delicious. The show looked like a lot of fun, good to hear you and Shelby did so well.

  20. What a fantastic garden you have and thanks for the wonderful childhood memories you shared.

    Glad you had fun at the Bee Festival and that both of you did well.

    Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

  21. Hi Henny- your vegetable garden looks great- lots to eat there- good healthy things. My Mum was a good preserver- delighted in making our own Marmelade and Mulberry Jams- Choko Chutney too...Your Stall at the Show looks great with all your wears- aprons and bonnets for is great to have a Hobby- even better if you can make a dollar or two out of it. Best Wishes. KEV.

  22. How fun! Beautiful aprons by the way.

  23. I enjoyed reading about your green beans and how they always bring back sweet memories of your mama. I love green beans. How fun the bee festival looks! Don't you just love doing things like that...I know I did when we did a Celtic festival recently. You meet so many nice people. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  24. love the green bean memories..I recall hot summers of helping string green beans with my Mom..and I could almost eat the whole yummi...the pink tent is cute..I am a huge pink fan..but I think your white one is great backdrop for your aprons...hope you have fun with your earnings...have a great weekend..

  25. Your childhood days must have been a great deal like mine. As I read about your mother's canning of green beans, I could just see my mother's hands doing the same...the knife inserted to get out air pockets, the teaspoon of salt, etc. What a fun blog you write! And, wow on all the jams and jellies and pretty aprons! What wonderful times you and your sister must have when you are together! I wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen in on your conversations! :~)

  26. So sweet, the thoughts and memories of your mom. These kind of things are what makes life good. Your beans look great and so do the gorgeous aprons. Looks like a fun festival.

  27. Oooh, those are pretty beans! And oh how delicious they will taste next winter. Glad the weather faired up, you got some spending money in your pocket, and you met some new friends. The girl with the rings in her nose and the old-timey bonnet ... well, just goes to show ya once again we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Henny! 💕

  28. I think most of us have memories of certain foods that we connect to our mothers...I can relate to your green bean memories. I'm pretty sure we all think our mom's green beans were the best! LOL! Yours are beautiful! Oh the craft fair (or whatever it was) sure looked like fun...was it close by? I would have driven over if I could have...I would have a bough an apron from you! Go for that pink tent! :D

  29. Mothers are doing everything better!

    You spent funny day which I can undesrtand from your blog and photos. Great for you!

  30. Love reading your memories of your mama and how pretty your canned green beans look. Your garden is so lovely! How pretty your aprons look at the festival. Hope you get yourself a pink tent! Those bonnets are lovely and perfect to work out in the garden with! So sweet of the girl to get one and to get her mom to get one!

  31. The festival looks like fun! It's so much better to do it with someone, as you did with your sister. I think your aprons look delightful hanging on their clothes pins! Glad you did well. I'm not at home right now, but Adam tells me it's still bad drought there. Our tomatoes are terrible this year. Only thing doing well are potatoes, cucumbers, and okra.

  32. Hi,
    The festival looks like a fun time. I am happy you both did so well with sales.
    I enjoy your memories of your mama and family, keep them coming.
    Love, Carla

  33. The festival looks like a fun place to visit. Your garden looks great. The canned green beans really look good. Love your memories of your mom.

  34. I love your memories of your mama in the kitchen, Henny! It's amazing what floods of memories can be brought back by just a scent or a taste!

  35. Came by to wish you a Happy 4th!


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