Friday, March 8, 2019

Sewing and such

Don't you hate having several unfinished projects that you don't like and wish you had never started??

Pieces like that old poison green apron folded there on the white box, and that bonnet cut from black and white fabric, and that's not all, there's more inside the box,

so I'm throwing it all out and cutting some pretty pieces to work on.

Anyhow while getting rid of the ugly things, I noticed that American Girl doll (found at Goodwill) dressed in that green outfit I made...

I never did like that outfit. Green is just not my color, and the dress looks too puffy and big.

Neither is blue my color, but blue calico, now that's different...

To me, she looks much much sweeter, and wait til you see the 'new born' size sweater that was on the infant table at Goodwill...

So adorable. Looks like it was made for her. 

I am seriously thinking about making doll clothes to sell when Shelby and I do a craft show. That would be fun, and give me something different to work on.

Been thinking about that bird feeder/bird house?? on my last post as to what it really is??

Poppy says, "trust me, it is a bird feeder. The holes are way too big and there is a hole on each side".  So, should we go with what Poppy says? :) 

and here it is hanging on the front porch...

That is a funny little nuthatch hanging on. Like the chickadee, the nuthatch is a cute bird to watch, the way they scoot up and down trees. Sometimes coming down head first.

Looks like the well house needs to be leveled. As I've said before, our place reminds me of the old nursery rhyme...

There was a crooked man, he went a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile,
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Sounds like our place, doesn't it??

We had a few, a very few, snow flurries this morning. But the rain has now pushed it's way back in and will be here until Sunday. 

Did I mention making doll clothes to sell? Here's my start on that big idea...
I cut out two pairs of excited! Couldn't wait to see one finished. Well, on the left is the finished pair...with two backs sewn together, hemmed and everything! The piece on top is the front of the overalls with the bib that was supposed to go with one of those back pieces. Darn it! Wouldn't you think I would have noticed having two back pieces pinned together!  Guess it will take my sewing time tonight to get this mess straightened out. 

Thank you for listening. :)



  1. Love your new doll! American Girl dolls are expensive so it was a stroke of luck to find one at Goodwill. I think it would be brilliant to sell doll clothes at a craft show especially if one size fit American Girl dolls. Have you checked their website on line to see the prices for those clothes?! You could dress a real child for less! I used to think about making and selling doll clothes online because it takes such a small amount of fabric you could use scraps and remnants.

    I really like your new bird feeder. It makes a perfect one doesn't it? About the only other thing I could think you could do with it would be to maybe put a candle in it but I'd rather have it as a bird feeder.

    Take care Henny!

    1. Oh Bonnie, do you think it might be a candle holder? I hadn't thought of that. I have wondered why it has such a shallow bottom. I need to look at what doll clothes sell for. Thank you. But, I like my old doll clothes patterns better than the actual patterns for the American Girl doll. Thank you Bonnie.

  2. Hi Henny,
    You will do well with your doll clothes! Still read your writings, always will...just don't comment often...I love your crooked little place...reminds me of my little old casita! Take care, diana

  3. The doll is adorable. I think the doll clothes would sell for sure!
    I agree with Poppy, a bird feeder.

  4. I don't see many birds here but I did see a cardinal and robin this morning.

    1. Adam, we have lot of birds, but I think we are the only ones in this neck of the woods that feed them.

  5. It was nice reading about your sewing projects. Our lives just haven't been normal for a while and visiting and seeing your lovely home and the little things in life that make it wonderful brings me pleasure. I'm so glad I popped in to visit.
    Wishing you a lovely day . . . happy sewing.
    Connie :)

    1. Connie, thank you so much. I think about you every day and hope and pray everything turns out good. Hope you and Steve have a good weekend.

  6. I made doll clothes for my granddaughter's American Girl doll for a while. It was fun, especially when I made a dress for Irene and a matching one for her doll.

