Thursday, February 21, 2019

Blaming it on the long-legged tower

Should probably call this a potting area not a potting 'shed' because there's no roof. At 2:30 this morning I was lying awake planning how to build a roof and had come up with a decent plan, then remembered there was a holly tree growing up through the center of the floor.

Thought I would go back to what started all this in the first place...

It was that silly little roof top from off the old wishing well driving me crazy. It was cute and I wanted to use it somewhere. "Nail some legs on it", I asked Poppy. It will be an entrance to the teeny tiny greenhouse.

"There you go", said Poppy, wondering why I wanted something that looked so out of place and useless. So it became "the long-legged tower". But the tower needed something??

The potting bench. Never could get that thing to sit level. I buried all kinds of crap under the dirt and leaves.

Poppy found that old Singer base in a junk pile several years ago and thinking I might like it, brought it home. Then back when he worked for Winn Dixie, picked up a park bench with one metal leg broken off. It was part of that broken bench the made the back for the potting bench.

Then friends, I remembered the magazine article I had saved since 1997... 

Oh my gosh! See the little wood stove! I still want one, just like that!  

"Guess we need to go to Lowes", said Poppy. So we did, and then started building the walls. That was two years ago.

Son-in-law Todd recently suggested using that stack of boards they gave us to build a floor. Of course, we needed to!

By this time the potting bench was looking rusty and bad...
So, during sunny breaks in these rainy days, I painted.

Back to the plan made at 2:30 this morning...

I'm thinking the legs on the long-legged tower could be shortened, then move the tower to the left side and place it over the antique washing machine tub, which holds potting soil...just for looks, of course. :) 

Then put up 4" x 4" posts in front on each side and build the top over the fence panels, kinda how a lean-to looks. 

So there it is. If this rain ever stops, I can go stand and stare and maybe figure it out.

Good gosh, I bet all of you have left your computers by now and I don't blame you one bit!  

Well that's it...except, during all my thinking and planning during the early morning hours, a very loud scary rumbling noise caused me to sit straight up in bed! "Was that thunder?", I thought to myself! Then seeing a flash of lightning, snuggled down in the covers to be safe, only to hear Eli scratch at the door. 

Now wonder where he got his fear of thunderstorms?? I ran to the front door and let Eli in. He slept between us until the clock alarmed at 4:45. 

Thank you friends for putting up with me.



  1. That's a cute little area. Hope you can figure out a roof for it.

  2. Isn't it amazing how 'things' of all sorts can keep us awake at all hours of the night, thinking/worrying, etc. I like your potting area and look forward to seeing how it turns out with your ideas that are swirling around in your head.

    Have fun ~ FlowerLady

  3. It is such a gorgeous area, I have been thinking how I could recreate something similar in my own garden. I am so looking forward to the next instalment of maybe a roof, wow!

  4. The sunshine brings out the lust for garden beautifying in most of us. I had a pleasant hour walking round tidying pots and making plans today. Poor Eli, or is it poor you. With him in the middle you both must have clinging on to the edges for dear life

  5. You sound like you've got a good plan! I said recently that one change always makes many more necessary and I think you've proved that! I'm enjoying watching you build your dream area, hoping our next home will have an area I can do something like that too. Good luck with your building and know there are many of us just waiting to see what you come up with next!

  6. I love the potting shed and your visions to make it better! I heard the thunder last night also but I thought I was dreaming. Weight Watchers has changed a bunch since then now you get lots of zero point foods. I hope I can do it. Thanks for the support
    Love you bunches

  7. You use your wakeful hours during the night much more productively than I. I tend to worry about anything and everything. I love your little potting shed. Good thing you saved that article. You will have such fun potting up your plants if we can ever get rid of this rain. The thunder woke me up around 12:20. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

  8. Goodness! Me! I'm lost for words! :).
    Very unusual l know..But! Yes! I Am!
    The potting room/shed/area is amazing..
    It looks lovely! Lovely and open, airy,
    and could double up as a dinning room..!
    And..if it does become overcast or wet,
    l'm sure a large umbrella would cover most
    of the open bit..!
    Well done both of you..Can l say..HeHe! The
    'pink' wheelbarrow sets everything off a treat! :o).
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

  9. Saw this cut little roof and wondered if it would work for you?
    Henny, just wondering if a market umbrella could work for a temporary roof, only problem would be if the wind gets high then you would have to fold down constantly.

