Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bun Buns and flowers

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies...

Easter is just around the corner! and this bun bun showed up in our mail box yesterday. A springtime gift of two pretty little towels from Andee, my sweet daughter. 

It was last spring that I found all these bunnies in our mailbox...

from Andee too! How fun it is to get a surprise. Thank you Andee!

Here we go again, talking about this flowering quince. Sorry, I just can't help myself. It is blooming, yet again! and we have butterflies!

Don't know why it took so long for a flowering quince to take root and thrive here on Henny Penny Lane, but it did, finally!

and thankfully, the white azaleas waited until after that last big freeze to blossom out.

I've seriously been afraid to relax, expecting another cold front and more freezing weather. Gosh, I don't remember there ever being a year when the month of February was warm, even hot some days, and then winter coming back in March. The poor flowers and trees don't know what they should be doing...as well as myself! 

Eli says, bring the hose, I just emptied the bird bath.

all that walking through the woods makes a fellow thirsty...

I'm hitching up the wagon and going into town this morning. All the feed buckets are near empty. Hope to be back soon...



  1. It's such a busy time at Henny Penny Lane. And it all look beautiful. That Eli is so cute. :) I bet he could drain that bath in no time flat. The azaleas are so gorgeous. I should plant some here. Maybe right by the arbour. That is a sweet gift from your daughter. It's such a pretty time of year. We have very little snow left so I'l be putting up the portable green house this week. I've got some seeds started inside the mouse house and need to get them out before Audrey notices. ;-)

  2. The photo of your home and all the flowers in bloom absolutely made my heart skip a beat. You have such a beautiful little farm. I know it takes a lot of work keeping everything so lovely but you have created a little heaven on earth. Enchanting:)
    Have a great day.
    Connie :)

  3. I love your photo's and you have the cutest little bunny towels to use and enjoy and decorate with for Easter. What a thoughtful gift. Your home is a treasure! Looks like a cabin but you add soft touches that truly make it a heart warming home. Just my style. For us we are thankful that the last bit of snow seems to be gone and the grass is starting to green up. We don't plant gardens are flowers until at least mid May. So happy to be able to enjoy yours for now.

  4. Surprise and "Just Because" presents are the very best!

  5. I remember having a water bottle on dog walks and my dog would basically try to "eat" the water.

  6. I laughed at your feed bucket comment as I was imagining poor Poppy with one hung around his neck too. Hurry back, I imagine you're well missed when you're gone.

  7. Love your bunny towels, so sweet! Very nice of Andee to send them to you.
    Your flowering Quince is gorgeous.
    Eli is such a big handsome fella.
    Take care.

  8. How sweet and thoughtful of Andee to mail you the tea towels, they are just gorgeous....
    Your farm always looks tended Henny, flowers in bloom, poultry happily scratching away, bunnies lovingly groomed, and cats and dogs not far from your side :)
    I think you are a modern day Tasha Tudor :)

  9. How sweet of Andee to send you such pretty towels. Too nice to actually use!!
    I saw one of those white Azaleas blooming just this week. Strange how they bloom before they leaf out.
    You Quince is amazing.I love the cute butterfly on it. It will be months before we have any butterflies. sad.


  10. Bunnies, blossoms and butterflies! Oh my! Are you escaping the violent storms on the southern east coast?

  11. Oh, everything is just so sweet and springy, my friend! The towels are just darling.

    Hugs to you, dear one!

  12. I love the flowering quince...and the butterfly, too. Your sweet daughter knows just the way to spoil her sweet Mom. And, what fun to get a package in the mailbox!

  13. Ha, ha -- "Bring the hose!" Bob the Border Collie does the same thing. Even though she has her own bowl 20 feet away. Silly dogs.
    I wonder why it is that the white azaleas bloom last. I think I will have to Google that to satisfy my curiosity.

  14. Theo is still such a handsome young fellow!


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