Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dog and Bear, Sick Goat, and Lazy Cats!

What a day!

Actually I posted those words two days ago and I'm still saying, What a day!!

What ever would we do without Eli and his bear and the smiles he brings us! When Poppy pulls in the driveway after working all day, Eli jumps off the porch and tear out across the front yard to meet him. One dare not get in his way! Yesterday when Eli jumped off the porch, he stopped abruptly, turned around, bounded back up the steps, grabbed his bear and still made it to the truck before Poppy got out!

Not smiling much this morning as we have a sick goat, my sweetie pie "Shae" aka "Baby Goat".

These two goats, Shae and Asa,  have been with us since 2009 and have been healthy and happy. Now, all of a sudden, Shae is sick. It started with diarrhea.

With the much appreciated help of a neighbor, a vet tech for ten years, we are carrying Shae to a vet this morning at 9:00. I've been up since 3:00 am! After two days of medications, doing a fecal check, taking her temperature, running here and there, buying over the counter medications...nothing is helping. Sure hoping this vet can make her well again. 

The cause of the diarrhea is uncertain. A few days ago I had given the goats a good size bunch of grass and weeds, mowed down around the garden. Being used to eating only hay and the pellet feed, I'm thinking this may have caused it. Shae is the fattest of the two and tries to eat everything. Lots of times I have to stand guard to make sure Asa, the smaller black goat, gets her share of the feed. 

Meanwhile, back in the neglected dusty house...

Not a care in the world!

Must be nice!

Thank you for listening...again! For sure, I will keep you posted.



  1. Oh, dear. Get well, Shae! Your kitties look so peaceful and sweet. It looks like they each have their own favorite chair.

  2. Oh, poor goat! Get well soon Shae. Love Eli and his bear. The cats look lovely too.
    Take care.

  3. So sorry Shae's under the weather. You've had a real run for you money!
    And THAT, Miss Henny, is the way cats are supposed to behave! If only we had gotten a couple like yours!

  4. I do hope that you can catch what is wrong with your goat and that by the time you read this Shae will be on the mend and feeling much better.
    The photo of Eli with his Teddy bear is adorable.
    Wishing you a happy weekend with everything back to normal.
    Connie :)

  5. I hope Shae recovers quickly! your cats are doing what they do best! :)

  6. Keep us posted about Shae....I thought goats could eat almost anything without problems. Hope it is minor...

  7. Hope your goat is feeling better. That's so sweet that he ran back to get his Teddy. And of course the cats don't care, as long as they're happy the rest of us can just bugger off.

  8. Sure hope Shae is back to heath quickly.

  9. It looks as though Eli loves his bear as much as Ben loves his bumble bee. I do hope that Shae recovers, I know just how attached you can get to goats.

  10. Love that Eli and the black and white cat with no cares is adorable! Sure hope the little goat gets well soon! Nancy

  11. Hope that everything goes well at the vets and that it is nothing too serious. I love Eli with his bear, such a great photo. Take care.

  12. Oh no! I'm sending good get well wishes to that cute goat!
    Your cats look very spoiled! Ha ha! It's fun to spoil cats.
    I hope you get a nap, Henny!

  13. Lovely photos ! I do hope your goat gets better , It could be some kind of bacteria that is causing the diarrhea I am sending this to you in hopes it can give you some answers and help ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. Oh, so sorry to hear about your little goat. Sure hope s/he will be feeling better soon! Love your big old sleepy cats on the chairs....makes your home look so cozy and nice! (who cares about dust) .... and always love seeing your big Eli and his sweet! Keep up the great blog! Hope to hear good news about your goat!

  15. If only life was as simple and uncomplicated for humans as it is for cats ( and dogs). I hope poor Shae will be okay. And you as well. It's no fun for you worrying about her and staying up half the night.

  16. Hope the little goat is improving by now. I can imagine how upsetting that is. Good for Eli & the kitties to provide comical relief. Sending a hug, Deb

  17. I hope there is some good news now about your little goat. It's sooo worrying when one of our animal family is not well. Eli so reminds me of Jake. Jake has a big bunny the same colour as Eli's bear, and he likes to carry it around too, well mostly hoping that someone will throw it for him.

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  19. That big ole dog and his bear have got to be the cutest thing ever!
    I hope goat is getting better.


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