  10. All the best ideas happen in the wee hours of the morning. I have loved reading about the progress of your cute little potting shed...such fun!

  11. I love your inspiration photo, Henny, and you're so close to making it a reality!! Your potting area is adorable, and I always look forward to seeing how your creative mind works!

  12. Has it been two years already?! Wow! I remember when you first mentioned it. It's fun going back and seeing the pictures and the history of your cozy little potting shed. Now I know you and Poppy are both creative and industrious people and if you want some type of roof on this you will come up with a way to make one - even with the tree! Have you looked at Pinterest? There are so many great ideas for things there.

    1. I forgot to say - your potting shed has turned out much nicer than the inspiration photo! Yours should be featured in a magazine!

    2. What an idea! When it's all finished we should alert the people at the Country Sampler magazine! They would have a field day with it.

  13. I enjoyed reading about the metamorphosis of your shed! Yes, I agree, it does need a roof, and a lean-to would be perfection. Then if there's a tiny rainstorm while you're out raking leaves, you can just dash in there, put your feet up, make a spot of tea on that pot-bellied stove you're gonna find, and watch the rain. That sounds just exactly perfect :) I'll keep an eye out for a stove!

  14. I love seeing other people's idea come about! Yours will be great and should work for you. Maybe some type of cloth canopy would work. Looking forward to Spring here!

  15. Love it! It's been raining so much! Everything is soggy! I will be glad when I can get outside and fill in the ruts in front of the shop.

    Spring will day!

    Grace & Peace,

  16. Hi Henny Penny wow this is starting to look amazing ,what wonderful ideas you have,cant wait to see it finished so i hope the rain holds of for you,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  17. I think it all looks so very cute! I love your ideas for what to do with it too. Just like in the house - you start one thing and it snowballs!

  18. That creative mind just never quits. Good that you can make use of discarded contraptions.

  19. We have a cat or two that don't like thunderstorms, either. And we had one this morning.
    Your potting shed is looking great!

  20. I like the way your potting shed has evolved and is still changing. I think that's the fun of it. You have some great ideas when you lie awake at night!!

  21. Improvisation is good. Those middle of the night ideas and plans are usually the best----your mind is open and considering possibilities---- discard this and reconsider this other. I love watching this evolve, much more interesting than setting out with a plan all drawn out and whoomp!! building it all in one fell swoop. Inch by inch and one foot after another. Often the most fun is in the doing of it rather than the finished product.

    Your flooring looks wonderful as does the potting bench----that flat black paint made all the difference.

    What will you do about the tree there beside the potting soil container?

    Keep on trucking, it's looking good.

  22. I love to read all your ideas Henny Penny, & am so pleased to read of a fellow blogger who gets all their wonderful ideas at 2.30 am in the morning, when we are meant to be asleep. I look forward to seeing your potting shed roof come to life & am sure whatever you do, it will be wonderful!

  23. You are so creative and that will make a darling little area when you are finished to enjoy. I am with Eli when bad storms come. Coco is very afraid when she hears thunder and shakes. A little vibrator in bed! Nancy

  24. You have made your potting area so personal and sweet. You will always love it, I'm sure.
    Eli in between you two...I can't think of anything cozier. lol

  25. Will keep watching to see how the potting shed grows.
    Betcha there will be a roof!

  26. It is such a cute area I love it, I am certain a roof is possible and you will figure it out:)

  27. I want to come play.
    I love how it is turning out Henny!!

  28. i love your little potting area/shed, it's very cute & a roof over it would certainly make it more workable i suppose, at least dry!
    that's a lot of water you have going through your place, up north of us in Townsville they are getting over some heavy flooding & we're still to see a drop of rain ...
    ohhh, i meant to comment on your previous post about the mud & your chooks, i know it's not good to have a totally muddy pen but some mud is good, i find it helps with the scaly mite they get on their legs. all mine have clean legs now & when I water them i make sure to give them some mud puddles to scratch around in.
    i hope the rain eases up for you soon
    enjoyed the walk around your house
    thanx for sharing

  29. At least you have something fun to think about if you wake up...or does it keep you awake thinking about it. When I am real excited about something, sometimes I find it hard to sleep.


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