Saturday, September 16, 2017

This and That

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. You are the best friends ever! I appreciated each comment very much. 

I was surprised to find the bean vines in the teeny tiny garden full of beans needing to be picked...

so I picked them...a whole big dishpan full.

then cooked them up nice and tender and seasoned with a little fat back grease...just the way we southerners like them. Well, this southerner anyway.

While I'm in the kitchen, let me show you something pretty a blogging friend sent me...

a very pretty and very red canister set. It is nice! and it's heavy! I LOVE it! and you know how I am about red in the log cabin.  You may know "Vic". I don't think she has a blog, but she does follow and read several blogs. I  have enjoyed comments from Vic on my blog for a long time. 

Anyhow, Vic said they were packing up their belongings from a small home they were selling. A get away home. She said the red canister set made her think of me. So Vic went to the trouble of packaging and mailing it to me. Isn't that just the nicest thing to do? I am tickled to death. Thank you Vic!

and a different kind of surprise. Look who was sitting under the beauty berry bush, washing that cute little face, just before daylight this morning...

I'm thinking the name "wilder" suits him. What do you think?

the pink knockout roses are blooming again.

Well, I've about covered everything for today. Thank you for your friendship. 



  1. Hi Henny, glad you had a wonderful birthday! That is quite a large pot of beans, they look delicious.
    How nice of Vic to send you the canister set, it looks great.
    Lovely to see the bunny.
    Take care.

  2. There's nothing like a surprise package, is there? And if it has a red canister set in it it's almost like she sent it for your birthday. ( Or maybe she did!!).

  3. Oh the red canisters are wonderful. How nice of Vic to send them to you. What a great surprise.
    You sure got a lot of beans. Mine are doing quite well too.
    I think Wilder is a great name for that little guy.

  4. That's how I like my beans too and I'm just a southerner by choice. What a thoughtful gift.

  5. I love that name. It's cute that he still feels at home and hasn't wandered off too far.

  6. What a wonderful surprise, and such a kind and thoughtful deed !
    I'm smiling at the rabbit, he knows where his home is :)
    An entire bowl full of fresh beans, just the way I like them too :)

  7. I like the name "Wilder".
    Your red canisters are pretty and what a nice surprise! You are such a sweet person that you attract the kindness of others.

  8. Your pretty red canisters are going to perk up the kitchen. It's wonderful that Wilder likes it so much he's planning to stick around! Have a great weekend.

  9. Happy happy birthday my friend! Oh I just love seeing those fresh picked beans, sure brings back such happy memories! And yes, you cook them just like I love them! Do you put "taters" in yours, oh gosh, I love them with taters thrown in! Yes, I think the name Wilder suits him just fine and he is so so cute and that's so neat he's so happy and calm and comfortable right there close to you and where you took such good care of him. He seems to be doing fine. Your canisters are going to look great!

  10. Wilder is a lovely name and suits that rabbit perfectly. Glad to hear you had a good birthday. Such a beautiful and generous canister set. Take care.

  11. Happy belated birthday, Henny! Wilder is an excellent name for bunny!

  12. What a lovely thing to do!!!! Send you those gorgeous red canisters.

    What a sweet lady she must be. Vic, I don't think I know of her......

    Oh and the bunny remembers, where he "grew up." Isn't that the cutest thing... "Wilder"! Yes!

    How about your eye???? How is that coming along? Have you gone back to the doctor, to have it rechecked? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

    Luna Crone

  13. Henny, I will be right down the mountain for a bowl of those green beans - wow, they look wonderful, you are sure a great cook (gardener, animal doctor, decorator, seamstress, endless list). So happy to see the Wilder Bun Bun hanging around and sitting still for a little photo. That little baby loves it there. Well, hope all is well with that eye, keep us posted and have a happy day. Beautiful cannisters from your friend, very sweet! Terry

  14. Those beans do look good! Getting ready to make a batch myself... using bacon (and bacon grease). And yes, we do know Vic... that was so nice of her.

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  17. Mama, those beans look so good! And I know how you cook, so I know they were good! I am so sorry about Asa. I love all the pictures of the little baby squirrels. You are a good mama to your girls and to all your animals. I love you!! ~your child who liked to be a tomboy when she was 12

  18. What a nice gift you received in that red canister set! At times I think I need some red to liven my kitchen up! LOL Great that you discovered all those beans to cook. Bunnies are cute but don't like them in the garden eating my things! Have a good week! Nancy

  19. That canister set is nice! What a very lovely gift to receive too.

  20. I don't know how I missed your birthday. Here are some late wishes from me for a wonderful year ahead! 🎂 Now make a wish and blow.
    I think Wilder is an excellent name. He looks like he is quite enjoying his "wilder" life and his freedom but also wants to stay close by.
    My tomatoes are making a comeback now with the cooler weather and have lots of blossoms. I hope I get somemore fruit before it's too cold. Your beans look so delicious.

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  23. I love when things are clean. Your bottles look great. And I love your curtains. hugs, lj


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