Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The sprig of Ivy that grew and grew

Have I ever shown you the ivy tree that grows down near the pond?

Well, actually this is a pine tree where, years ago, I stuck a little sprig of Ivy in the ground... 

and that sprig of ivy grew and grew and grew...

and keeps on going...why, I had no idea ivy could climb that high. I did Google it and found that English Ivy can grow fifty feet or higher. 

it's like the little pine is trying to stay ahead of the ivy...keep it's head above water, or above the ivy! Poor tree.  

Sometimes I think about taking the ivy tree down, but Poppy says all kinds of little birds build their nests in the safety of this mass of ivy. So the ivy tree is safe.

Last week, those warm days with sunshine were simply wonderful. This week started off with rain again...colder too, and no sunshine, but that's okay. We've been very fortunate weather-wise. 

Poppy put a new handle on my yard rake...the rake with the "life time" guarantee. The rake where the handle broke in two. He sure made it a long handle too. :)

and while I'm on all these odds and work basket lately has become so heavy, I've been pulling it around in my pink wheelbarrow. 

Why, there's just about everything one could possible need in that basket while outside working. So with my pocket knife and basket, I'm good to go. :) 

Really, I did not start out here to write a boring post, but I have done just that.

How about a picture of Dumperoo asleep on the sewing room bed. Look at those sweet little feet...

and old sweet Smokey at the other end...

Oh, and thank you Angela Pitout for following my blog. I appreciate a new friend. 

We have finished the floor in the playhouse. Can't wait to show you. The rain came back so I didn't get the potting bench painted. Hope to do that tomorrow. :)



  1. You are fortunate to be able to get outside and get some garden work done. We are in the midst of yet another snowstorm....I won't see my garden for ages! I did start my first seeds down in the utility room, though....that's exciting!!

  2. I love the look of that ivy covered tree towering high in the sky. I don't suppose lifetime guarantees means much around your yard because of all the fevered work you do....they wouldn't be able to cope. =) Such a sweet photo of your cats snoozing your bed; they look totally relaxed.

  3. Your Ivy tree is wonderful Henny. I wonder if Jack & the beanstalk lives somewhere near the top! Your cats look beautiful on the bed ... I love it when they tuck their little paws in so sweetly.

  4. Wow! Will the ivy harm the tree?

  5. I've seen ivy grow high but not that high! It sure looks beautiful and healthy. It's wonderful to see Dumperoo and Smokey - they are such good looking cats. How exciting that you finished the floor in the playhouse. I can't wait to see it!

  6. Your Ivy is amazing!! We used to have a cherry tree where I stuck some Ivy bits and the same thing happened. It covered ( and smothered) the tree. When we got professionals to cut the tree down they charged extra because it was so hard to get the Ivy off so they could climb the tree!

  7. Your posts never manage to be boring. They are always interesting. :)

    We have a tree like your ivy tree in town. Except the ivy there is poison ivy and not English Ivy.

  8. Boring is never a word to describe your blog...always feel like I am visiting with an old friend when I come here. It will be interesting to see how long and how big the ivy tree gets!

  9. Wow that is some ivy tree you have there.
    I'd never describe your blog as boring, its like stopping by a friends house.

  10. You have a green thumb, that ivy is awesome and I am certain all kinds of song birds love it for nesting and protection:)

  11. I have an ivy tree and ivy stump. The kittys looks so cozy. Love you bunches.

  12. It looks so pleasant and dry there. Sigh.
    English ivy is a menace to trees here when it gets loose. Birds plant it and it can take over wooded areas, and can eventually kill trees. There is a constant campaign to eradicate it on public land.

  13. diane in northern wisFebruary 12, 2019 at 5:35 PM

    Love your kitty pictures Henny. They're so sweet. got the floor done already...can't wait to see it. Oh dear, the first thing I thought of when I saw your ivy tree was that I hoped the tree was dead before you planted the ivy under it. Oops.

  14. Wow - that is a tall ivy tree!
    I like seeing your sunshine and all you are getting done. The kitties are so cute!

  15. aww thank you for the shout it on your blog update.
    i just love your ivy tree and can only imagine the sweet bird and insect life that dwells there.
    a longer handle on a rake will make for a better grip and less strain on the back - such a good idea! i will have to advise Rob about this.
    bless you - have a lovely day xx

  16. HeHe! I used to go out with a girl called Ivy...
    She was a bit 'ALL' over the place to..! :).
    I do like ivy, look nice growing, but must be
    looked after of course, as it can and does kill
    trees, and certainly not growing against a house
    wall, as it extract water from the bricks and
    cement, which in turn crumbles the wall..!
    I have Virginia Creeper covering my home, l love
    it..especially in the Autumn..! :).

    Lovely pics of the furry ones..a Blog is'nt a Blog
    without pussy~cats..but then a house is just a house,
    but introduce a becomes a home! 😸 🐾🐾🐾 😻

    Best get on...nearly 7:30 over here and quite light now
    in the mornings..hate the dark, not frightened of it,
    just don't like it...another lemon tea would be nice...! :o)
    ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫

    1. I read that a few people have asked is the Ivy harmful...
      Much discussion has involved whether or not ivy climbing trees will harm them.
      In Europe, the harm is generally minor although there can be competition for
      soil nutrients, light, and water, and senescent trees supporting heavy ivy growth
      can be liable to withdraw damage. Harm and problems are more significant in North
      America, where ivy is without the natural pests and diseases that control its vigour
      in its native continents; the photosynthesis or structural strength of a tree can be
      overwhelmed by aggressive ivy growth leading to death directly or by opportunistic
      disease and insect attacks caused by weakness from the duress..
      The name Ivy is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Ivy is Faithfulness.
      This name is derived from the plant name....

  17. So nice that you have been able to get out and about in your garden. Looking forward to seeing the playhouse now that it has a floor.

  18. Aw, such cute kitty photos. Your weather is much better than ours.

  19. Isn't it sweet how our pets curl their paws under? Our dogs do that some too.
    Your ivy tree is AMAZING. I used to worry about ivy taking over like that. We have massive wisteria that climb our pine trees, and we cut the base of the arm-sized vines, and they just send out new shoots. Our southern pine trees often just have little tufts of green at the top anyway, so that ivy might as well use the trunk, since the pine isn't going to, right? :) Let's hope for a return of warmth! We've had such a mild winter.

  20. Hello Henny,
    Is English Ivy an invasive for your neck of the woods? I saw many signs about English Ivy as an invasive while traveling thru Tennessee.

  21. I love the ivy tree! If you only knew how many times I have tried to grow Ivy you would feel so sorry for me. And you just stick a little piece in the ground at the pine tree and look where it has gone. Oh my!

    Loved the pictures of Smokey and cute! Love the color of the bedspread they are on, too. :)

    I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. xo

  22. Henny your posts are never boring. Wow that little sprig of Ivy certainly did grow. I am with Poppy - keep it for those sweet birdies to find shelter. Your photos of the wheelbarrow and rake are making me have spring fever. Unfortunately it will be a while longer for it to get that nice here. In the meantime I am going to enjoy visiting your neck of woods and see what you are up to. Have a lovely Valentine's Day - hugs!


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