Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thinking about you all!

Been thinking all morning, as I cleaned around sleeping animals...

how I simply had to post a little something on my blog.

Poppy left at 5:00 this morning, going down home to deer hunt with his nephew. So, I have been cleaning. I'm excited. My daughters, Lynn and Andee, are coming to visit. Rarely, do we get a chance to be together, just the three of us. It will be fun having them here for the night. Anyhow, Lynn calls us the three musketeers. For sure, we will find time to go in a few thrift stores.

How can such a big dog curl up in such a small space?

Well friends, guess what I've screwed up now on my blog . Somehow, I've managed to delete you all, my "blog list". Lynn says maybe she can figure it out, and put you all back. :(

and good gosh! By any chance have you looked at the "Labels" on my blog? There must be five thousand of them...why, I've got stuff labelled, for instance...cupboard, old cupboard, antique cupboard, front porch cupboard, cleaning the old cupboard...that kind of thing. I'm in the process of straightening that mess out myself. Oh well, it takes all kinds. 

Thank you, friends. Hope to be back soon! 


Oops! and here's the rest of old sweet Smokey...


  1. Have a fun weekend with your girls! :)

  2. How wonderful to have quality times with your girls, have fun.

  3. How wonderful you get some time with your girls. I know you all will have such fun!
    Love the photos of your furry ones.
    Take care.

  4. I know you are just beside yourself to be spending some time with your girls! I feel the same way when my daughter and I get a day to do nothing but hang out.

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Aw! Smoky and Dumperoo are the cutest!

  6. Love the picture of Smokey, what a cutiepie. Have a great time with your daughters, lots of thrift shopping, sounds brilliant xx

  7. All your little sweet sleeping critters make me smile!

  8. Have fun with your girls, Henny. Happy to see any part of that Smokey.

  9. I love seeing all the pictures of your animals. They all are so sweet.

    Shirley H.

  10. Aww hope that you and your girls have a wonderful time together! Special times and special memories. Love all 3 of you bunches.

  11. Have a wonderful time with your daughters! I hope you have lots of laughter and success at those thrift stores. I hope you can find your blog list again. I understand about the long labels list. I try to keep my labels more general for that reason but they still pile up! Have a great day.

  12. My favorite picture is number one. : )
    Have a great time with your daughters!

  13. I don't even know what's on my labels. Maybe I should take a look at them.

  14. Blogger does that all the time. Nothing is really deleted. Do you use your Blogger dashboard to read your blogs? Just reload it two or three times and eventually they will all come back.
    I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

  15. I love that first photo. The teeth poking out, oh my, I just love it.
    Have a great time.
    Love, Carla

  16. Sigh. Kitties sleeping. I miss my kitty.
    Have a wonderful time with your daughters!

  17. What a great time the three of you will have.
    I don't even know how to put 'labels' on my blog in fact, that I even manage to post still amazes me!!

  18. Oh, my, I have the same problem with labels. I went through one time and at least condensed most birds to a birds category...rather than individual bird, though I do still have one or two listed such as eagle...LOL I had quilts, quilt, quilting, and I forget what else...and think I still have not got them condensed.

  19. My dog could never sleep with me around. She'd always look when we'd walk by.

  20. These photos could be used in greeting cards . . . you should think of some funny captions.
    Adorable :)

  21. Hello Miss Henny Penny Dear,
    It just gives such a sweet warm feeling to see content
    sleeping animals about!! How nice to have your girls,
    and thrift storing too! :-D
    Have a wonderful day !!
    Many blessings Linnie

  22. Smokey looks like you could run him over with the vacuum and he'd still be passed out. Sorry for your computer problems. Maybe life just wanted to give you a fresh start!

  23. Such funny pictures! I hope you and your daughters have lots of fun together.
    By the way, maybe the disappearing blog list is a Blogsppt thing as i have just lost mine, too. Will you tell me how you get yours back if you do?


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