Friday, November 4, 2016

Eli keeps us smiling

Well friends, those two rose bushes are in the ground. Planted! Done and done! I could hardly wait to get inside and cross those off my 'to do' lists. All these plants may die from the sheer shock of being out of the pot and into the ground.

So now, along with the other fruits that don't produce, we've added two blackberry plants, a persimmon tree, and two more rose bushes.

Early morning, Eli looks forward to going with me to feed the goats. This morning, nothing would do but he had to carry his biggest teddy bear.

Rosie wondered if this was some strange animal he had killed.

Could there be more of these lurking around?

Silly goats, don't be frightened. I'm not frightened.

I love my teddy bear, he won't hurt you.

We are still waiting for that beautiful fall look here. We are beginning to think the fall colors have passed us by.

and these are the two pitiful looking blackberry plants. 

Better get busy. Eli is letting me know it's time to go out. We are getting a sprinkle of rain this morning. Much needed rain too. It's too dry to rake leaves even. Stirs up a dust. 

I've simply got to add more items to the bonnet shop. I've made some bag holders and a couple more girl's aprons...Oh, and a very special Thank You, to Pam, for your apron order. 

Speaking of aprons, here's a switch. Poppy mentioned needing a cloth apron to cover his old plastic apron that he wears at the deer processing plant. So I raked and scraped and put together a camouflage work apron.

He liked it and so did another worker, so I've made two.

Thank you, well, if you're still here. :)



  1. I love Poppy's apron!
    Eli is hilarious with that teddy!

  2. Oh, I do love Poppy's apron! At first, I could not imagine what Eli had in his mouth! That is a big teddy! I don't think our fall colors will be pretty either; it's just been too dry. I wish you a lovely weekend.

  3. Eli and his teddy are adorable!! Like Poppy's apron too, good choice.

  4. I loved to see Eli with his teddy and the goats, what a joy.

  5. I'm always calling across the house to my husband about Eli's doings - LOVE his teddy bear.
    And that apron could be a hot seller at a gun show. My brother-in-law would love one!

  6. I love the story of Eli, teddy bear and the goats. That is so sweet. We have two blackberries plants to plant also. I love tame blackberries. Poppy makes a good model. Love his apron!
    Love you bunches!

  7. I love the pictures of Eli with his teddy and the goats, so sweet. Our temperatures are really starting to drop here meaning Autumn is well and truly here with winter biting at it's heels xx

  8. We gave my dog a purple teddy bear when she was young. She tore that thing up and got it dirty beyond belief. It was dirt brown by the time it was thrown away

  9. How cute is that little Rosie looking at Eli's big ole bear! And Eli is just precious to let her do so! I love Poppy's apron! My Mister has asked for a heavy denim apron for working in the garage and on his old trucks. I guess I will have to make him one!

    Thank you, so much, for sharing these little glimpses into your day! I just love visiting!

    Grace & Peace,

  10. Eli is so cute! He sure does love his teddy bears. It's tho bad you can't enjoy any of the beautiful Fall colours. We are having the most spectacular Fall colours here. Poppy looks smashing in his new apron.
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Loving the photos of Eli and his Teddy. What a fun companion he must be!

  12. Poppy's apron is just perfect for him! And speaking of perfect, Eli is right up on the list. Your little commentary made me smile.

  13. I can tell you first hand that your aprons are adorable! The camo one is perfect for your hubby. Eli looks very much attached to his teddy bear! How cute.

  14. Cute that Eli has to carry around his teddy bear. : )
    Great job on the apron for Poppy. Well done!

  15. Oh, that Eli. He's like a big teddy bear himself.

  16. Love the pics of Eli & the goats! You have such an interesting life, I don't believe there is ever
    a dull moment at your house.


  17. So what you're telling me is that you're having a nice warm fall. It must be nice for most things.

  18. Love the aprons! Eli is just too precious with his teddy bear. Rosie is still sweet as ever.

  19. Poppy makes a wonderful model. Although he might want to work on that smile-----all the models I see seem to try to look disgruntled or maybe just disinterested.

  20. I don't know which I get a bigger kick out of, Eli and his bear of Poppy grinning in his manly apron.

  21. Hi! I love rose bushes! That Eli and his teddy bear is so sweet. I could just love Eli to pieces! Nancy

  22. Elie and a big bear...cute. Poppy's apron is great.. As for you yes you need to bet yourself a pretty teapot and a lovely tray and have some special me time.. Wether it be early morning as I do often afternoon or late night... Just so you do this special thing and enjoy a lobely cup of hot tea... All my life I was always busy raising five children.. Barely had a moment to myself.. Just in the last few year I started this and I love it.. O and don't forget a pretty teacup or two... Happy weekend with love Janice

  23. What a brilliant idea that camouflage apron is! That would be a great item for the shop. This is an apron that men would be willing to wear because it is not the frilly feminine which we girls prefer. I like reading your blog no natter what you are writing about so please keep on.

    Shirley H.

  24. Eli and his teddy bear...what could be more sweet !
    I think Poppy's apron is perfect, especially the camouflage print.
    I think you achieve more work in one day, than most people in a week, where do you get your energy dear lady ?
    Have a wonderful weekend Henny, take care of your back...

  25. Eli loves his bear! Confusing for the goats! Nice apron for Poppy! :)

  26. Seeing Eli would make anyone smile!


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