  7. I agree with Poppy on the bird feeder. Had to laugh at the two sewn together. I once made a pair of pajama bottoms for one of my girls and the feet some how ended up being backward!

  8. Oh I can not wait to see your baby clothes that you make. Love the picture where Eli is looking out of the porch. He is such a beautiful dog!!
    Love you bunches

  9. The American doll's dress is so sweet, I love the material. I'm sure you will have lots of dolly clothes made to sell at the fair, you are such a talented lady !

  10. diane in northern wisMarch 8, 2019 at 6:36 PM

    Yup, I think you're right...that's a bird feeder! I love the darling clothes you make for dolls...I bet you will do really well making and selling doll clothes at your sales! That white with blue new dress is really pretty on your doll. Maybe you can sell the green one at one of your sales? Always enjoy your blog Henny. Rain for you this weekend....more snow for us! What a winter!!!

  11. Time seems to be the most valuable thing we have, so why waste it on something one doesn't like. There are so many great patterns for 18 inch dolls, and they are so fun to make. I think you will do very well selling them.

  12. What a difference in how your American Girl looks in the first outfit and then the second! Sorry about your sewing gaffe. I'm sure if I sewed that would be the kind of thing I'd do. Way back when I was young and still had hopes of being able to sew I was making a dark blue velvet dress for my little daughter. Once I had it done I realized that velvet has a "nap" and I had sewn the back and the front with that nap going opposite ways.

  13. I think doll clothes would sell pretty well. I might even place an order! The crooked house poem sounds like my house! It was built before Oklahoma became a state and nothing is square or straight!

    Grace & Peace,

  14. I think making doll clothes is a fantastic idea! Good luck and God bless.

  15. Your doll looks beautiful in her new outfit Henny. Much nicer than the green for sure! Your dolls clothes will be lovely & will go well at a market stall I am sure!

  16. Hi Henny...sewing up a batch of Dolls Cloths to sell sounds very certainly have the machinery,fabric and skill to make a start- good fortune with it all. Regards. KEV.

  17. I think dolls clothes would be a wonderful to sell at your stall. Love that sweet little blue and white dress you fashioned for your doll. Yes, I think you should sew pretties that make your heart sing.

  18. Clothes for dolls sounds like a wonderful idea and a great way to get rid of some of your smaller off cuts of fabric. My mum used to knit outfits for dolls when we did the craft fairs and they were always so popular.

  19. Well..Here we are..ALL behind..AGAIN! :(.
    Just got back from town..lovely sunshine,
    though rain forecast for later..Yuk! :(.

    I don't do green's o.k. on
    trees and grass..don't do blue either...
    In fact l 'hate' blue, l have nothing blue
    in my home..can't be doing with it..though
    aquamarine is quite nice..It ALL has to be
    'pink' for me..since the day l was born..
    But that's another story..! :).

    And! Yes! Poppy is's a bird feeder,
    the big holes on either side, would make it to
    drafty for birds to nest..they's get blown away..!
    Eggs and all...! :).

    "Every house where love abides
    And friendship is a guest,
    Is surely home, and home sweet home
    For there the heart can rest."
    - Henry Van Dyke

    One thing l have to ask before l go....
    What is that submarine doing outside your
    home...! HeHe! Bless!
    I'll be back later to read the other comments!
    (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*))) (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))

  20. Love your sewing projects and that blue calico dress for the American Doll is just perfect for her...and that little sweater...swoon!

    I have checked out the differences in a bird house and a bird feeder and I would have to agree with Poppy...yours is a bird feeder because there is more than one hole. :)

  21. I enjoyed seeing your sewing. Your doll looks so pretty. Makes me want to go to my sewing room and make a new outfit for one of my dolls. Good luck to you with your selling them at the craft fair. You find wonderful things at your thrift shopping; that little sweater adds the perfect touch.

