Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beans and lilies and me again

Prettiest flower on Henny Penny Lane!! and right now, the only flower on Henny Penny Lane!!

Guess I will be getting another steroid injection in my back today. Didn't want to say anything, but yep, the pain is back.

Probably overdid it in the garden and the yard after getting that last injection. It just felt so darn good for that pain to be gone.

Glad for the little wattle fence, built by me :), while the pain was gone. I did manage to pick enough beans, while standing, for a dutch oven full...which I cooked and shared with my friend Nellie.

Shelby said to me just yesterday, "well, you can't be picking up cinder blocks anymore".  "I haven't picked up any cinder blocks lately", I said, "everything but the cinder block, maybe".

"I want to be able to work"! My Aunt Nannie Mae, who worked hard her whole life, used to say that she wanted to "fall in the harness". Me too, dear friends!

and back to the loveliest flower here. Last summer when this Stargazer lily bloomed, it spoke to my heart. Mama loved these lilies! Out I went and bought a pack of bulbs and put them in this flower bed...

actually, this was the newly prepared flower bed about three years ago. Anyhow, I couldn't "leave well enough alone", as mama used to say. The rose bush on the left grew and grew and then early spring of this year I desperately needed a spot to set out that big peach tree that had outgrown it's pot up at the teeny tiny garden. So, a big hole I dug and in went the peach tree, which by the way, loves this spot!

now, same flower bed, and where are those lovely lilies...

puny and weak, struggling beneath the peach tree. If my back gets well, I will move these bulbs and put them in the front of this bed. That would be perfect! Location, location, location!  Just had to say that. Those words actually fit here, don't they? 

Wondering if you're still here as I ramble on. Better try standing up and getting a few things done. It's mighty slow going right now.



  1. Beautiful Lilly! I hope the injection helps your back feel all better.

  2. Oh Henny, hope this next injection helps. Chuck has a bad shoulder. A few years back he had steroid injection too. The doctor warned him that his shoulder would feel great but don't overdo it as it would only be temporary. Well, you can guess what happened. He has since had surgery that helped 50% but it will never be as it was! Be careful and take it easy.

  3. Beautiful flower. I agree the moving the bulbs is a good idea. Maybe someone should help to save your back

  4. Love the lilies and the pictured path-way. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering again. You are such a hard working woman and I know it's hard for you to stay still for very long. Hope this one helps enormously. Deb

  5. Did they ever say if it was a muscle or not? Better to avoid those shots if possible. Before my back surgery, the doc used to give me muscle relaxers which I took one at night and woke up in pretty good shape. No sense telling you to take it easy, you wouldn't do it anyway!

  6. Oh, I am so sorry that you are in pain again. I know how much you enjoy being outside and working in the garden. It shows, too . . . because everything always looks so pretty and inviting. Your lilies are amazing :)
    Get well soon and God bless.
    Connie :)

  7. You need to be carful with that back. Take care of yourself we need you around here a very long time!! Love you so much!

  8. Girl, you know you can't be doing all that work like that! I am the pot calling the kettle black, aren't I! When I have a good-almost-pain-free-day, I most likely will do something I'm not suppose to do and then pay for it later! Take care of yourself!

    That lily is beautiful. I have a few Stargazers and they are my favorite of all the lilies! Mine have bloomed and are now gone but I so enjoyed them and the fragrance is so lovely!

    Grace & Peace,

  9. So sorry to hear that you are in pain again. Steroids are amazing but lead you to believe that you are indeed a lot better than you really are. Take care.

  10. I'm sorry to read your back pain is back Henny, and hope that the injection can give you some relief.
    The Stargazer lily is gorgeous, and I've always loved that name :)
    I think us ladies are all the same about overdoing it. Chores need doing, and we just get on with them, pain or no pain.
    I'm smiling at your aunt Nannie Mae's saying, I bet she was a trooper !
    Healing wishes sent your way sweet lady.

  11. It's so easy to overdo it when you feel good. I hope the steroid injection relieves the pain quickly.

  12. Well if you have to have only one flower in bloom that certainly is the one to have. It is gorgeous!

    Hope your injection goes well and relieves the pain. Let this be a lesson to you as Shelby says---don't go lifting those cinder blocks no matter how good things feel!

  13. What a pretty lily. I do understand about wanting to work when your back feels well. I am the same way. I just love to be doing things and it seems like it is punishment to just sit around doing nothing. I hope the next injection will fix your back, chase away the pain, and let you do the things you love, dear Henny.

  14. Hope the shot works again and you have no pain now.
    I noticed your sheets on the line. I like how nice and neat you hang things on the line. : )

  15. I pray you begin to feel better soon after the injections :o) the stargazer lily is a beauty for sure ...

  16. The trouble with kicking the bucket in harness is that the harness causes a long kick. Look after yourself.

  17. Yard work - Worst thing in the world for a sketchy back.
    Don't get too heroic - backs have no sense of humor.

  18. I am surprised no one commented on your laundry hanging on the line. Such a lovely sight. I smiled when I noticed that you hung the things from biggest to smallest... just like I would have done. I'll bet when you hang socks on the line they are hung in pairs and all facing the same way.
    About growing lilies. I have had no luck planting bare bulbs and now I buy plants ( like I did a couple of weeks ago). They seem to come through the winter better. Stargazers are so pretty.
    Feel better soon, GM

  19. I have been walking around like an old woman lately. After our open garden on Saturday, I will need to take a break from backbreaking work.
    We have that "location" problem too. sometimes what you want just doesn't work.

  20. That is a perfect Stargazer isn't it? So so so pretty!! Regal and elegant looking. My mom's favorite flowers! LOve love love that pretty wash hanging on the line! I think I did a little post about hanging laundry last month.

  21. PS----forgot to ask---how did you shot go?? I get the shots and lord have mercy they hurt but they HELP my poor knees!!


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