Thursday, April 27, 2017

Roosters and aprons

"Hey! any more corn in that bucket? and hurry up, the duck is headed this way"

This rooster! He follows me around like a dog. When our neighbor Ann stops by and toots the car horn, he goes out with me to meet her and stands there while we talk.

I finished another apron, such as it is... 
by far, not my best work. But then, maybe I feel this way because of the trouble. Why, I had to call Simplicity to get a couple of questions answered to finish this apron. It will go in the teeny tiny shop, maybe at a reduced price. :)

remember the 1940's Vintage apron pattern I bought recently, and used to make the heart shaped apron?

this one 

and this

well this newest apron is View C on that same pattern...
don't know why this has been such a hard pattern for me to follow. Of course, you've heard me say before, I am definitely not a talented gifted seamstress...for me it's work, following these printed instructions and sewing!  Sure is fun work though!

Oh my, I cannot linger here long. My "to do" list is simply overwhelming. Showing the list to Poppy this morning as he walked out the door, he said, good grief, you need to get started...this was 5:25 am.

and here comes the duck...

bye! Be back soon.


P.S. I had started to reply to some comments on my last post and after a couple, the computer would not open the reply box when I clicked on it, so I gave up. Never had that happen before. Been several little things like that lately???


  1. Hi Henny, I love your aprons! You are so talented!
    Sometimes I have trouble getting the reply button to work also. I just close the browser and reopen it. That always has worked for me.
    Love your rooster, he is a character!
    Take care.

  2. Your aprons always look great!!! I'm in love with your irises, how I wish they'd grow down here.

  3. I think I may be smitten with your little rooster. AND, with your heart-shaped aprons.
    Quit working so hard...

  4. The fabric on your aprons are a delight, you certainly have an eye for beauty. Take care.

  5. That is so cute! Rooster thinks he is your pet dog!!!! :-)

    But if the last apron, is harder to do, why do it? I take it, the heart shaped one, is more easily made. So why bother with the ding-dang-ol'-hard one???? Really? :-)

    I do not accept that you are not a talented sewer. No way. You ARE a talented sewer. Just look at what you produce.

    And life is too short, to keep plugging away, on a hard project.<--Luna sezzzzzzzz. ,-) Use the material, for something else.. Maybe????????

  6. I love your funny companion rooster!
    I think you did a lovely job on the problem apron. It's very cute!
    Have a good day, Henny! Be sure to take some tea breaks!

  7. I used to have Bantam chickens and the rooster used to attack our shoelaces and untie our shoes! He was such a little punk, for such a tiny little guy he sure was tough!!

  8. I love your rooster companion! And Duck!

  9. Love the picture of the rooster through the wire and the Iris! Your are sure one productive gal! Nancy

  10. I totally agree with Luna.... you are such an amazing seamstress. I can't imagine turning out the items you do.
    Your rooster is quite the guy. The roosters I've known were rather bad tempered so I'm kind of scared of them when I get close to one.

  11. That's an awesome shot of the rooster. I love the door your beautiful irises in the background. The aprons are so nice. I'd be happy to wear either of them! I've been kind of stalled out on a couple of things in the sewing room lately, too. My excuse is that Mother Nature is tugging hard on me to come outside and play. Well, we have lots of rain coming so I am making plans to get those projects finished. I hope you are having a great day and get everything checked off of that long list of "to-dos."

  12. Love your pretty aprons. The story of your rooster following you like a dog just makes me laugh! You have some beautiful flowers in your yard. God bless your evening.

  13. What a funny rooster, so social. The last photo made me laugh!

  14. Funny about the rooster. : )
    Your sewing looks great to me!!
    Your to do list must look like mine!!

  15. I find it funny about your rooster too! The one we have had here, well since at least 2010, he is at least 8, is still as wild as the day I went to pick him up at another farm. I'm interested to know what you had to ask Simplicity, it would have never occurred to me to phone them. The cherry apron is cute. I've done a lot of sewing in my day (even made Larry a suit once, and made my wedding dress), but I just like reeeaaally simple stuff now.

  16. Hey Karen. This rooster has been friendly since the morning several years ago that we woke up and found him in the goat lot. Someone threw him out. He is such a kind old fellow.

    I called Simplicity about that darn complicated pattern. The heart shaped apron, well when I got the ruffle hemmed and gathered and started pinning it on the apron, realized there was not enough material to fit around the apron, even without any gathers. The lady at Simplicity said that I was right, that the pattern was wrong and they had corrected the problem. Then on this latest apron, the two pieces the instructions said to sew together would not fit together. One piece curved out and the other piece curved in. She said, you are joining two opposing pieces. You have to force it to fit, so I did and it worked.

    Simplicity has someone there to help you with any problems or questions you have about a pattern or how to make the item. It is really neat. They will also send you a missing pattern piece free.

    I can not imaging making a suit or a wedding gown! That is amazing!!!

    1. Wow, thanks for answering. I haven't used a pattern in years, well not one of the tissue ones, but good to know that help is there if you need it. I can see by the picture of the latest apron where you were having the problem. Those seams down the front that help to make the apron shaped! Kind of like setting a puffy sleeve into the arm hole.
      Aww, the rooster is repaying your kindness!

  17. That duck is funny and I love the rooster too. THe aprons are sooo cute!

  18. Rooster is probably hoping for treats!
    Your aprons certainly look like you know what you're doing.
    Simplicity sounds like Butterball at Thanksgiving time. It is good they help you when you need it!
    You all have a blessed weekend!

  19. Your aprons are lovely and your iris, too. I just love everything about your little farm . . . it's beautiful and reminds be of Beatrix Potter's watercolors of Peter Rabbit and his friends. You live in a Beatrix Potter book. Have you ever thought of that?
    Happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  20. I would love to meet your that story about him...I am not an especially gifted seamstress either...but could always follow patterns. But I have had two, that I was lucky to have had was This Apron and another was a jacket. The jacket had notches that did not match...the sleeve had two parts and there was only one way for them to fit together. I basted them together and they fit fine, but the notches were at least 4 or 5 inches apart!

  21. that chicken at your door is adorable. wondering why you keep making the aprons if they're a pain to make? why not use an easier pattern?


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