  22. Good for you Penny! I should get rid of much more!

  23. I had so much fabric that I knew I would never use-not my colors or anything I liked. I bundled it all up and took it to the senior center. They were thrilled and used it to make quilts for needy people. It felt good for me to get rid of it and know that it was welcomed by someone else.
    Love the idea of making doll clothes. I made tons of them over the years for nieces and then grandgirls. So much fun. I have one little doll-player left and hope she still plays with them for a long time.
    Have a wonderful week, Penny. xo Diana

  24. I think making doll clothes is a good idea, you never know what will take someone's fancy. I do admire your sewing skills

  25. I didn't realize that the birdhouse had a hole on both sides... now I see it. Yes, Poppy is probably right. It isn't a birdhouse, but a feeder.
    Your doll clothes are adorable. American Girl dolls are popular. I would make clothes to fit that size doll and you should do well.

  26. The first time i saw that feeder i knew chickadees and nuthatches would like it. And yours do! I think doll clothes would sell well at craft fairs, especially ones as cute as you make. I hope it didn’t rain all weekend and you got to enjoy some time outside.

  27. I love coming and finding a post from you. I am getting ready to do a post in a minute...I think. If I don't get sidetracked. I used to be the way you are about green, but am beginning to like it a lot more. This is how I have been with some quilt blocks. Now I don't think I have ever started disliking one that I like, but there have been blocks I did not like at all that grew on me.

    I hope you have a good evening and week ahead!

    That little doll with does look like it was made with her in mind.

  28. You found an American Girl Doll at Goodwill!! WOW WOW !! She is so pretty. I do like the blue calico dress, I would like one for me ;-) !!
    Take care my friend!

  29. I have things I have started too, and don't like... always. I loved how you added the sweater to the pretty calico dress for your doll, it really adds the perfect touch! And I hate it when I make silly mistakes in sewing. Not fun to take out seams, lol! I think we are constantly adjusting and redoing things around our home too. Nothing stays new forever, and always has to be maintained. I hope you have fun making the doll clothes, they are darling :)

  30. Oh Dear One your post reminds me so much of myself many years ago when I sewed. Except in your situation you look like a much better seamstress that I ever was. As for your crooked house...I just don't see it. I think your place is beautiful and charming...warm and inviting just like you are. Have a blessed day. Hugs!

  31. Hi Henny what a fabulous post,love how you dress your dolls they look beautiful,i so love where you live,it looks so relaxing and i love your newest bird feeder it looks great hanging up,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  32. You will do well making and selling doll clothes! And yes, I have so many things that I have started, placed away and sometimes do not want to go back to! Love the bird house!

  33. My answer to your first questions is yes, yes, yes! Mine are mostly knitting projects. At least I can just unravel them and try something new with the yarn or set the yarn aside and get on with a new pattern or yarn. But then there the balled up yarn sits making me feel guilty for quitting and it adds to my already too big stash of yarn.

    I'm hoping that this will actually post. I managed to get a couple of comments to post using this laptop but the last time I tried-----no dice.

    So if you don't hear from me it's not because I'm not checking frequently I just can't get these darn computers to cooperate.

  34. Your idea for doll clothes should be a big hit, Henny.
    I have to agree with Poppy...I think that is a bird/squirrel feeder.
    Really cute. :)
    I have a request...Could you talk a bit about raising chickens. The pros and cons. I would appreciate it.

  35. American Girl doll looks so pretty with green outfit. Love it.

    have a great day

  36. yes bird feeder! :0 Your doll is every so pretty in blue and white calico! Yes I have projects I should throw away:)

  37. I will bookmark your weblog and research again fitting here much of the time.
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  38. Hi, HP. I feel the same way about the color green. Not sure why. It's okay, but I absolutely never wear it! I like the pale blue print too.
    I have UFO's too ... unfinished objects :) I admire you for being able to throw them away! i have some repair sewing I need to do badly, been putting it off. Isn't the spring weather gorgeous though?


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