Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scary Halloween and digging in the dark rich soil...

Gosh, I wanted a scary Halloween story to tell this Halloween morning but can't think of one. Better be careful what I wish for...Huh?

Living in the woods as we do can be pretty scary in the middle of the night anyways. Last Halloween I posted the story of Poppy and my scariest Halloween ever!!

There was one other dark Halloween night that Poppy tried to scare me death. It was always dark by the time I made the long drive home from work and really dark out here in the lights anywhere except for the car's headlights. 

Back then I drove a small pick-up truck. I was almost home from work that dark Halloween night and as I slowed down at the row of mailboxes to turn off the paved road onto the dirt path leading to our cabin, a man jumped from behind some trees and into the back of my truck. I drove on and pulled into our driveway. What else could I do? As the truck stopped, the man jumped out, ran up and looked into the driver's side window at was Poppy! It's a wonder that I didn't have a heart attack back then! He had walked up to the highway and waited for me to get home.

On Halloween, Mama would call and say, Dan, please don't try to scare her tonight. Mama did not like Halloween and was afraid of folks in awful looking masks. Poppy used to enjoy scaring Mama too.

Okay, enough about Halloween, except, hope you have a happy one!

Not a very pretty picture, but look! I did get the fig tree moved from the garden down to the south side of the house. Shelby says that is where a fig tree grows best, the south side. I'm planning on fig preserves next year. :)

and, with the help of Jewel and her baby chicks I also got the peach tree moved from the garden.

Hard to believe how fast these chicks have grown. I've been letting them out of their pen every day and they were all under my feet eating grubs while I was digging. I then dug the third hole and moved the overgrown potted blueberry plant from the teeny tiny garden. Can't tell you how proud I am of getting this done.

I simply must get out of here and get busy. I still have the cherry tree and an apple tree to move. That means two more big holes to dig...if my back holds up. Thank you  for listening again.



  1. Hi! It is nice that you let your chickies help!!! I think I would have passed out if I would have been you with Poppy scaring you like that! He must be a ham! Have a safe and Happy Halloween this year! I am with your Mama. Please don't scary Henny Penny!! Boo!!! Nancy

  2. Oh man, I think I would've speed down the road and tried to knock any man in the back of my pickup out. Poppy is lucky he's not married to me.

  3. I'm smiling at your story, I'm afraid Poppy may have suffered a black eye if he'd have scared me like that
    I'm loving that old house !
    Thank you for your kind sentiments, they truly ease my pain.

  4. I'm digging your post. :-)
    Happy Halloween.

  5. Argh! Good for you, doing that digging. I have aches and pains for days after I spend less than half an hour with the shovel.
    Poppy should not scare you like that! I'd be so mad! You're a good sport!

  6. It gives me shivers just reading your Halloween scary story:( After you have finished planting your trees, you can come on over here and do a few for me;-)

  7. It gives me shivers just reading your Halloween scary story:( After you have finished planting your trees, you can come on over here and do a few for me;-)

  8. I will have to ask the Farmer what end f the yard my fig tree is planted on. It is doing good where it is at but I do want it to have figs on it. I would of had a heart attack if Frank jumped in the truck like that or I would have slung him out. Dan is brave. Love you and Happy halloween to you both!

  9. In Texas since everyone is packing a gun these days, Poppys joke could be dangerous here LOL.

    I have TWO baby chicks! I have had four hatch but only two made it. There are three more eggs... I am hopeful maybe another one or two! I do love baby chicks. Its late to be letting them hatch with winter coming, but I couldn't resist when they went broody....These were all banty eggs.

    I have two figs in pots, I dug them up to save them as they were trying to die. I have planted more figs than I can count here and they have all died. These have done well in pots but need to go in the ground. I will try the south side and see if they can make it!

  10. A couple of weeks ago we bought a basket of figs and found out that we don't really like them at all. I think we're the only people I've heard of that don't. I did make 3 little jars of fig jam. Gave one to son#3 and DH is eating his way through the other 2. Also found out we don't care for Persimmons. Maybe those are the kinds of fruit you have to get used to from childhood. Otherwise I don't know how it is that we don't care for them.
    Happy Halloween and I hope Poppy doesn't try one of his heart-stopping tricks on you this year.

  11. Wow that is a scary story! I am not sure what I would have done:)

  12. Oh my gosh Henny, if I had been driving that pick-up when some man jumped into the back of it, I WOULD have had a heart attack. How scary is that? Yikes. Love your pictures of your chickens, helping you with the garden chores. That's great that you got a couple of things moved...only two left to go! Hope you really do get figs next year!

  13. I like your grinning pumpkin and your glowing window. If someone jumped into the back of my pickup I would probably have mused out the front! You sure we're a good sport about the joke! We took treats to the two little girls down the road -- sort of trick-or-treat in reverse. That was it for Halloween out here on the island.

  14. Oh what a fun post! I love your scary story...but I think I would have just died right then and there! What wonderful spooky pictures too! =) This post made me smile. I have missed reading your sweet blog. Thank you so much for stopping by mine the other day. I hope to try and keep up with it all a little better. Hugs and Happy Halloween! I am so VERY happy for Lynn and her new shop! Can't wait to see it all. =)

  15. I WOULD have had a heart attack and wrecked the truck!


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