Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pussytoes and bull frogs!

You can probably it is before daylight and I'm blogging...that's right, Poppy works today!

I didn't mean to go away and be gone so long. The days simply fly, don't they? Let's face it! I'm a poor excuse for a blogging friend. :(

Have you ever heard of the cute little wildflower called "Pussytoes"? We have bunches of them growing here. 

Well, before putting them on my blog, I googled them.  Wanted to make sure they really are called "Pussytoes", and guess what! The first site that popped up was selling Pussytoes wildflower seeds. Yes, and though it hurts my heart, I've been mowing them down, but no more! I love these sweet little pussytoes.

Hopefully, spring is here to stay. Every warm sunny day brings more color to our walk around the pond. 

Never seen the birds so busy, and the bull frogs! Why, they have started up their band again. Several play the bass drum, while a few across the pond add the twang of a bass fiddle, and just before daylight this morning, I heard the call of a Whip-poor-will!!

At the edge of dark last evening, Poppy came in and said, sure wish I had carried your camera, there were two big bull frogs fighting in the edge of the water at the pond. Do bull frogs fight! It surely is spring! 

in the front yard the little blue bells are blooming...
The perfect spot to hide a few Easter eggs. 

Last year a late freeze killed all the new leaves on the big Hickory tree. For now, however, the very green tender leaves sure are pretty against this blue sky.

Okay, I've been sitting here way too long! Yesterday I bought herb plants for the new herb garden, and vegetable plants for the veg garden, and two packs of bulbs to go around the bird bath in front. Lots to do!

Will be around to visit shortly...



  1. Pussytoes! I love them, never seen or heard of them before, so pretty! Real life comes before blogging! I'm still getting used to having Max around all the time, even after three years!
    It looks very beautiful around your place, I am really looking forward to watching everything come to life there.

  2. What a cute little plant, wonder if they're related to pussy willow.

  3. Mama, your yard is so pretty!! It makes me want to come right back out there and take a walk with you. I was not familiar with pussytoes. Maybe you have pointed them out to me before, but I had forgotten them. You are so smart. Makes me miss Pawpaw too. I love you. You are the best mommy in the whole wide world. ~Your girl.

  4. It is a busy time of year!!!!!!

    Guess bull frogs would fight for a mate. Like the birds certainly do. But bull frogs fighting must have been a sight!!!!!

    Never saw PussyToes. How sweet. And all your spring wild flowers are so sweet. I love 'em all. None are weeds, to me. :-) I always love what Lady Bird Johnson did in TX. I see such beautiful photos, of the wild flowers, she 'saved'. Soooo beautiful.

    All I would say is, don't try to do too much, too quickly. But then, I think that is a futile bit of advise. You are such a go-go-go person. -grin- So I guess I should say, do it while you can. I am having to curtail my walking, to prolong the effects of the *gel* put into my knee joint. Can't have another set of injections, for 6 months. So I want the pain-free-ness to last.

    OOOOPs. Too much in comments. ,-)

    Gentle Spring-time hugs,
    Luna Crone

  5. I had never heard of pussy toes either. They sure are soft looking and so cute. Your place is lovely. I love all the flowers and plants. Here in MN we are still getting over winter. The trees are beginning to leaf out.

    Shirley H.

  6. I never thought of the Bullfrogs fighting.. guess spring is here. Pussytoes who knew not I.. so many thing don't know even at 59 you can still learn new things. Happy Easter Henny to you and poppy..with love Janice

  7. We have the bluebells here, too! I'm not sure about pussytoes; not heard of them before.

    Have fun and enjoy your lovely property! God bless!

  8. Everything looks so lovely on your property, Henny! Eli looks pretty happy in the sunshine, also!

  9. Your yard is getting to be a very lovely sight. Tell Poppy to please take the camera and get some pictures of the bull frogs. So fun to see your country home coming to life in spring.

  10. I have heard of Pussy toes! I'm not sure where they grow around here. Higher elevations, I think.

  11. Everything looks gorgeous, Henny!
    Spring is here. Yay! I'm looking at a fat robin right now. He's looking for worms in Bill's green grass.

  12. No, I haven't heard of pussytoes.
    Your yard is looking so pretty!!

  13. Yes, the days certainly do fly by! I had never heard of Pussytoes! Nancy

  14. Birds, Bullfrogs, lovely flowers, it surely must be Spring. We've already had usual amount of rain for the entire month of April so everything is super green but enough already!! I wish we had Pussytoes around here but I don't think so.
    I'm amazed that you can put veg plants out already. Must be because you're so much farther South.
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Did you say, "The call of a whip-poor-will?" Now, I shall be all ears in anticipation of the first call from our side of the mountain.

    Everything on Henny Penny Lane is looking oh-so-gorgeous! I love the blue bells and can almost see a pretty Easter egg tucked right in their midst.

  16. Your place is so pretty looking with all the Spring newness! I looked up Pussytoes, because I seem to remember my mum calling a wild flower something like that. So our version has shorter 'toes', but I guess is in the same family. I have managed to get a few vegetables in the garden, but a lot of weeding and work to do yet on most of it.

  17. Hi Henny, your yard looks so beautiful! I've never heard of pussy toes, they are lovely.
    We are hearing the bull frogs here too.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  18. Isn't a walk around the pond wonderful? We do the same here. You never know what you're going to see. I love hearing the frogs. Our Peepers have started, a sure sign of Spring. I love the Pussytoes. I've never heard of those before and I don't believe we have them here. They're very pretty. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  19. Hi, I just loved walking around your yard with you.
    Happy Easter my friend,

  20. y'all have such a lovely place in the country!!

  21. Your flowers and yard are so pretty! Happy Easter!! :)

  22. Sorry to be so long in visiting. Just got my laptop back from repair. I love your home and yard. I've never seen the pussy toes plant. Cute! I love to smell fresh herbs! Have a blessed evening. xo

  23. I know you work hard keeping up your place but it is so beautiful! Love that Eli! Nancy


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