Monday, July 11, 2016

A word or two from Henny

Remember last summer, the yard long green beans that grew in the teeny tiny garden, and all my excitement

well here they are again. Another row of yard long beans. No beans yet, but pretty little blue flowers.

The red Impatients up at the long legged tower are growing and looking prettier. Oh and look...

These two old windows have been stored in the shed for years. I've painted them to match the tower legs and they need cleaning, but how would these look hanging on those long tower legs?

Doesn't look possible from this picture, but the windows, turned sideways are exactly the same width as the tower legs. I think we could turn them into something cute.

For some unknown reason the pictures don't want to stay centered on this post. I did not plan the post to look this way.

This big pretty sunflower volunteered and came up in the garden. Sunflowers just look happy, don't they?

This computer is making all the decisions on this post! I'll sign off here and get busy. Hope to return soon.



  1. Beautiful photos :-)
    On a sad note, my son's Lionhead rabbit passed away this week. She was 10 years old, she simply passed from old age. She was the mom to all our baby bunnies we raised. XX OO

  2. Dainty little purple flowers, a sign of goodness to follow !
    I love old windows repurposed, the hold such character and can't wait to see what you have in mind.
    Those impatiens love the cool, shady area, I had to give up growing them years ago....too much sunshine.
    Lovely pictures, have a great week Henny.

  3. I've never seen a sunflower that color. (Here they are always yellow.)

  4. Gorgeous photos Henny! Great idea for the old windows.have a good week!

  5. Great idea for the windows. Love the sunflower.

  6. Such a wonderful idea for the windows, I love to use and see re purposed items.

  7. Beautiful sunflower. Everything looks great. We planted some red noodle beans this year. With all the rain, only one came up, but I like them. They cooked up well. Will plant more either later this fall or next spring.
    Have a blessed week!

  8. The windows have potential. Those beans are fascinating.

  9. I love the sunflower and I can see those windows hanging in the tower! Thanks for stopping by Red Brick On The Right, earlier!

    Grace & Peace

  10. Great idea for the windows. Love the pretty color sunflower.
    I had the same problem with the pictures on my post today too.

  11. I love using old windows outside. You gave me an idea for a possible post ( I'm often at a loss for subjects)
    I like what your computer 'decided' to do with the pictures and words. Looks neat!

  12. Such pretty bean blossoms. The heat has gotten to mine and they are done for. We have enjoyed them for about six weeks so I can't complain.

  13. Always interesting to see what you do with things! I don't think my yard long beans are flowering yet. I think I only have one plant. Nancy

  14. Finding ways to use old stuff is fun.

  15. Seems pictures on posts are rather like flowers that pop up without planting them! Any where they want. Love the color you painted the frames of the windows. Do you think the glass might be in harm's way of strong winds? If so, maybe you could take the glass out and put wire across and plant something to grow up and across the wire...honeysuckle?


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